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25 Romances of Christmas: Holiday Romance Recommendations, Part 3

Maybe This Christmas by Sarah MorganWhile the holidays are creeping in, it might be just the time to start in on that list—the books on your To Be Read list, that is. Over the next few weeks Phoebe Chase and Jennifer Proffitt will be delivering a little something naughty and nice in the form of the 25 Christmas books you should be adding to your wish list. See what they recommended in Part 1 and Part 2.

Maybe this Christmas by Sarah Morgan

This book was a family affair in every way. Tyler was an world-renowned skier before he had a terrible accident and his career was ended. Don’t worry though, he’s not caught in the past—especially when he has a teenaged daughter who’s come to live with him. Brenna has known Ty her whole life, and she’s been in love with him for just as long. Skiing is their passion and how they became friends—but friends is all they’ll ever be it seems, until Ty’s family starts to interfere and Brenna moves in with Ty when there is literally no more room at the inn. I recommend this book to anyone who will let me talk romance, and it’s a perfect holiday romance—family, love, snowstorms, and more—that make it not only great for this time of year but year-round.

A Little Christmas Jingle by Michele Dunaway

I went to college in St. Louis and so whenever I get the chance to read a romance set there, it adds an extra nostalgia factor. Michele Dunaway’s A Little Christmas Jingle brings out everything I love about St. Louis—in many ways it’s just a collection of small towns, which is my favorite type of holiday romance—and added in a hot cop, a charity calendar, and a vet in dire need of his help. Dunaway’s voice is funny and fresh. Kat and Jack are the perfect couple to watch fall in love, and just the type of people that if you met them in real life you’d want to grab a beer with them.

Christmas in Transylvania by Sandra Hill  

My new must-have holiday cocktail is the Vangel: one part Viking, one part vampire, and one part angel. Imbibe and good times are sure to follow. My favorite part of this story?The humor. The secondary characters swirling around the main couple put the Christmas in Christmas in Transylvania. A human wife married to the head of the Vangels wants a full-on Christmas for their three-year-old twins and the castle in Transylvania, Pennsylvania, is busy getting ready for the Vangels’ first “real” Christmas. You know what happens when you send a one-thousand-year-old Viking out to get a Christmas tree? He comes back with a 50-footer. And guess who’s in the kitchen getting drunk off of rum balls as she whacks the cookie dough? Lizzie Borden. Yes, THAT Lizzie Borden. I was less interested in the main romance than everything else going on, but I did love that the hero gave off a peppermint-candy cane bonding scent when he fell for the heroine. If you like a few chuckles with your light-hearted holiday romance, give this one a try.

Sweet Adventure by Penny WatsonSweet Adventure by Penny Watson

The North Pole is real and probably looks exactly how you picture it. The Klaus Brothers are Santa’s sons and they’re seriously hot. I could stop here, but there’s so much more to like in this novella. Sven wants to make furniture, not toys. Andi is a tabloid reporter (with a heart of gold, of course) who wants to get the real story behind the Klaus family. When she stows away on Sven’s plane she gets more than she bargained for — including a blizzard, killer ice plants and a Yeti! I love this series from Watson. It’s quirky, sweet, funny and full of Christmas cheer.

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas

No one does a holiday romance like Kleypas! This pick has the double whammy of being a made-for-tv movie as well (Christmas with Holly). Christmastime is for surrounding yourself with loved ones, but in Lisa Kleypas’s first Friday Harbor book, Christmas is also the time to findloved ones. Mark has no idea what to do with his newly-found six-year-old daughter, Holly, but he knows that he has to do right by her. Maggie has had her own loss to deal with after losing her husband. Together these three find love and family once again—and nothing beats a child’s delight at Christmas.  

Naughty Nicks by Christine d’Abo

I like to have a romance that turns up the heat for the holidays—after all it is so cold this time of year! Christine d’Abo is a relatively new find for me and earlier this summer (yes, summer) I went through a binge-read of almost all of her books—including Naughty Nicks! Yes, I did some of my holiday reading during the summer, but Naughty Nicks is a tale for all seasons. Short, sexy, and hot, Naughty Nicks is a great way to get a taste of d’Abo. Kim has lusted after her boss, Blake, for ages, and, to quote Love Actually, at Christmastime you tell the truth. Blake was burned by a past divorce, but after a kiss from Kim, he’s ready to make his move...and considering they work for a Santa-stripper company that move is pretty audacioius.

Christmas Brides AnthologyChristmas Brides by Suzanne Enoch, Valerie Bowman, Elizabeth Essex, and Alexandra Hawkins

Give me a christmas anthology any day! All four of these authors are musts for me when I pick up a historical romance and I love the short and sweet elements that go into an anthology. My two favorite stories in this anthology are “One Hot Scot” by Suzanne Enoch—only one bed in a tiny cottage...whatever shall we do?—and “The Scandal Before Christmas"—proposal of convenience + snowstorm=perfection. All of the stories are solid and offer tropes and tidings of love for everyone!

A Perfect Holiday Fling by Farrah Rochon

Small-town veterinarian Callie is the town’s charity case when it comes to love. After losing her parents in a car accident at 19 and having her husband leave her for another woman, all of Maplesville, Louisiana, wants the doctor to find love. Enter Stefan, a navy fighter pilot who’s taking care of his five-year-old nephew while the boy’s mother, his twin sister, is serving in Afghanistan for six months. Both Callie and Stefan are at crossroads in their lives and decide, that since Stefan isn’t long for Maplesville, a perfect holiday fling is in order. And I thought this was the perfect holiday read.


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Naughty Nicks by Christine D'Abo  
Christmas Brides by Suzanne Enoch, Valerie Bowman, Elizabeth Essex and Alexandra Hawkins  
A Perfect Holiday Fling by Farrah Rochon  










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I really enjoyed A Little Christmas Jingle and it made its way to the Keeper file on my Kindle. Love stories with dogs in them and especially this happily ever after.
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Apparently I'm a total sucker for any story that makes Santa real.
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@PhoebeChase, Hey The Santa Clause was my FAVORITE holiday movie for a long time! (still is to be honest) And if you're a sucker for santa being real, then I'm a sucker for a Christmas shop...and strippers for some reason.
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