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Arrow 3x09 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: All the Feels

Show/Episode: Arrow 3x09: The Climb
Ship(s): Olicity (Oliver x Felicity), mentions of Ray x Felicity

*Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Arrow including last night's Season 3, Episode 9, “The Climb.”*

Olicity log in Arrow 3x09True story: As my niece and I were preparing to watch the episode, my husband asked flippantly, “So, who’s dying tonight?” We both replied in unison: “Oliver.” There was no spoiler that we heard, this was just our biggest fear/gut feeling. Then we laughed at our synchronicity. Then we cried because OMG.

And now I’m still crying because I HATE BEING RIGHT. 

Okay, after hyperventilating for the last two hours, I’ve realized there’s no way I can properly recap this episode right now. If you are reading this, I am trusting that you saw the episode and you know what happened. Quickly, I will hit the highlights: Oliver was framed by Malcolm as Sara’s killer, using the DNA evidence Felicity gave to STAR labs. When Oliver confronts Malcolm, he reveals video (apparently he was there that night with a handy cameraphone) showing Thea was the one who killed Sara. She was given a special drug to make her suggestible and forgetful of her actions; she has no idea she killed Sara. Ra’s al Ghul, however, has given Oliver 48 hours to apprehend Sara’s killer and there’s no way Oliver can hand over his own sister. So he elects to give himself up instead, closing to climb to the top of a mountain in “neutral territory” to meet Ra’s in a trial by combat. I think that’s the important bits. 

Okay. This was emotional as hell. Let's deal with little emotion first: There was some good stuff with Ray and Felicity this episode, laying the groundwork for where the show is probably going to go after the winter break. He admits that he does not regret the kiss, and she worries that he’s cheating on someone. No, but he had a fiancee who was killed in Slade’s siege against the city last spring. Felicity clearly sympathizes with him as do I. Brandon Routh plays this scene to perfection and you feel bad for him as he brokenly admits that he wasn't strong enough to save her. And yeah, here’s a few feels when he says his fiancee was going to be the last woman he kissed. Until Felicity. Later: when she pushes him, he shows her the A.T.O.M. suit rendering and explains that he wants to use it to help protect the city and he wants her to help him. Oh yes, Felicity, you definitely have a type. 

Ray and Felicity in Arrow 3x09 Oliver and Felicity back in Season 1 of Arrow
Felicity back in Season 1 of Arrow Felicity and Ray in Arrow 3x09

Oliver is given 12 hours by Ra’s al Ghul to settle his affairs before he must meet him on the mountaintop. He goes to Thea and they share a heartfelt scene. He says goodbye to Dig and Roy at the Foundry, at which point Felicity walks in. The other men excuse themselves, giving them a minute. Oliver exudes false bravado, claiming he will deal with Ra’s and be back home in a jiffy. Felicity, of course, sees through it. She always could see through to the heart of him.
She tells him he wants to do something for her and he’s not going to like it. Oliver’s response that he would do anything she wanted of him completely stabs me through the heart. Felicity calls the shots, it’s something that the fandom often jokes about while calling them out as married, but the proof is in the pudding here and Oliver treats Felicity not just as his partner; she’s his equal. 

She tells him to kill Ra’s. She’s very practical about it, not wanting Ra’s to use Oliver’s humanity and unwillingness to kill him against him. I think it’s extremely telling that she is so certain that Oliver has humanity inside of him and Oliver needs to hear this from her. He says he doesn’t know if he’s a killer anymore but he does know two things: he will do anything to protect his sister. After placing the most tender forehead kiss in the history of forehead kisses on her, she asks him what the second thing is. “I love you.” Aaaaand there goes the fandom. We’re dead now. Felicity looks half dead too.

Oliver says I love you in Arrow 3x09 Oliver says I love you in Arrow 3x09
Oliver says I love you in Arrow 3x09 Oliver says I love you in Arrow 3x09

While Guggenheim teased us on Twitter that this scene was a “9” on a scale of 1-10, I have my doubts on that. I think a strong 7, maybe an 8. Not a “9”. Sorry, try again!

