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Arrow 3x08 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: Visiting Hours for Flarrow and Olicity

Diggle, Lilah, Oliver, Roy, Caitlin,and Felicity in Arrow 3x08Show/Episode: Arrow 3x08: “The Brave and the Bold”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

**Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Arrow, including last night's “The Brave and the Bold,” with reference to The Flash 1x08.**

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Captain's Log for Oliver and FelicityTonight's crossover episode was a lot different in tone than the one we saw last night. At every turn, we were reminded how dark things are in Starling City, even by the characters themselves. The boomerang bad guy is still out there, and Oliver is intent on hunting this bad dude down. He finds out that ARGUS is also hunting this guy down.

Cisco and Caitlin show up in Starling, eager to see the “Arrow Cave.” We’re treated to an adorable scene where Cisco geeks out over all the equipment and Caitlin asks about the salmon ladder. Unsurprisingly, we had some cute Olicity moments here. Oliver, chagrined at Cisco’s enthusiasm, chastises Felicity about bringing them down to the Foundry and she looks adorably unrepentant. For what it's worth, Oliver looks more amused and teasing than annoyed and it’s clear this boy is charmed to no end. When Caitlin asks about Oliver’s favorite piece of fitness equipment (and ours, who are we kidding?), Felicity says it distracts her from getting her work done (I BET). Oliver hears this but we don’t really get a good look at his reaction. Still, he knows what the salmon ladder does to Felicity. He knows.

Barry was enthusiastic to help out once he arrived just in time to save Dig, Lyla, Oliver, and Roy from Captain Boomerang’s attack at ARGUS. It was clear he wasn’t quite understanding the gravity of what Team Arrow does day in and day out, but his enthusiasm was like a breath of fresh air in the Foundry. But Oliver’s methods are a little unorthodox for Barry and cause him to really question Oliver’s morality. Oliver shrugs it off; we see in the flashbacks that Oliver learned how to implement “interrogation” when he was in Hong Kong. But Barry’s disapproval clearly bothers him. 

Back at the Foundry, security has been compromised and Felicity, Caitlin and Lyla have to dive behind desks and pillars to hide from Captain Boomerang. While Lyla fights the guy off with a gun (don’t shoot the Love Fern!), Felicity grabs a flash grenade to throw at the baddie. Unfortunately, Lyla is struck in the chest before he flees. Caitlin panics; this is a little real for her and outside of her abilities to help with. Barry helpfully whisks Lyla off to the hospital, leaving both Team Arrow and Team Flash shaken. Roy, Cisco, Felicity and Caitlin wait for word on Lyla up in the club (where Cisco hilariously makes eyes at Thea before learning just how off limits she really is), while Barry and Oliver have a heart to heart down in the basement.

Barry and Oliver in Arrow 3x08 Barry and Oliver in Arrow 3x08
Barry and Oliver in Arrow 3x08 Barry and Oliver in Arrow 3x08

Oliver admits that he feels responsible for what happened to Lyla, that it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t employed his skills at interrogation. He admits that he feels like these things he does, that he feels he has to do, are destroying his identity as Oliver Queen and that all that is left is the Arrow. Barry, bless his heart, tells Oliver that he’s full of crap. He points out that it’s Oliver’s humanity that got him through all the difficulties he had to face, that it was the light inside of him that helped him survive. The light inside of him. The writers have been working hard at reminding us of that light and that Felicity is the one responsible for harnessing that light. And, right on cue, Felicity enters. The symbolism is clear. 

I think this scene is actually incredible pivotal for Oliver’s evolution. This is the first time he’s really gotten the message from anyone that he is strong enough to survive, that his persona as Oliver Queen is what has caused him to survive. And that his humanity is nothing to be tossed away lightly. We, the viewers, got a pretty firm reminder that Felicity is instrumental in Oliver retaining that humanity. Felicity gives him something to fight for, someone to believe in him and support him and remind him of his light when he feels its going dim. Quite simply, Oliver cannot do what he does without Felicity at this stage in the game. 

