Dec 22 2014 8:39am

Falling for a Cold: Have You? What’s Your Remedy?

Falling for Dr. December by Susanne Hampton

The holidays—cozy nights by the fire, wearing fuzzy sweaters—and getting a really bad cold.

The Heroes and Heartbreakers staff has experienced the latter throughout this month, and so we want to know a couple of things today.

Have you already gotten your first bad cold of the season?
What's you're best cold remedy?

h/t tissues to Heather, Megan and Jenn.

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1. Scarlettleigh
Stay at home and in bed! I know, I know-- people can't do that especially when you have tons of work before the holiday.

Cold Supply kit for when you have to work

1. fluid-- Usually I want something warm -- like tea with honey
2. Soup -- we all know the benefits of chicken soup/chicken noodle!
3. cough drops -- usually lemon and honey
4. layers -- I'll get hot and cold -- extra sweater
5. hand alcohol gel/ kleenex/ maybe clorox wipes so I won't spread to my co-workers.
6. Good night sleep!
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@Scarlettleigh, I'm happy to say as the latest person on the team to get a cold, that I did most of those things already, and plan on having soup for lunch!
3. Kahintenn
scarlettleigh's suggestions are right on. May I add one more? If someone offers to take care of you, whether it is to go to the store to get you groceries, or pick up your medicine, or walk your dog, or make you dinner...let them! Too often we try to do everything ourselves. Give yourself the gift of allowing someone to help you. You will be giving them the gift of being useful and showing their love.
4. lauralee1912
@ Kahintenn - I agree with you. I cringe when I am in the store and see people with running colds shopping when they should be home trying to get well.

My suggestion is when you first start getting that "I've got a cold feeling" take a Cold-Eze, then more as needed. Drink orange juice or have a few clementines or an orange to up the Vitamin C, too. With luck, you won't need anything on the list!
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