Nov 18 2014 10:45am

Sleepy Hollow 2x09 Heart-to-Heart: Rooting for the Mills Sisters

Show/Episode: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 9, “Mama”
Ships: Ichabod/Abbie (Ichabbie), Crane/Katrina/Abraham, Katrina/Abraham (Katless), Hawley/Abbie/Jenny

**Reader Beware: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night's, “Mama.”**

Captain's Log Hawley/Abbie Sleepy Hollow 2x09I never miss Sleepy Hollow. Tom Mison manages to pull off sexy with cranky (Ichabod Crane is older than a roomful of grandpas), and Nicole Beharie as his Co-Witness to Save the World is smart, vulnerable, and has the good humor to teach Ichabod how to live in the 21st century. In a perfect world, Crane and Abbie would take their partnership to the next level, but for now he’s relatively happy with Katrina while Abbie and Hawley take two steps forward for every one painful step back. Only time will tell if Katrina is honest and true, or if she should be knocking boots with Abraham, with or without heads.

Sorry, Ichabbie shippers:

Those who shipped “Ichabbie” during season one were doused with cold water after Katrina left Purgatory. Ever since, she’s repeatedly escaped Abraham, the now headful (headified? re-headed?) Headless Horseman, AKA the Horseman of Death. Which means she and Crane are like other married couples who bicker over The Bachelor. Although she might stay with her husband, Katrina determines to return to Abraham’s home to spy on her former fiancé and Henry, her son with Crane—who is AKA The Horseman of War—and to discover what plans exist for bringing Moloch into the corporeal world. While Crane says he’s over his suspicion over her secrets motives, which cropped up more than once this season, who knows what other secrets she’s keeping, let alone how far she’ll believe a mother’s love knows no bounds. All of which sets up a potential triangle between Crane, Katrina, and Abraham, who looks better shirtless than he ever did headless. It also leaves room for the eventual return of Ichabbie.

Nick Hawley in Sleepy Hollow 2x09How much of a pirate (okay, privateer), is Nick Hawley?

Hawley’s appearance this season didn’t really work for me until he more or less went all-in with the Witnesses. Which is weird because he’s more believable when he’s Han Solo, mercenary and rogue, than as someone who gives a damn about the end of the world. Then again, the long looks Hawley sends Abbie’s way point to the tingling she causes in his man parts. Those lustful looks are so believable that when Jenny came over for a booty call awhile back, Hawley turned her down.

Abbie’s sending some of her own looks his way. Crane, though, is much slower to accept the other man’s help, but this week he grudgingly accepted the matzo ball soup Hawley brought for his flu, and last week he nearly played wing man for the bad boy. But Crane doesn’t know that Hawley and Abbie’s sister Jenny were once friends with benefits. Then again, neither does Abbie. Given how long it’s taken to build trust between the two, when they learn they may be in a triangle of their own, it’s likely to screw up the siblings for a very long time.

Henry’s mommy issues lead him into the arms of...a demon?

Nobody’s happy about Henry’s one-sided bromance with Moloch, but even Katrina now realizes her naiveté where son Henry is concerned. Katrina returned to Abraham at the end of last week’s episode under the pretext of killing Moloch, but after one look at the baby while wearing her magic necklace and it looked like a “mother’s love” was also a “grandmother’s love.”

Katrina in Sleepy Hollow 2x09After Henry convinced her to hold the baby in tonight’s episode, all she saw was a cute, cuddly infant...not the necrotic demon he is in reality. Later she realizes she’d been bespelled and devised a potion to kill Baby Moloch. He was missing from his cribe, and when she looked for him, she found an adorable blond child who said, “I’m hungry, mother.” The Bad Seed, The Omen...that’s one cute kid, and I’m not sure who he is, but he’s evil, I tell you, evil!

A mother’s love:

Lori Mills’s love for her girls Abbie and Jenny is the basis for this backstory-heavy episode. Crane, the same man who “fought with dysentery at Saratago,” is felled by the flu and further confounded by a childproof bottle of medicine. He remains out of the picture until the end of “Mama,” set in the same psychiatric hospital in which the girls' mother was incarcerated and killed herself.

A series of suicides at the Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital prompts the sheriff to ask Abbie to investigate. It looks as though her mother’s ghost is responsible. Not so! Lori Mills’s doctor called her complaint about a Nurse Lambert a delusion and part of her mental illness. Nurse Lambert, in fact, was an angel of mercy who years earlier gave patients psychotropic drugs to brainwash them into suicide. She killed 21 patients before being caught at Tarrytown, tried, and executed.

Courtesy of Moloch, Nurse Lambert’s ghost haunted Lori Mills. Now she’s back haunting patients. Three have already killed themselves, and before you know it Captain Irving tries to drown himself, only to be rescued at the last moment by Abbie, Jenny, and Hawley (with Crane indisposed, Jenny and Hawley act as Abbie’s leftenants this week). Turns out freedom really isn’t death after all.