The good news is, Lyla survives and we are treated to a beautiful scene with her and Diggle in her hospital room. He proposes to her, regretful that he hadn’t done it sooner. She happily says yes and I’m already planning out the seating chart. God, I hope Oliver and Felicity dance together. Don’t let me down, show. I’m counting on you writers to make this count. 

Also good news is that Barry and Oliver are able to neutralize Captain Boomerang. The baddie has bombs planted all across Starling, reminiscent of the bombing Oliver wasn’t unable to prevent in the flashback. This time, however, teamwork saves the day as each member of each team contributes to diffuse the bombs and take out the bad guy. Oliver is able to get it done without resorting to torture and you can see his relief. Captain Boomerang is delivered to a cell next to Slade Wilson. 

Back at the Foundry, Cisco reveals a suit upgrade he’s had made for Oliver. He admits he wanted to replace the hood but Felicity stopped him, saying it had sentimental value. The grateful look he gives to her and the bashful way she ducks her head is just another sweet moment to file away in my heart. She knows him, inside and out and probably a lot better than he thinks she does.

Felicity in Arrow 3x08
Oliver in Arrow 3x08

We finish off the episode with a cute nod to Barry’s open welcome (he’s got his own mannequin in a glass box for whenever he wants to stop by in the future) and a friendly banter filled face off with between the two heroes in an abandoned warehouse. Oh man, so many bro-ship feels tonight with these two. They’ve come a long way from last year when Oliver nearly choked him when he found him in the Foundry after saving his sorry life. I dig it.

Memorable Lines: 

“Do you realize what you've done?” Oliver to Felicity when she invited Team Flash into the Foundry. 

“I’m sorry, Barry, I’m not as emotionally healthy as you are.” Oliver to Barry

”You only call me sweetie when you want something.” Lyla to Diggle

"I wanted to replace the hood, but Felicity said it had sentimental value.” Cisco to Oliver about upgrading his suit.

“You wouldn’t have survived, much less come out the other end a hero — somebody who wants to do good, if you didn’t have a light inside of you.” Barry to Oliver, to convince him he’s still got his humanity.

Charting the Course: No great strides were made tonight, but the path has been laid. We’re starting to see a way out of Oliver’s never ending angst and brooding regarding his identity. I’m hoping that Oliver takes Barry’s advice to heart and gets in touch with his humanity. I want him to have at least some happiness with Felicity, but since I kind of know what’s coming in the episodes ahead, I think we’ll have to put off that happiness a little while longer. Still, progress is progress!

Next Stop: Next week we’ve got the mid-season finale. Episode 3x09 is cryptically titled “The Climb” and from the preview, it looks intense—complete with a mountain top confrontation with none other than Ra’s al Ghul himself. It’s safe to say that next week is going to be a huge episode and I sure hope all of you have enough wine on hand to handle all the feels coming our way!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
WOW was I worried for Lyla. After she had such a badass scene, too! Glad she's gonna be OK.

Is it bad to admit I liked the lighter episode of The Flash more? I just am not a fan of the Arrow flashbacks and while I'm glad the scenes with Laurel and Thea were brief, I could've done without them altogether. I read a critic's take yesterday that said the crossover highlighted some of Arrow's flaws (namely, those elements) and why Flash's simpler setup works better, and I have to agree. I'm here for Team Arrow! The original Team Arrow!

Anyway, hey, the Oliver/Felicity, Oliver-Barry, Felicity-Caitlin, and Diggle/Lyla stuff continued to be awesome, so overall this was still one of my favorite episodes. What a delight!
Marilyn Porter
2. Marilyn Porter
I liked the Flash ep better. I'm not sure if it was because it was lighter or what... but this one just felt ... crowded. The flashbacks felt out of place in a crossover ep. Also agree about Laurel tho Thea didn't bug as much. But yes, I love Team Arrow!

