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25 Romances of Christmas: Holiday Romance Recommendations, Part 4

Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin While the holidays are creeping in, it might be just the time to start in on that list—the books on your To Be Read list, that is. This is the final week where Phoebe Chase and Jennifer Proffitt will be delivering a little something naughty and nice in the form of the 25 holiday/seasonal romances you should be adding to your wish list. You can read more suggestions in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin

One part epistolary romance (kind of), one part lover reunited, this short Christmas story is great to get a taste of Lin’s style. They say write angry letters, but never send them. Unfortunately, Captain Hale Martin took that to refer to love letters, too. When Hale left England three years before our story starts, he promised to write to her every Christmas until he returned. He not only didn’t write at Christmas, but he never did. He felt inadequate and unworth of Sidony, despite being well-liked by her family. Three years later, he’s more mature and even more sure of his feelings for Sidony...even if she’s hesitant to give him a chance. From adolescence to adulthood, it was touching to see how their relationship progressed. My only complaint is that I wished I could have spent more time with them!

Saving the CEO by Jenny Holiday

At first glance, while the only hint that this is a holiday romance is that the author’s last name is Holiday, Saving the CEO is a nice mix of contemporary set during the holiday season. Our heroine, Cassie, swoops in and saves Jack Winter, when he realizes his CFO is embezzling funds—throw in a lot of late-office meetings, and crunching bed and top it off with a kiss under the mistletoe and verbal foreplay over a bar top, this was just the right fit for me!

The Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh

You guys told us this one was a must on most of your christmas lists, so added it we did (a little TBR-Yoda-speak). Marriages of Convenience are my absolute favorite trope—it’s the trope to beat all tropes for me. I’m a recent convert to Balogh, I’m sad to say (all the romances and release date squee-ing I’ve missed!). The Christmas Promise was the perfect book to continue my Balogh edification. When Eleanor’s father is dying, he decides to add a husband to her Wish List, and blackmails an earl (whose coffers are close to empty) into marrying her. The two don’t want to be married, but suddenly married at Christmastime is exactly what they are. Balogh handles their transition from adversaries to lovers perfectly, and will warm the heart of even the most jaded of Scrooges.

The Christmas Ranch by RaeAnne Thayne The Christmas Ranch by RaeAnne Thayne  

Okay, so I thought The Christmas Ranch would have a cowboy—it didn’t—but I quickly got over my disappointment because I got a Christmas story with a hot Navy SEAL. And he has a cool name, Rafe. Rafe knows something about our heroine, Hope, but he doesn’t let on that he knows. Secrets, man, they can be a relationship killer. But all ends well as Rafe and Hope work together to save the ranch and a holiday tradition Cold Creek Canyon has come to know and love. I liked the handyman foreplay—physical labor as an aphrodisiac almost always works for me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sneak some hot kisses in the barn after watching a SEAL drive some fence posts, am I right?

Sweet Cowboy Christmas by Candis Terry  

One of my favorite tropes is second-chance romances. This isn’t one, but it might be even better. It’s a second-chance cowboy story! Chase Morgan has a health scare and decides to leave his high-powered, high-stress, Madison Avenue lifestyle for the laid-back pace of Texas. Turns out our Big Apple playboy billionaire is a former Texan cowboy complete with Wranglers and well-worn boots. Faith Walker is a sassy cowgirl with a heart the size of her home state. Chase has hated Christmas since his father passed away on the holiday years ago. But Faith loves Christmas and she becomes the Cindy Lou Who to Chase’s Scrooge-like existence. Through Faith, our hero discovers that, despite what he’s learned as an ad exec, Christmas doesn’t come from a store, Christmas means a little bit more.

Once Upon a Plaid by Mia Marlowe  

Christmas in medieval Scotland? Aye, lass! This story gutted me and gave me lots of feels. Our couple, Kat and William, are married. Kat is desperately trying to give the Laird of Glengarry an heir and this couple is in anguish after several unsuccessful attempts to have a child. Kat thinks her husband would be better off with a woman who could give him an heir, but William loves his wife and fights to make her realize that. (I’m legitimately rubbing the ache over my chest as I write this.) This tale of love, loss, regret, and finding love again is set in a Scottish castle in the midst of Christmas and I really enjoyed all the little holiday touches and customs. It felt like an Outlander Christmas special.


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I had so much fun reading all these holiday romances. I'd love to hear what other holiday stories people read.
2. lauralee1912
I'm glad you found The Christmas Promise. That is a perfect holiday book! I have Once Upon a Plaid on my TBR list.

I'm currently reading What a Lady Needs for Christmas by Grace Burrowes and am enjoying it so far. A marriage of convenience story set at Christmas by one of my favorite authors. Works for me.
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@lauralee1912, I just got Once Upon a Plaid myself after reading Phoebe's comments on it! And I have What a Lady Needs for Christmas on my TBR... I LOVE a marriage of convenience!!! It's my trope to beat all tropes.
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