And then we get to the duel. It’s brutal. Ra’s is a formidable foe and the viewer quickly realizes that Oliver is well out of his league here. I doubt Ra’s even breaks a sweat. At one point it almost looks like Oliver might emerge victorious, but then Ra’s cuts him down. With words of comfort, he runs Oliver through with the sword and we are treated to the images that cross Oliver’s mind as the sun shines on him one last time. His father, his mother, Thea whom he sacrificed so much for… Felicity. He recalls his kiss with her. The light fades and Ra’s kicks him off the mountain, sending him careening for the snow covered ground, far below. 

And that is IT. Until the show returns January 21, without Oliver in the present day. We are left on that desolate mountain top, having just watched our brave hero get cut down and it hurts so much I don’t know how I can bear it (lots of booze, folks). In January, we will see Felicity get the news. I’m sure that’s when I’ll die again. God damn this show!

Memorable Lines: 

“Why does this keep happening to me?” Felicity, when Ray shows her the A.T.O.M. suit and asks her to help him save the city.

“Well if it’s you asking, I’ll do it.” Oliver to Felicity when she told him she was going to ask him to do something he wouldn’t want to do.

“I love you.” Olive to Felicity when she asked what the second thing Oliver knew was. 

“You’re just a boy.” Ra’s al Ghul to Oliver. 

“You’ve taken your last life.” “You’ve lived your last day.” Oliver to Ra’s and Ra’s to Oliver at the start of their duel. 

“Don’t be afraid, son. Death comes for us all.” Ra’s to Oliver as he kills him.

Charting the Course: 

How will Felicity handle the news he’s dead? Considering how she felt about finding out Cooper had died, I’m gonna guess: Not well. We know there will be 3-4 episodes after the hiatus without Oliver so the Olicity will be thin for a while yet. And knowing that Oliver will return is little comfort especially when we know the pain is real right now and we have no idea how he will return. All I can say is: I hope there’s a hell of a reunion scene with these two!

Next Stop:

Arrow returns January 21 with an episode titled “Left Behind.” We will see the fallout of this episode. Will Thea find out what happened to her brother and why he sacrificed himself for her? How will the team react? What will Laurel’s reaction bee? All good questions. I’m open to any and all suggestions.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Stephen Amell NAILED that death scene (my heart!) and I loved the thoughts that ran through his head in the end (Felicity, eeeee!!!!). But I have to confess I thought the Oliver/Felicity scene was too much of a retread of things we've seen before for it to make as huge an impact as Guggenheim thought it would. Don't get me wrong, Amell and Rickards are ON FIRE, but Olicity's kinda stuck in neutral right now. I wish we'd seen some forward momentum, like a big confession from Felicity about her feelings.
Marilyn Porter
2. Marilyn Porter
I feel like his acting is so underrated. But he was amazing in that. For one thing, that sword fight was ALL him. No stunt double! He trained for two months to get that scene nailed and he did it just right. I completely felt the urgency of the battle and I think I bit all my fingers off. As for the emotion... ooh god. He really does have a soft heart and its ALL for Felicity.

No I felt the same about the Olicity scene. It wasn't quite what it was hyped to be. To be honest, him telling her “Well if it’s you asking, I’ll do it.” did more for me than the I Love You did. Because the ILY wasn't new information: we know he loves her and while he doesn't tend to come right out and say it and it was nice to have him do so without any ruse or backwards declarations, we knew how he felt. But for him to tell her that she can ask him to do anything and he'd do it? Without question? BE STILL MY HEART. THAT was the big moment from that scene for me. She's not just a partner. And even though I said in the recap that they're equals and they are, its almost more like a deep BONDING. I found that so completely romantic because it was more than just declaring love. It was SHOWING love.
As for Felicity's declaration... they're holding onto it for a reason. Can you imagine how amazing its going to be when she finally does say it? Can you imagine Oliver's reaction??
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
To be honest, him telling her “Well if it’s you asking, I’ll do it.” did more for me than the I Love You did.

