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All About the Geek, No Floppy: Computer Prodigies in Romance from Moon, Yates, and More!

Spencer Reid from Criminal MindsComputer geniuses are a minority in the romance genre. This seldom-explored hero is not one who immediately comes to mind when thinking of the typical Alpha romance character; heroes are less Sheldon from Big Bang Theory and more Jax from Sons of Anarchy. But this overlooked hero is quickly gaining a foothold, and it’s not only the males who are heralding a change. Lisbeth, the Goth girl from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is one hacker I would never want to mess with. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve come across Snowden fan fiction cleverly replacing his name as “Snowjob.”  ESPN recent ran an article on a computer game championship obtaining more viewers than basketball and baseball final world games. Smart and assertive geniuses who can fix my router problems are fast becoming my favorite type of hero.

In Brenna Aubrey’s Gaming the System series, Adam Drake is the CEO of his own gaming company, similar to the real world's Blizzard entertainment. This software prodigy meets Mia when he bids on—and wins—her virginity. Mia, a prolific gamer, runs a small gaming blog. She decides to sell her virginity in order to pay for her mother’s medical bills. What she doesn’t expect is Adam to be a dashing, intense, six-pack-ab-toting genius. Adam is swoon-worthy with surprise trips to Paris, a constant uplifting companion and  even creates an interactive area of the game that brought them together—all just for Mia.

Nicola Claire's Sweet Seduction Stripped features two hackers who fall in love. Claire weaves a tale of suspense and intrigue when Amber and Eric come face to face. Both have extraordinary talent in computer coding. Eric is part of a covert operation in which he uses his computer skills to defeat the enemy. When his path leads him to Amber, all hell breaks loose with bomb threats and national security issues. Eric is a funny, hot hacker who is more than capable of cracking Amber’s firewall. His “computer” flirting is hardwired to burst the system.

Lark Mitchell is tired of safe remote-access flirting and needs some face-to-face romance in Maisey Yates's Untouched. . A feisty, strong heroine, she helps her brothers run their ranch by setting up all their technology needs. She’s sick of living behind a computer and takes a new job using her computer skills just to get out of the ranch. As a huge computer geek, she’s all sort of jittery whenever Quinn, her new boss, comes around. From superhero underwear to cyber sex, she finds new ways to refresh her once stagnant life.

The Temporary Wife by Jeannie MoonJason Campbell is a billionaire computer software creator in Jeannie Moon’s The Temporary Wife. His natural prowess with computers has translated well into the boardroom. With his sister’s unexpected death, he does everything he can to provide for his niece, including offering to marry his ex-girlfriend—who is now his niece’s guardian. Megan and Jason had an atrocious ending and interactions are tense. From bedtime stories to hiring private yachts and designing a house just for them, Jason pulls out all the stops to rewire Megan’s awful opinion of him.

Internet entrepreneur Bee Langston, from Roxie Rivera’s In Kelly’s Corner, spends her days coding and running her brand-new website. Bee is on the brink of closing multi-million dollar deals for her company and she’s gaining a lot of attention in the media. When she attracts unwanted attention, she links up with her brother’s best friend, an ex-marine. Bee takes matters into her own hands when romance tensions run high and manages to track her stalkers down.

In the next installment of Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series, The Darkest Touch, Torin is the host to the demon of disease and the computer security expert lord that is doomed to watch the world from behind a screen. As a consequence to being a host, he cannot have any physical contact, as he runs the risk of a starting a plague. He is in charge of all technology for his gang of friends to save the world. His computer skills have saved many a mission and pulled the Lords from the brink of destruction. In his story, Torin finally meets his match in Keely and he must fight the biggest battle he’s ever faced.

Jaxon Trent of Penelope Douglas’s Fall Away Series is a young man with a computer command center in his bedroom. Using all sorts of tech skills, he’s able to inflict a lot of damage. With just the click of a button, Jax was able to infiltrate your life and control it. He has many different layers and peeling back all those mysteries is an adventure. He’s also one sexy techy with his alpha swag and skills.

These techy nerds are deleting the old notion of non-sexy and ushering in a new definition of “geek”. What similar books have you read ?


To learn more about the books mentioned in this post:

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The Temporary Wife by Jeannie Moon  
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Bully by Penelope Douglas  








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I see that At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey is currently free to Kindle readers. Likewise for In Kelly's Corner by Roxie Rivera.
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You missed the hacker series by Meredith wild, it's brilliant
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