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25 Romances of Christmas: Holiday Romance Recommendations, Part 2

The Keepers: Christmas in Salem by Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, Kathleen Pickering, and Beth CiottaWhile the holidays are creeping in, it might be just the time to start in on that list—the books on your To Be Read list, that is. Over the next few weeks Phoebe Chase and Jennifer Proffitt will be delivering a little something naughty and nice in the form of the 25 Christmas books you should be adding to your wish list. See what they recommended in Part 1.

The Keepers: Christmas in Salem by Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, Kathleen Pickering, Beth Ciotta

Vampires, witches, elementals, and selkies co-mingling in Salem, Mass.? No, I don’t have the wrong holiday, this really is a Christmas romance. Total darkness has engulfed Salem as Christmas nears. Four authors spin connected stories centered around four cousins who are Keepers, humans charged with overseeing a particular supernatural community. They put their hearts on the line to save their beloved town from an encroaching evil that threatens Salem and beyond. I really loved the way this anthology connected all the stories with one central holiday plot and how each novella furthered the story, bringing us closer to the happily ever.

Season of  Second Chances by Brighton Walsh

This holiday novella uses one of my favorite tropes. Look, it’s right there in the title—second-chance romance! Cupid must have donned a parka for this job, because a snowstorm strands formerly engaged couple Claire and Logan at the airport. Since it’s Christmas and a snowstorm, naturally every hotel room in Chicago is booked and Claire reluctantly takes Logan up on the offer to stay with him. His daughter (did I forget to mention the hero is a hottie single dad?) is with his baby mama so Claire can stay in her room. As if! It doesn’t take long for the awkwardness of being with an ex to give way and make room for these two to reconnect. Their great chemistry certainly helps. Being together again makes them want to give their love story another chance. This story was sweet and sexy, kind of like a peppermint latte with a spicy kick.

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa KleypasA Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

It’s official. I’ve been Kleypassed! What a wonderful Christmas love story. I’m new to the Wallflower series and normally never read out of order, but I’ve been making exceptions for my holiday reading stint and I’m so glad I did. The couples from the previous four books have all gathered at a country manor to celebrate the holidays and to help procure a respectable British wife for the American brother of two of the Wallflowers. Our heroine, Hannah, is chaperoning Lady Natalie while she becomes acquainted with Rafe Bowman in the hopes that they’re a good match for marriage. But sparks fly between Hannah and Rafe—I was sure they were going to set the Christmas tree on fire—and things take a decidedly different turn. There’s some great humor in this book and I loved the interactions between the Wallflowers. Oh, and there’s a swoon-worthy love letter. This story was a sweet, romantic, and pretty much perfect Victorian holiday romance.

Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James

It may be cold outside, but Mistress Christmas offers a way to heat you up for the holidays. James brings her signature heat to this tale of suspense and mistaken identity...and Christmas-themed strip clubs. I find myself re-reading this one every year just to make sure that Holly comes out of her shell the way I remember, that that risque lap dance is as NSFW (even if you are pretending to be a stripper) as I thought, and that Nick figures out the truth—both of his mystery lady and the case that brought him to Sugar Plums to start with. Hint: It’s always just as good as I remember!

Christmas on 4th Street by Susan MalleryChristmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery

Another staple in my holiday cadre of romances this year, Christmas on 4th Street has become a favorite for me. I apparently gravitate towards people who own Christmas shops (see my recommendation of Must Love Mistletoe in last week’s list). Noelle, unlike the heroine of Mistletoe, loves Christmas and when business gets booming during her first Christmas in Fool's Gold she accepts the help of army-doctor-on-leave, Gabriel. Noelle and Gabriel’s story is full of all the charm and sweetness that are signatures of a Mallery romance, but adds in a deeper emotional level with Noelle's past and the decisions coming up for Gabriel's future. Every time I read a Fool’s Gold romance, I wish I could go visit it, but I'll have to be satisfied with “visits” on the page.

Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Bella Andre

This novella is bittersweet as it focuses on Mary Sullivan, the matriarch of the Sullivan family, and her love with Jack Sullivan. I was totally able to fall back in time along with Mary and see her and Jack’s journey as the sweet story it was. For those who want to believe in love at first sight, Mary and Jack (and the mastermind that is Bella Andre) gives you plenty of evidence. I loved this story and fell in love with the Sullivan family all over again!

We're about halfway through with our recommendations—just two more parts! What holiday romances are on your list, and have you read any of the books we recommended? Let us know in the comments!


To learn more about the books mentioned in this post:

The Keepers: Christmas in Salem by Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, Kathleen Pickering, Beth Ciotta  
Season of  Second Chances by Brighton Walsh  
A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas  
Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James  
Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery  
Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Bella Andre  








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2. JenniferProffitt
@PhoebeChase, right?! Just give me some peppermint Schapps and hot chocolate and a good Christmas romance, and I'm ready to hibernate for the winter.
3. PhoebeChase
And I love sitting near the tree to read. Who knew I was such a holiday sentimentalist!
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4. heather graham
Thanks so very much. "The Keepers" was a work with friends that was incredibly special. Thank you so much for this honor!
heather graham
5. Kathleen Pickering
It sure was an honor to be a part of "The Keepers". And, if anyone saw Beth Ciotta's Facebook post, she is offering 5 free books to 5 lucky readers who post on this Heroes and Heartbreakers Holiday Romance Recommendations. I'll match those 5 give aways! So keep posting!
6. PhoebeChase
Heather and Kathleen, it was so much fun for me to read The Keepers since I call eastern Massachusetts home. I really enjoyed each story.
7. Kareni
You've listed a couple of my old favorites as well as some choices that are new to me. Thanks for this post.
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