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Bones 10x10 Heart-to-Heart: Vintage Love

Booth and Bones in Bones 10x10Show/Episode: Bones 10x10, “The 200th in the 10th—Feels like the First Time”
Ship: Booth and Bones

**Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Bones, including last night's 200th Episode.**

Right off the bat, we're not in Kansas anymore, as a 1950s' style newsreel presents us with vintage versions of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanz celebrating their tenth movie together. What strange new world have we fallen into?

It's the 200th episode of Bones, a Hitchcockian minimovie with a midcentury flavor. Just go with it. We're talking total alternate universe here and the attention to detail is gorgeous. Booth is a jewel thief and Bones the cop hot on his tail, in more ways than one. Bones follows Booth to a posh mansion, where a dead body turns everything upside down. Bones gets called on the carpet by her boss, police chief and dad, Max. He wants her gun and badge, but she's adamant to prove herself as a good detective anyway. Her first stop? Waiting for oh so suave Booth in his bachelor abode. Oh the classy chemistry, so smooth, so restrained, but still smoldering. Bones knows of the perfect way to save her career and Booth's life; they can work together to find the real killer. The unlikely allies toast to their new partnership.

Bug guy Hodgins is a dinosaur guy in this world, and Booth is impressed that Bones filched evidence from the murder scene, fragments of the victim's bones. If Hodgins can prove how dinosaurs died, then he can do the same with more recent bones. Can Booth steal more of the remains? Probably so. Back on the road after that, and flirty chitchat ensues. Science, faith, each is sure they can change the other. The usual Booth and Bones banter works equally well in this timeframe.

Booth brings his temporary partner to one of his associates, a street musician named Sarge, to pick up some additional information. Bones isn't too sure about Booth's methods, but Sarge is sure these two are meant for each other.

Nobody would expect Booth to be hiding out at Bones's house, so that’s exactly where she stashes him. Innuendo flies, as Booth pounces on Bones’s comment that nobody’s been in her bedroom before. Must be cold in there, he quips. Bones hides Booth in said bedroom when Angela drops by to share some intel and inform Booth-in-hiding that he better take care of Bones or Angela will kill him.

Booth urges Bones to change into something spiffy, and fast, because it's of the utmost urgency they visit a Latin-themed nightclub. All it's missing is Ricky Ricardo—though there is a reasonable facsimile—as a tuxedo-clad Booth leads Bones across a crowded dance floor to interrogate some familiar faces. They need a distraction, quick, as the cops arrive. Of course that means taking to the dance least for Booth, as Bones would rather talk to the boys in blue. Booth insists she still owes him a dance, but he has eyes only for the sultry singer he suspects may be the killer. News flash; she’s not.

Sarge rushes in, insisting that Booth's girlfriend—Bones—is out in the car and needs him, posthaste. Cut to the next morning, at Chateau Bones. He's dressed, she's in her robe, and the chemistry sizzles. Booth lets slip that Sarge took care of him at Omaha Beach. A phone call tips Bones off that her dad is onto her scheme. Hodgins's deductions prove that the body is not who it's supposed to be, so Bones comes up with a brilliant plan to put Hodgins and Angela together to find out whose bones those really are.

An off-hours trip to the nightclub brings Bones some new perspective. She learns Booth is really a war hero, looking to steal back valuables stolen by Nazi sympathizers. Well, of course he is; did we expect anything else? Booth's arrival puts the final pieces of the puzzle together. Together, Booth and Bones return to the scene of the crime to confront the real killer, only to be held at gunpoint and locked in a closet together. They probably should try to escape, or, you know, kiss or something. They don’t get to actually lock lips however, as the killer has other ideas. She’s taking Bones. This only makes Booth more determined to save the day.

Booth and Bones in the 200th Episode of BonesOur killer plans to hop a plane, from which she will dump an unconscious Bones. 

Not, however, if Booth and company can help it. Booth, behind the wheel at last, races to Bones’s rescue. Most guys couldn’t chase a plane on foot, but our boy Booth isn’t most guys. He strong-arms his way on board while Bones regains consciousness. Our killer falls to her death, and Booth leaps to Bones’s aid. They’ve solved the case, and, despite the lack of a pilot, he’s not going to let them die; he’ll fly them to safety.

Bones makes detective, and the two pose for a photo to commemorate their victory, Bones becoming the head of the new forensic anthropology department. The story wouldn’t be complete without a showstopping kiss (but classy, always classy) and our pair is happy to oblige, the city lights as their backdrop.

We don’t often see a completely self-contained alternate universe adventure without a framing device, as has been used before, but thinking outside the box returns us to the heart of what makes the Booth/Bones relationship special. That undeniable chemistry rings as true in a more innocent era as it does in the modern day, and it’s always fun to see different versions of favorite characters. A bit more of the '50s versions of Angela and Hodgins would have been lovely, but you know what they say, always leave them wanting more.

Memorable Line:

“We haven’t kissed yet; doesn’t sound like justice to me.” –Booth

Charting the Course: Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship… and more.

Next Stop: Closing credits say “the end,” so safe to assume HEA is in the cards for this version of Booth and Bones.

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Susan White
1. whiskeywhite
'Sarge' is played by Angela's dad. It was interesting that the Camille Saroyan character appears initially as a Black maid, accurate for the period. But later we learn that she's in fact a snazzy, smart and very dangerous criminal. I'm a huge Bones, and David Boreanaz, fan. I enjoyed the episode, though at times I felt DB was hamming it up just a bit too much. And for that he can blame himself, as the director.
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