Amen. That added more to the conversation. Felicity's already aware of the responsibility of his devotion to her (she doesn't ask him to stay because she knows and respects that he HAS to go) but to hear him actually tell her the power she has over him is pretty big.
Katherine Bloom
4. lsbloom
I'm completely gutted, but not quite an emotionless husk. A lot of anger is burning inside me. They killed Ollie. And the plot that got us there sucked rotten eggs on the logic scale. And since he isn't going to stay dead (unless DC TV announces they've hired Amell or something), I felt like I was completely emotionally manipulated for nothing. They are going to fix it or there isn't a show. Amell is 80%+ of the show and 95% of the watchable parts of the show. Arrow doesn't exist without him. I have no idea how I will survive 3-4 Amell-less episodes or why the producers thought it would be a good idea.

But I'm really sad, because the reason to kill him is probably to mess him up psychologically via the Lazarus Pits (as I guess they do?? comics. As Stephen King would say "sometimes dead is better") which means the character growth he's been working on so slowly this season is grinding to a halt. And yeah, sad, cause he died brutally outmatched for a terrible little sister and a manipulative villain. On the other hand, the sequence with the sun behind him as he flashed on the people he loved was so heartbreaking. It felt like a coda, him finally finding peace in sacrifice for his family and loved ones--but it wasn't. And that's cheating. Which is why I'm gutted but still angry.

And the forehead kiss was great, so was the smile when Felicity told Oliver he had enough humanity in him that it could be used against him. Not a question, just a statement of total fact. And poor Felicity looked devestated when he left. I wish Amell hadn't played the goodbyes so upbeat though, it felt arrogant. We got one note of him not pretending it was all okay and it wasn't sufficient for me. I will disagree with the idea that Felicity needs to experess her love for Oliver. I thought her terrified line really covered it well. She does a great mix of vulnerable and supportive.

For the next two months, poor Felicity, poor us, poor Team Arrow. My precious babydoll angel (to steal a few adjectives my from favorite TVD reviewer) is going to be a basketcase.
Katherine Bloom
5. lsbloom
@marilyn_porter and @redline_

Total agreement the "if it's you asking" and the flash of the kiss at the end showed more of the love between them than the "I love you" standing twenty-feet apart after that forehead kiss. It was out of time and unnecessary.

Amell did a great job with his stunts. Unfortuantely for me Nable's stunt double was way too clearly visible in almost all the sword-fighting shots. I wish they'd done a better job with that.
Amy R
6. Amy R
@lsbloom. I agree with you so much. My overwhelming feeling at the end of the episode was anger. It seems as though Oliver is headed to the Lazarus Pit, and I feel like that is going to change him big time. One step forward, two steps back. I'm fully expecting a closed-off Oliver to return, when he finally does come rolling back into Starling City. I am all for the Olicity slow-burn, but there has to be some movement on the front.

TBH, I was underwhelmed by his "I love you." It was great that he came out and said it plainly, but I could not believe that Felicity had no response!! I was actually yelling at my television. How could she send him off to almost certain death without a response to his words. This has got to be one of the few scenes were I ended up way more frustrated with Felicity than I was with Oliver.

And can we talk about the geography here? Where in the world was this "neutral ground" where the duel took place? How is Oliver talking to Ra's, given twelve hours to get his affairs in order back in Starling City, and then climbing to the top of some mountain? There must be some crazy fast modes of transport in this world.

And by far, what angered me most about the episode, was how everyone just accepted that Oliver turning himself over to the League was the only way to solve this problem. I LOVED when Dig and Felicity called Oliver on his blind-spot with regards to his family. I would have loved to see some of that tough love when it came to his grand plan to protect Thea. I mean, come on! If someone is threatening to kill 50 people a day, isn't this something A.R.G.U.S. would be willing to take a hand in? Amanda Waller is always looking for an excuse to shoot something up with a drone, why would this be any different? This seems like a real step back from Oliver's defeat of Slade Wilson, where instead of being reactionary he planned ahead and out-thought his opponent. Why is he blindly following the path set out for him by Ra's and Malcolm? Very frustrating!! This whole death felt gimmicky to me, and I resent having them try to tug my heartstrings with a contrived goodbye.

And I was frustrated that they are still keeping Thea in the dark. If given the choice, I doubt she'd agree to let Oliver martyr himself for her. She's an adult who made her own decision to get involved with Merlyn. Oliver has to stop trying to protect her and let her make her own decisions. He has to start realizing he's not responsible for fixing every problem, and not everything is his fault.