It was a great ep but the comparisons couldn't be avoided. I'm so nervous about next week!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@marilyn_porter -- "Crowded" is the best way to describe it, yep.

What has you nervous about next week? The Ra's al Ghul stuff?
Marilyn Porter
4. Marilyn Porter
Guggenheim told fans on Twitter, when asked if 3x09 would make us cry, "like you wouldn't believe." OW MY HEART. So I'm just bracing for it because I think its going to be amazing but its also going to hurt and then we're in a drought of Olicity until February!
Kristen Oh
5. Kristen Oh
Ah! I loved everything about this episode, so many emotional moments for Ollie and Barry showing him that he still has his humanity. I have such a soft spot for Barry's more bubbly attitude that I was happy it could help with the darker tone of Ollies world. I soooo cant wait for the mid-finale!
Jennifer Proffitt
6. JenniferProffitt
LOVE this episode, but agree The Flash crossover was better. I'll join the chorus that I was SUPER worried about Lyla...boomerang to the chestal region, not so great--but they can't do that to Digg, he's the only balanced/normal one of the bunch!

Loved the interaction in this episode between Caitlin and Felicity, though, according to canon, I'm a little worried about Caitlin...

And Oh. My. God. FELICITY IS OLIVER'S LIGHT!!!! Can we just bask in the glow of that for a little bit, please!??!!?!?!?
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
FELICITY IS OLIVER'S LIGHT!!!! Can we just bask in the glow of that for a little bit, please!??!!?!?!?


Marilyn Porter
9. Marilyn Porter
I wasn't too worried about Lyla. Darn me and my affinity for spoilers. ;) I knew Dig would be proposing so I knew she'd make it. Still... I was holding my breath BIG TIME during that whole mess!

Felicity has been Oliver's light, or the one who can harness it, since he returned. She was the first person he could see as a person. Sara broke up with him saying he needs someone who can harness his light. Then all the "light" symbolism around their hug in the clocktower in 2x22 and their kiss in 3x01. Plus the fern itself, a plant which thrives in "low light". that is ENDGAME all over, right??
10. Apollopriestess
I know next week will be bad, that good bye will be heartbreaking. But that good-bye had better be damn good, and not just a kiss on the forehead, and an "I love you" from both sides, MUST happen. Felicity will not know if Oliver is coming back, nor does he, so I'm expecting something good, and my box of tissues are ready. One of the hosts on Afterbuzz thinks that he will die, and then put in the Lazarus pit, and I am thinking it might be the case. Of course we know he's coming back, but our girl will not, so watching her wait & mourn, will be painful as well.

I have watched "The Flash" and since day one, Cisco has been my baby boy crush. I know that it was written to be a lighter show, and more comic book stuff is in it, which I know nothing about. I also loved that part a little more than Part II, but like I said, it's a lighter show.

Oh, he cheated on Laurel, w/his baby mama, and he doesn't know that Moira paid her off. It was also the last flashback of Moira, before Slade killed her, which is why I found the interaction very upsetting.

And then 3 episodes of Laurel, ugh.
Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
@marilyn_porter, I mean, I wasn't too worried either but then I hadn't been too worried about Moira...or Tommy...or Sarah... and then WHAMMO!

And holy cow, that's some philosophical stuff! I would have never thought about that.
Marilyn Porter
12. Marilyn Porter
Oh yes, I ship, and I ship hard. ;) Call it too much time thinking about stuff like this. With Moira, I knew someone was dying that night so when Moira told Oliver she knew who he was, I knew it was her. Interestingly, if it wasn't her it would have been Sara. And I knew Sara would die eventually. I was surprised it happened in the premiere, but I expected it to happen at some point.

