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Spies, Hitmen, and SEALS Do It Best: Sexy Romantic Suspense, Part 1

Blamed by Edie HarrisRomantic suspense novels are usually action packed with great danger at every turn, and with seriously creepy villains. Such pumped up, adrenaline fueled situations often give rise to dramatic sexual tension. There is something extremely sexy about people finding love while fighting for their lives. Some authors use the dramatic tension to ramp up the heat adding an erotic punch to their stories. Here are some very sexy romantic suspense books that are sure to help turn up the heat as the weather turns cooler up here in the northern hemisphere.

Blamed is the first book in a new series about the Faraday family by Edie Harris. Beth Faraday is a retired hitwoman, attempting to make a new life for herself. But someone has put a hit out on her, bringing fellow spy Raleigh Vick to her doorstep. The two have a long history, of crossing paths for work—and for romance. But everything may not be what it seems with Vick;  Harris takes readers on an intense journey with several twists and turn with this one. And it is not short on sexy moments.

“Fuck me, you’re gorgeous.” His hand moved over his cock, masturbating to the sight of her. “You going to let me inside that sweet snatch of yours, love?”

He let go of her panties to close the distance between them, the length of him suddenly sliding wetly through her aroused folds. Squeezing his eyes shut as if in pain, he leaned in to catch her earlobe between his teeth, tugging lightly. “Is this what you want baby? A little touching?”

Wild Card by Lora LeighBlamed is certainly not the only sexy romantic suspense out there. Lora Leigh’s Wild Card is an oldie a but a goodie. Nathan Malone, Navy SEAL, all but dies on a mission and ends up living with a new identity as Noah Blake. When trouble threatens his family, including Sabella Malone—the wife he left behind—Noah returns home to keep them all safe. The passion still burns hot between Noah and Bella, who senses something familiar in Noah. While Noah and his crew attempt to corral the local militia, Bella attempts to make sense of what is happening in her life, especially with Noah.

“God, yes, say my name like that again,” he growled. “Tell me you want me, Sabella. Hot and wild, all over again. Pounding inside you, stretching that sweet, hot little pussy all around me.”

“Noah.” She breathed his name as she felt his hand move, sliding from between her thighs only to push beneath her shorts and panties to fill his hand with the swollen, wet flesh beneath.

“You’re wet, Sabella.” His fingers tunneled into the slit, slid through the slick cream that gathered there. “Tell me you want me Ask me to fuck you.”

Off the Edge by Carolyn CraneCarolyn Crane’s Undercover Associates series are darker and edgier romantic suspense stories. Off the Edge is the second book of the series and is a wild, wild ride. Peter Macmillan, a non mild-mannered linguist, is an associate working in Thailand—and he's in trouble. He ends up using singer Laney Lancaster who has trouble of her own and eventually leaves her exposed to danger. The two end up joining forces as they discover they may have a common enemy. This one is stark and violent, but this makes the romance stand out so much—especially Peter and Laney’s sexy times:

“I’ll fuck you in every way you want,” he whispered, warm in her ear. “I’ll devour you if you let me.”

She panted, dizzy from the savage friction of it. “Do it, do it.”

He fucked her raggedly, planting sloppy, frantic kisses on her neck, then her shoulder, and then he bit her there, like he needed to hold on to her with his mouth, like an animal or something. The pain was king of wild pleasure, spearing through her as he drove into her.

These are just a small sample of some sexy romantic suspense stories. Looking for more? Certainly, Lora Leigh and Carolyn Crane have others that are similar to those mentioned above. And Blamed is the first in a new series by Edie Harris. The next book in this series is Ripped, but won’t be out until late Spring 2015. Also, stay tuned for another post soon with some additional suggestions.


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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I hope Laura Kaye makes it to Part 2! Love her and think she's a great example of hot romantic suspense!
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Not much beats sexy romantic suspense, and I say this as someone who reads all genres. But that combo of danger and sexual tension are hard to top--everything's heightened, and it's a hell of a lot of fun.
Laura Bracken
4. Night -owl
Oh, Blamed, sounds really good(I want to read it now!). I love romantic suspense. Lora Leigh is great, and I also love Linda Howard, & Pamela Clare's I-Team Series.
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