That being said, I thought Stephen Amell killed it in this episode, and it's kind of criminal that just because he's on the CW he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

And honestly, if losing Oliver throws Felicity at Ray I will be so upset!! If she starts helping him with his work as ATOM while Oliver is MIA, it'll be like cheating! So frustrating. Obviously, I've still got that anger ;)
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
If someone is threatening to kill 50 people a day, isn't this something A.R.G.U.S. would be willing to take a hand in? Amanda Waller is always looking for an excuse to shoot something up with a drone, why would this be any different?

Awesome, awesome comment. I totally agree! And I mean, we need more Waller in any case.
Marilyn Porter
8. Marilyn Porter
I'm sorry to see people are angry. I thought it was a strong episode. I wasn't terribly surprised by any developments, and hearing what you guys are not wanting to happen coming up... I can't help but fear you're going to just keep on being angry. That makes me sad. :(
I've got my eye on the endgame. Oliver and Felicity, together. It will happen, I have faith.
Amy R
9. anzo
I really only want to talk about Olicity but yes, the fight on the mountaintop was stunning and it's such a shame that Amell and the stunt team don't get more formal credit for what they do because the visuals were Hannibal-level and that gets all the awards...

Now Olicity...

Ok thank you for saying it wasn't a 9 because that needed to be said. To the point where I kept waiting for another scene, during the fight, where we got to see Felicity pipe up on her feelings. And first base, at a minimum. These are adults after all. Very much a retread and a weird trend (Felicity doesn't speak, Oliver mentions his love for her-- 4 scenes and counting...). I did love how his last flashback/thought wasn't the actual kiss but him pulling away and looking at her, her eyes closed and their faces luminous. That was beautiful.

But, uh, I think we should get nervous about Felicity/Ray. If Felicity thinks Oliver is dead, and Ray knows Anna is dead, that's some pretty heavy emotional common ground. Not to mention all the other things they have in common. I think Raylicity may be happening...

I hate Arrow. I love Arrow. Damnit why couldn't she have said it back?
Marilyn Porter
10. Marilyn Porter
Don't disagree with anything you said here. All rings true. (But I'm not worried, cuz I know my Olicity truth... I'm just preparing myself)

As for Felicity not saying I love you back, I'm going to copy and paste a response I had to an anonymous ask on my tumblr this afternoon:[quote]I get very leery of fans judging her for not saying it back, however. Oliver wasn’t looking for her to say it back. I think she was a little caught up in him saying, no dangling maybes or anything. And then he was gone. Would I have loved her to call him back and repeat it to him? SURE. That’s what fix-it fic is for. The fandom should be OVERFLOWING with fluffy fix its and smutty alternate endings. BUT NO. We just have angsty musings right now. (not bitter at all, I assure you).
Here’s where my practical side comes out to play: the writers didn’t have her say it for a reason. I think maybe they WANT her to feel the sting of knowing she could have said it and didn’t. Maybe that factors in to a lot of her arc for the rest of the season. This is where the faith that i’m always talking about having comes into play. I have faith in the writers that they have a big plan for this. The fact that Felicity hasn’t said it back ONCE is glaring at this point, right? I can assure you, that is on purpose.
When she does say it, it will be a huge deal. My frustration comes from fans who don’t have that faith, and who are happy to criticise when they don’t have all the information yet. I didn’t say those fans are wrong for doing so, just that I am frustrated with it. Because I have faith and trust in the endgame. I wish everyone could be on that same page but they aren’t. But on a day like today where my feels are compromised, I’m just not interested in having to deal with it. I promise, tomorrow I’ll be back up to speed and ready to deal with it all once again. ;)
Susan White
11. whiskeywhite
I didn't find Oliver's "death" at all emotional because, as I said before, "the hero can't dead til the last reel." So I was just sitting there thinking, "so, how are they going to be able to bring him back?" I actually find it manipulative on the part of the writers -- is anyone actually supposed to believe that he's dead? All the stuff you said, @lsbloom.

Interesting speculation about the Lazarus Pits, @lsbloom. Being completely comic book-clueless, this is unknown territory to me. The prospect of a deeply changed (and troubled?) Oliver returning is enticing (though not a pleasant prospect).
Susan White
12. whiskeywhite
Now the kiss and the "I love you" -- as I expected, no huge outpouring of emotion and massive kiss-fest. @marilyn_porter, your point about the importance of Oliver's “Well if it’s you asking, I’ll do it” is very well taken.