I agree, I need more than a forehead kiss. And I do think we'll get it. I trust the writers. ;) They ahve to give us SOMETHING going into 3 episodes of Laurel ;) Felicity needs to make her feelings clear. Oliver needs that, going into this. It makes narrative sense.
Cisco is the best thing ever, I swear. I adore him. I love his reactions to things. Definitely a lighter character.
I'm not worried about the baby mama, per se. I think that's just to remind us that he's out there, the child, and it'll come back at some point.
Heather Waters
13. HeatherWaters
Do we think the baby mama is going to be evil, or is the kid really the important part here? Does he grow up to be a hero or villain? Can't figure why the writers decided to go down this VERY soapy path.
Marilyn Porter
14. Marilyn Porter
I haven't really thought much about the baby mama. I am not 100% sure they'll bring the kid in this year tho its conceivable in the last part of the season. But if they go into Felicity's dad in season 4 (I have my own theories about him) and she and Oliver are in a relationship at that point, finding out Oliver is a father and how much responsibility he takes for that could be an interesting story for them.
As for WHY... well, its part of comic canon. Lets just say most people are expecting baby mama is Sandra Hawke and the child is Conner. In the comics, Oliver discovered he had a child named Conner . When the story was introduced last season, I wasn't surprised despite not knowing a whole lot about the comics though. I mean, as much as that guy has gotten around? I'd be surprised if there WASNT a kid out there somewhere. ;)
15. Apollopriestess
I'm with you about the child, it just made me think of the horrible way Moira died. Also, that was old Oliver, we know that one's dead, so it will be interesting either in S4 or S5 how our Oliver will react to a child, but not now. It was just so good to see Oliver's smile just shy of the ones in 3.01, as these few epis have been wayyyy too dark. The show seemed to get its groove back w/our team back together. How about Felicity, throwing back that scotch?

Also, will the remainder of Team Arrow be working during the Laurel phase? So no Felicity, or Diggle either? But then I remind myself, we've only had 9 episodes, so we still have 16, and only 3 will be for Laurel. I will be very curious to see what will happen to her character if the ratings tank. And I live in hope, that Tommy will be back!
Marilyn Porter
16. Marilyn Porter
I expect to see a LOT of Team Arrow during the Laurel eps. What we're going to see, really, is eveyrone coming together to defend/protect Starling City. Laurel isn't gonna have it right out the gate and she's gonna need a lot of help finding her groove, I think. Dig will be there, Felicity will be there, Roy... Stephen hinted, months ago, that by the end of s3 Starling City was going to be full of heroes.
The end result of this is GOOD for Olicity. Because in the premiere Oliver felt like he couldn't afford to be Oliver Queen because bad things happened if he took his focus off of protecting the city. But if the city is full of people willing and capable of helping him shoulder that burden? Well, then he's free to be with Felicity.
See? It's a good thing. We'll just have to watch Laurel get her hero arc and be deprived of Oliver's gorgeous eyes for a few eps but it'll be worth it in the end.
And Tommy WILL be back, but in what capacity (flashbacks or no?), we still don't know!
17. Apollopriestess
Excellent point, I hadn't thought it through that much yet. I am looking forward to the second half of the season, and I am definitely interested in seeing what 's going to happen w/her.And even better, I love Nyssa, so it looks like we will be getting much more of her.

So I guess we'll see! Thanks for interacting so much on your posts, it's a ton of fun!
Marilyn Porter
18. Marilyn Porter
Thank you! Its fun to discuss the episodes with other people who care as much about the show and the characters as I do!

