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Turkeys Are Not the Only Thing Getting Stuffed This Month: Erotic Recommendations For November 2014

What to Do with a Bad Boy by Marie Harte

In need of some sexy reading material to fill your e-reader? I’m here for you. Each month I will bring you an assortment of erotic pleasure reads to tempt your palate—and your credit card....

The coming chill of November melts under the onslaught of the lust and pleasure-filled games couples play in the following offerings.

What To Do with a Bad Boy by Marie Harte

Mike McCauley had his soul mate for a precious time before she died giving birth to their son. She left him with the best boy a guy could want, so why is everyone playing matchmaker? He's sick of it...until he meets Delilah Webster.

For some reason, the foul-mouthed, tattooed mechanic sets his motor running. He sees the loving woman buried within. But the closer they get, the more the pain of past wounds throws a monkey wrench into a future he's not sure he can handle...

Second chance love gets a boost from a pint size cupid when a “bad boy” meets his match in this sweet, emotional, and humorous romantic contemporary that examines love, loss, and misconceptions. When two seemingly opposite people hook up for all the wrong reasons, they will have to convince their families and themselves that sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

Intrusion by Charlotte Stein

I believed I would never be able to trust any man again. That kindness was only for fools and would lead me down that same terrible path into darkness. I thought so with every fiber of my being-and then I met Noah Gideon Grant.

Everyone says he's dangerous. He never comes out of his house-a place that looks like it could be featured in Serial Killers Monthly. But the thing is … I think something happened to him too. I know the chemistry between us isn't just in my head. I know he feels it, but he's holding back. The pleasure he gives me is unreal-if only I could give something in return. If only he would let me in. I think I can make him feel something good. And for the first time in forever, I want to.

He's made a labyrinth of himself. Now all I need to do is dare to find my way through.

Stein does awkward romance rather well and Intrusion is no exception. This erotic dark novella brings the heat and suspense to a boiling pitch when a young woman meets a mysterious man and becomes obsessed with uncovering all his secrets.

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina LaurenDirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren

Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don’t even like each other...which would explain why their marriage lasted only twelve hours. He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra. Maybe she’s too similar to the rugged fisherman—or just what he needs.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Two strangers marry and divorce in a span of twelve hours, opening the door to a sexy conflicted romance that addresses the need for control and the benefits of giving it up to the right person. Humor and angst balance well together as our lovers learn the art of compromise.

Prisoner by Skye Warren and Annika Martin

He seethes with raw power the first time I see him—pure menace and rippling muscles in shackles. He’s dangerous. He’s wild. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

So I hide behind my prim glasses and my book like I always do, because I have secrets too. Then he shows up in the prison writing class I have to teach, and he blows me away with his honesty. He tells me secrets in his stories, and it’s getting harder to hide mine. I shiver when he gets too close, with only the cuffs and the bars and the guards holding him back. At night I can’t stop thinking about him in his cell.

But that’s the thing about an animal in a cage—you never know when he’ll bite. He might use you to escape. He might even pull you into a forest and hold a hand over your mouth so you can’t call for the cops. He might make you come so hard, you can’t think.

And you might crave him more than your next breath.

Dark and violent with hints of depravity and dubious intentions, Warren and Martin have written an erotic tale that speaks of the more sordid aspects of life and love. Romance is but a pretty word used to excuse the ramifications of a man who, for all intents and purposes, takes and claims a woman whose trust in him is based almost completely on her will to survive.

Beyond Possession by Kit RochaBeyond Possession by Kit Rocha

Tatiana Stone has worked hard to establish herself as one of Sector Four's most skilled crafters. All she wants is peace—but the sins of her father haunt her. He ruled the sector as a petty tyrant before the O'Kane takeover, and plenty of people harbor bitter memories of his cruelty. Especially now that Tatiana's beloved baby sister has fallen in with a man who wants to start a revolution.
Zan failed his boss once, and it won't happen again. So when Dallas O'Kane asks him to defuse the rebellion brewing in the sector, he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done—including seduce Tatiana. It's the perfect opportunity to get closer to the pretty crafter and complete his mission. But what he discovers is a fiery, passionate woman—and an affair that could destroy them both.

One man’s desires may lead to the destruction of the woman he wants in the newest installment in Kit Rocha’s devastatingly dark and erotic dystopian series. Forbidding and decadent, Rocha builds a romance that pushes the boundaries of a woman who refuses to bend anymore than she already has. 

What’s got your e-reader smoking this month?

To find out more about each book mentioned:

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Kristen Oh
1. Kristen Oh
I loved What to Do with a Bad Boy! Such a good series overall, I loved all the brothers :) Great picks!
2. Torifl
Thanks! I loved it too. Now working my way through her Revenge series.
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