And the forehead kiss was, indeed, the sexiest and most heart-felt forehead kiss. It's a wonder there wasn't steam rising from above Felicity's eyebrows. But, unlike others, I very much liked that the last thing Oliver said to Felicity before going into almost certain death was a simple, statement of fact -- "I love you." He needed to say that to her, to have her hear it from him, before going.

I also liked that Felicity didn't automatically blurt back that she loved him too. More importantly, he didn't wait for that response. It's one or both of two things -- a recognition from him that his love just is, unconditional on her response, and/or he knows perfectly well that she loves him. He's the one who has been unwilling to commit. So he can take that on faith without her saying it.

I did wonder though as I watched the long look from Felicity if her failure to instantly respond was because of what she had just experienced with Ray. I do agree, @Amy R: honestly, if losing Oliver throws Felicity at Ray I will be so upset!! Surely Felicity has been around the block enough times (as my mother would say) to recognize rebound syndrome. Unless someone talks her into the "necessity of moving on" after Oliver's death.

And I'm totally up for your suggestion, @marilyn_porter, that they WANT her to feel the sting of knowing she could have said it and didn’t. But it would be nice if she just knows that he knows. (At least she won't be seized by Catholic guilt. I LOVE that Felicity keeps reminding folks that she's Jewish. But she's not the stereotypical tough New York Jewish woman of TV fame. Good on you, Arrow).
Katherine Bloom
13. lsbloom
I agree this season has been a lot of 1 step forward 2 steps back. And a great deal of that feeling comes from the jumpy editing and storytelling we've been subjected to. They'll start an idea, revert to the status quo for a few episodes of discussing something else, then go back to the idea as though nothing happened in the intervening time. It is true with Oliver and Felicity, with Thea and Malcolm, with Sara's death. They're playing hopscotch instead of running towards the finish line.

I'm sure it must be very hard to pace a 23-episode season, but the writers bit off more than they could chew in the opening all the storylines in the first couple of episodes of the season and they gave secondary characters too much story to handle. The show works when there is a strong throughline with Team Arrow facing a clear threat (or visiting Star Labs). All the jumping to deal with Laurel's pain and Dinah learning Sara is dead and Felicity confronting Ray about his plans, took away from the time they had to tell Oliver's story and for these writers Oliver's story is always the best. I didn't need Dinah finding out, or Lance looking to Oliver as a partner scenes. I didn't need the flashbacks. I did need Oliver telling Thea how much her bad decisions in choosing to stay loyal to a mass murderer and decidely evil dude were going to impact him. The degree to which he had to go to save her from her own stupidity. I needed more goodbye time. I needed more "can we outsmart Malcolm" time. I needed more Ra's is insane time to prove that Oliver didn't have a choice. They've fallen victim to a classic blunder of later season shows: they want to up the stakes and they are trying to do too much.

I don't think Ray and Felicity as a couple is happening. I think Felicity will be devastated by Oliver's death. But I do hope they will work together in Oliver's absence and she will facilitate Ray joining the team at least as a source of tech and hopefully Ray selling back QC to Oliver. It's really my only hope if I have to watch Laurel and Roy try to be vigilantes without Oliver there to guide and protect them.
Marilyn Porter
14. Marilyn Porter
FWIW, my emotions care very little that Oliver will not stay dead/is not actually dead. We had plenty of advance warning that he'd be MIA for a few eps after the winter break but that he'd be returning. Knowing he'll be back doesn't diminish how SAD watching him die Wednesday makes me feel.

I owe a lot of that to Stephen Amell's acting and the direction of that scene. The sun shining behind him as he flashes through the people in his life who mean the most to him, finally settling on Felicity whom we know now is the great love of his life. You really got a sense that he was fighting for all of them, just not just Thea and there's a shock and regret that his battle is over so soon. Just... thinking about it even now makes me tear up.