And I am also always on board for more Nyssa.
Jennifer Proffitt
19. JenniferProffitt
@marilyn_porter, ugh, see a lot of that hit me out of left-field, but now, after Sara I'm looking for more hints from canon so I'm a little more prepared. LOL.
Marilyn Porter
20. Marilyn Porter
I get that, I like to be prepared in event of character death. Tommy, man. I never got over Tommy. Sara, I knew she wasn't forever. I mean, I kinda HOPED we'd get to keep her but... they made a point of calling her "Canary" and not "Black Canary". The "Black" part obviously signifies mourning. In comic canon, Laurel is actually Dinah (and its why Laurel's full name is Dinah Laurel Lance) and she took up the mantle from her mother. I've known since the pilot that Laurel would likely become Black Canary one day. Then, in s2, the show started really emphasising the relationship between Sara and Laurel. They played up the bond between them to the point where I was like, "Okay, I get it. Laurel will be devastated if something happens to Sara." A lot of peopel expected Sara to die in the finale, but she didn't (I didn't, after Moira was killed I had a feeling they'd hold off cuz its got more impact if its not immediately on the heels of another large death). Another thing that was expected (and even filmed!) in the finale was a kiss between Oliver and Felicity in the mansion. But they decided to cut it, move that to the premiere. It made me wonder what else they decided to move to the premiere.
When 3x02 was titled Sara (and we learned that in July), I remember thinking "oh crap, she's gonna die". Cuz... that's a pretty big clue, right? Caity Lotz, who plays Sara, was never given a regular contract. She was a recurring character in s2 and only signed on for 3 eps in s3 (her third episode is being filmed right now... flashbacks?). In the premiere, I thought it would either be Quentin or Sara who died, in order for Laurel to grieve and mourn and take up the "Black" mantle. Though honsetly, I knew it had to be Sara but I still HOPED.
So Laurel's trajectory and Sara's death... aren't surprising to me. I'm mostly just casually interested to see how they handle it. Laurel is such a divisive, fairly unlikeable character... I want to see how they make the audience connect to her, if they even can at this point.
Jennifer Proffitt
21. JenniferProffitt
I knew Sara wasn't going to be long term but man, when she sailed off with the League, I thought for sure she was safe... maybe just come back every so often. I also know about Laurel being Black Canary and all that--though I never picked up on Sara just being Canary and not Black Canary...

What are your thoughts on Laurel being Arrow's true love in canon and how the writers will work with that? Especially since they are so clueless with how unliked she is by the fans (well, they know, but keep saying "give it time"). I loved Katie Cassidy in Supernatural, so I think the writers just either need to give up on her being a MAJOR part of Oliver's personal life (she can be part of his crime-fighting life, whatever) OR they need to not have her ;)
Marilyn Porter
22. Marilyn Porter
HA. Okay. The whole Laurel/Oliver thing. I know that was their initial plan since in the comics, Laurel and Oliver were a thing. However, any comparisons to, say, Superman and Lois, are WAY off base. Honestly, I didn't know Green Arrow/Black Canary was a thing until well after I started watching the show. So its not like they're epic in the comics. Shoot, in the comics he cheated on her and they divorced. In the New 52 comics (which are what is running right now) they don't even KNOW each other (but Felicity was just introduced).
So I think when they started the show they intended for them to be the main couple. The problem is, they did not screen test Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy. So they didn't know these two leads had no chemistry together until they both already had contracts.
It was a problem and it informed how they wrote the rest of season 1. Add in Emily Bett Rickards showing up and having INSTANT chemistry with Stephen Amell, and the writers had to change their plan. Several interviews have discussed how they changed their plan. I think this is why they rushed Oliver and Laurel together at the end of s1, they knew they intended to go in a different direction with their relationship by then. I beleive ever since the later half of s1, they've been slowly angling Oliver and Felicity together.
Oliver and Laurel will be partners and Laurel will get to be Black Canary. But she lost out at being Oliver's love interest. That is now Felicity. They're cagey about it, never wanting to come out and state it because it removes "mystery" for the viewers but if you know what clues to look for (and some of the slips made in interviews), its fairly obvious this is the track they are on. And I'm okay with that. ;)

I think they can't actually get rid of her, I think her contract forbids it and I think DC probably won't allow them to kill off Black Canary (the "actual" one that is). So they're trying to make do with what they have. Here's some great metas about the whole thing:
perhaps I'm too invested? Maybe. ;)
Jennifer Proffitt
23. JenniferProffitt
There's no such thing as "too invested" especially not here!

And I figured as much about the whole Canary thing--especially about the not getting the ax.
Marilyn Porter
24. Marilyn Porter
Yeah its a large part of why I'm willing to give her a shot. The show runners say they have a plan for her and I'm willing to give them the chance to sell it to me. After all, I've bought everything else in the show so far, they've proven to me that I can trust them. :)

And good to know about being too invested... I guess I fit in pretty well then. :D
25. EP
Wow, 2 great episodes of Arrow and Flash!!! Sounds like they have plans for more at some point.

There is soooo much I would like to say but I think everyone pretty much covered it. Just some bullet points I would like to put out there!

~ Team Arrow the best combination. Oliver. Felicity. Diggle.
~ Diggle and Lyla getting married!!!!! Loves these two together.
~Oliver and Felicity maid of honor and best man.
~ Oliver and Felicity dancing at the wedding together.
~ Most Sparks and married couple scenes these to projected in a long while, and I loved it!!!!
~ Episode 9 will be heartbreaking and will absolutely do me in. Cannot wait!!!!
~ LIGHT!!!! Felicity is his light (real obviouse there with Barry talking about light and who walks in). I think you writers and executive producers have pretty shouted it from the roof tops that Oliver and Felicity are END GAME!!!
Marilyn Porter
26. Marilyn Porter
Totally with you on all of that. I had the Dyla (Diggla/Lyla) wedding on my s3 wishlist because I NEED an Olicity dance! And this next week is gonna be ROUGH. ROUGH.
Susan White
27. whiskeywhite
In general I prefer Arrow over The Flash, by a lot. The Flash is too teenage boy for me. I prefer the more adult fare of Arrow (although I'm happy we have fewer violent flashbacks to the The Island). I wonder if we could cast a collective spell to make the writers forget this series was ever based on a comic book.

I'm not worried about the upcoming sword fight. As a wise film audience member said in Jimmy Cliff's 1973 film, "The Harder They Come" -- "the hero can't dead till the last reel." Oliver could get somewhat sushi-ed though.

Glad to see the progress in story line for Diggle. More Diggle all the time, as I so frequently say. I doubt there'll be much of a wedding (does Lyla strike you as a ball gown white wedding dress type? Especially the second time around?) Sorry if I'm being overly literal in reading the comments. I am totally up for the dance though.

Would love to see progress for Olicity, but I'll surprised if we get much more than the forehead kiss in the coming episode.

I agree with others about Cisco. I'm generally not into teenage boys (see above) but he IS terminally cute without being stupidly so. More there than I expected (but then I haven't been a regular Flash-watcher).

So I guess Barry & Felicity are not on, right? I thought when The Flash series started that there would be more carryover of their relationship from last season's Arrow.
Marilyn Porter
28. Marilyn Porter
I'm not worried about Oliver actually being dead. I'm worried the team might THINK he's dead. Or that they'll leave it on a cliffhanger making it look like he's dead (of course we'll know he's not), which will just be frustrating for the audience narratively. Actually the thing I'm MOST worried about is the scene with Oliver and Felicity. We've had assurances that it is the biggest Olicity scene they've ever filmed, that it rates a 9 on a scale of 1-10 (and wasn't 10 because 10=sex) and that we will cry "like won't believe". That's straight from the executive producer/writer's mouth. And Stephen Amell (since he said the bit about it being the best scene). I'm expecting some sort of love declaration, maybe from Felicity. And there'd damn well better be more than just a forehead kiss.
And no, Barry and Felicity were never meant to be on. It was supposed to be something to cause Oliver some jealousy last year and this year they had to tie up that lose end. Which I think Felicity did more than well enough in 1x08.
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