I'm invested in Oliver Queen. When I invest in a character, they become like one of my children. And to see him in pain, so brutally cut down and then shoved off a cliff.... I don't care that he's going to be fine. It hurts to watch that. It hurts to think about it. Even a year down the road, I will be sad when I look back at that episode. That was PAINFUL.

Another part of it is knowing what we have in store for us when Team Arrow discovers what happened after the break. Felicity's reaction will probably kill me. I mean, all their reactions will but to see my OTHER baby in pain is going to hurt just as much as watching Oliver be killed.

Its times like these that is wish I felt a little less empathy for fictional characters. LOL!
Amy R
15. EP
I really thought this was a really good episode!! It was sweet, heart breaking and the ending...oh the ending.

I'll do a general on the episode. I pretty much figured it would be Thea that killed Sarah. But I like that she doesn't "know". I so have had it with the Lance drama, even if it was a small part, so don't want to go back and visit there drama. Ray and Felicity scene was somewhat touching. Dear Lord they so better not go down the road of them becoming a rebound thing. Felicity is so much smarter then that. Oliver, my heart broke for him this episode (Thea and Felicity).
I hope they don't go the Lazarus pit route.

Okay, now to all things Olicity. I did not think the scene with the ILY was a 9 maybe a 7.5. Two things that I did love about the scene...when he said,"Well if it's you asking, I'll do it." That was beautiful and showed his complete dedication to her and how they are so much more then partners! Loved that. And yes, the forehead kiss was absolutely tender, sweet and a very loving scene. To me that showed that he treasures her and conveyed so much love between them. Those two have so much emotion and spark between them they surpases any other couple I seen on TV in a while. And Felicity not saying ILY back, well at first I was bothered but the more I thought about it I realized she seemed somewhat in shock and almost like she was barley holding herself together (and I think trying to be strong for him). I do believe that another reason is the writers are going to play this as a hugh angst for her. When Felicity realizes he's dead and her not saying ILY back will be, as Marc said, "EPIC" scene for her. I am hoping that the episodes that Oliver is gone they really delve into her feelings for Oliver and how we finally get to see how she feels for him. And yes, her not saying ILY is very purposeful by the writers and producers. I really do have faith in how they are playing this all out. Let's be real here, we wanted a slow burn and they are trying to play it all out for us because we all know they are end game, so ya, let's have faith and be patient.

And I thought the fight scenes at the end was incredible, so well done. But what broke my heart and also was beautiful was the last scene as Oliver is dying and his flash backs. Stephen just did an incredible job this episode (he's just grows as an actor, Emily too, and gets better and better) he really hit it out of the ball park. Well as I was saying that scene with Oliver dying, the music, the sun shining in the back ground and then the four most important people in flash And of course the Flecity kiss being the last thought was absolute beauty and heartbreak!!!

Okay, I'm done!! But Jan. 21 will not come fast enough.
Amy R
17. Apollopriestess
Hi All,
I have just written half of what I have to say about this episode, because well, my friends hate this stuff, and I love it. I warn you in advance, it's going to be a book.

I am so glad that many of you did not think this was the best episode of Arrow so far, as I did not. This was a big episode for Oliver and who he is becoming, and that includes Felicity. He made it very clear who he is; a man who will die protecting his family, and he is nothing without Felicity. I have found Stephen Amell's acting superb as time goes on, and it is through him, be it subtle, we know how deeply Oliver loves Felicity. He has never loved anyone like this, and nothing made it more evident than when he said that he would do whatever she asked for him to do. I agree with all of you on that being the most important words that he said, as it also spoke to how much she loves him. The kiss was perfect, and he didn't need to hear her say those three words back. He wanted her to know that it has always been her, and there will never be this better version of himself, this Oliver, who would most likely die, w/out Felicity.

Ray & Felicity? I found the setup for Felicity and Ray to be a stain on the episode. I don't care about his backstory or his feelings for Felicity, not in 3.09, not here, where Oliver had a sword run through his chest. Do I want to learn more? Sure, but not when Oliver fell into a trap put together by Merlyn. He knew exactly what Merlyn had done, and sacrificed himself for his sister.

How do I feel about Oliver dying? I believe there was no other direction that a tortured man, who died twice, in the past seven years, could go, and be true to his character. Old Oliver died on that island, and the next Oliver was created by a woman who thinks that interrogation is an art form. One that apparently Oliver had the talent to undertake. A man who clearly became an assassin, for Amanda/ARGUS, and I think the Russian mob as well.

Our Oliver, came from that light that both Sara, and dear, sweet Barry, knew was inside, and it came from Felicity. He has struggled with having strong feelings that were turning him on a dark path, not loosing them. He decided that this was how he was meant to die, and finally found the essence of Oliver Queen. All of that trauma and pain, that was still torturing him could only be surpassed if that man, The Arrow, died in the same way, that he was made. What will happen when he comes back? He will still struggle, more than ever. The only difference will be that he is able to get to that place where he can love Felicity, not turn her away, and become the man he is meant to be.

I am not sure how they will find out about his death, but losing the love of your life, is not something that one recovers from quickly. I want her to share her feelings w/Barry, as I see them as BFF's, as they have secrets that only they can tell to each other. It will be very difficult to watch her and Diggle fight through the pain, and I am sure she will throw herself into work, and the new Team Arrow, whatever that will be w/out Oliver.

That's it, and we will see Oliver in flashbacks in those episodes, not in present day. Oh and I predict that Tommy has been training these 2 years, and he will bring Oliver back w/Maseo (sp?). It doesn't mean that he will become a regular, but he will be part of putting the story of Merlyn to an end. Ras will never die, because of comic book stuff. I believe Merlyn's end game was for Oliver to die, be resurrected, by who? Well, Tommy, who has been training for 2 years, and Merlyn wants him BACK.
Nicole Leapheart
18. BoxyFrown
I hate and love the angst of this episode. The best and worst things about superheroes is that they are complicated. I too believe in Olicity but their journey is never going to be easy. How boring would it be for them to meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after fighting crime blah blah blah? We get invested in their story and their trials and tribulations because we have known them from the beginning of their relationship. I dont think the battles Oliver goes through are arbitrary but as a human he wont make the best choices. Felicity may move on to Ray but she will always love Oliver...and when she realizes he is dead my heart will hurt. Im willing to bet he will show up just as she has started to get over him...more messy rocks in the road.

I also loved his last thought of her, holding her face and taking her in that way. Oliver is insanely romantic he just doesnt know it.

And his baby mama!! Im still waiting for that situation to come back around since he ran into her in Central City.
Susan White
19. whiskeywhite
Thanks for the "book", @Apollopriestess. Your love does shine though. I think you're going to be right @BoxyFrown: Im willing to bet he will show up just as she has started to get over him. That's just the formula I expect to see, just as Oliver went to talk to Felicity and arrived just in time to see Ray kissing her.

I'm a Diggle fan (actually a Diggle voyeur). But David Ramsey does deserve credit for pulling off what could have been a very cheesy line. As it is clear that Oliver and is leaving by himself, Diggle declares in his usual quietly stoic manner, "I'd just rather die than let you go it alone." Could have been way over the top, but Ramsey makes it believable.

You folks made me go look up the Lazurus pit. OK, a magical pit connected to Ra's al Ghul that saves a person's life but leaves them insane. Makes sense. But Ra's wouldn't use it to save Oliver whom he pretty clearly wants dead. But then there's Nyssa. I'll stop now since this isn't my strong point at all.
20. JTodd
The whole pace of this episode was so fast that I think there might be some stuff in 3.10 shown as a flashback to this episode. There were a lot of stories to tell in a short period of time and Stephen Amell did say that 3.10 follows right behind 3.09 as one of his faves..(I think).

I also don't think they will use the Lazurus pit, this season. It's too expected and was immediately jumped to by the fanbase right after this episode aired. One thing I have learned about this show is to never expect the expected.

The best thing about Olicity is that we see a very strong young lady not allow a man, any man, drag her down into sacrificing pieces of herself. Yes, I think she will be devastated by Oliver's death, but in a way that might end up empowering her even more than she already is. This will get her ready for his return, in whatever shape he comes back in.

Last, but not least, I haven't been this obsessed with a show in I can't tell you how long. I hardly ever watch live TV, but I insisted that I watch 3.09 in our family room on the big screen and that neither my son or husband could say anything to me until after it was over. They were just shaking their heads at me.
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