The intrepid threesome discover a drawing Lori had made of the girls on the wall of her hospital room. Underneath the portrait were the words “You are my sunshine,” the song playing on the car radio when, under the influence of a demon, she’d tried to kill herself and Jenny, only to pull herself out of it and save them both.

Mama Mills in Sleepy Hollow 2x09According to Mommy Deadest, Grace Dixon’s (who midwifed Katrina’s birth of Jeremy/Henry and is related to the Mills women) journal holds an incantation for sending the angel of death back to hell. While Jenny and Hawley search for the journal, Nurse Lambert imprisons Abbie and tries to force two red pills down the leftenant’s gullet. Lori’s ghost fights for her daughter as Jenny reads the spell, and...poof, both ghosts disappear.

By the end of the episode, Jenny and Abbie learn they were wrong about their mother, who fought for her daughters and tried to protect them even though it led to her imprisonment and eventual death. Before Lori leaves Purgatory forever, she tells the girls that within the journal is a weapon necessary for fighting Moloch, and that Abbie is “meant to go further than any of us...you were meant to win this war.”

“Mama” is anything but a shipper-heavy episode, but there are a couple of small moments for those among us shipping Abbie and Hawley. The first involves Hawley’s frantic efforts to free Abbie after Nurse Lambert tries to kill her. At the same time as he’s releasing her, so is Jenny, adding to the messiness that might befall all three should the lust brewing between Hawley and Abbie turn into love.

The second involves a glance between Hawley and Crane before they join hands to conjure Lori Mills near the end of “Mama.” Slowly but surely Crane is beginning to accept Hawley, as evidenced by his talking up Hawley to Abbie in last week’s episode. I think Abbie sucks it up about Katrina for Crane’s sake and he’ll probably do the same for her. It’s what friends and partners do. It’s even what lovers do when they’re otherwise involved.

That said, while there are moments of real chemistry between Abbie and Hawley, last night’s most forced repartee, involving a discussion about Jane Austen, is a reminder of all those times that the repartee between Abbie and Crane is flawless.

Memorable Lines:

“Seems you have a maternal instinct after all, mother.” ~ Henry at his sneering best, to Katrina as she cuddles the baby.

“So many things you don’t get to choose, Abbie. Like all those times they came to take you away from me. You have to fight.” ~ Lori Mills to her daughter after Abbie asks why she was chosen to be a Witness.

Charting the Course: Uneven chemistry may point to a fizzled plot-line, paving the way to the ship shippers want.

Next Stop: Season 2, Episode 10, “Magnum Opus.” It’ll be nice to see Ichabbie partnered again, as they race to find the Sword of Methuselah.


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1. wsl0612
OMG, I have it bad for Hawley after last week's shirtlessness, the man has such a sexy back! I have slowly been changing ships to NicAbbie this year, particularly as Ichabod is such a loyal and loving husband, it would take a huge trauma to put him on the good ship Ichabbie and I'm not sure I would want that.
Laurie Gold
2. LaurieGold
What's so much fun about Sleepy Hollow is that there's a lot of gray going on with the black and white. Is Katrina to be trusted or does she have a hidden agenda? Will loving Abbie turn Hawley into a good guy or is he a rogue through and through? Are Ichabbie meant to be together or are they meant to be terrific partners and friends? Does Abraham want revenge more than he wants a willing Katrina?
3. SassyT
Okay, while Hawley IS hot he and Abbie can't be together. He's already slept with Jenny (more than once if you believe them). That would be too gross if he banged both sisters. Sorry. Abbie is going to have to go it alone. Maybe they'll kill off Katrina and she and Ichabod and get together.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@SassyT, yeah I think I ship Hawley and Jenny more--have since his intro to the show.
5. Bianca
I just love Sleepy Hollow.
At first I thought I might be able to shop Ichabbie, I mean hot British guy and pretty American gal working together to save the world sounds like a good starting point for a romance, doesn't it?
But Ichabod is in love with his wife. Even if they do have some problems right now and oh do they have them... He will not cheat on her, or betray her. (Not sure about Katrina though, I never quite trusted her love for her husband.)
So I really don't think Ichabbie is even possible. Katrina would have to die, really die, not Purgatory or some other supernatural thing, but be gone for good. Then they'd have to wait for at least a whole season before he'd even consider another woman (at least in my mind) and even then I doubt that it would be Abbie. They are just too close without being together already. They're more like siblings aren't they?
And btw why do the main characters have to hook up all the time now? I ship, I sometimes ship so hard it's not even funny anymore, but does it really have to happen on every show?!?

I wasn't sure about Hawley at first. He seemed to be too unsure whether or not he wanted to help the good guys or just get some money and leave again, but he's changed a bit, hasn't he?
He stayed, he keeps helping them even if it looks like he won't gain anything from them in return.
His past with Jenny might be a bit of a problem if he and Abbie were to start a sort of relationship. They certainly have a past and Jenny was still interested in sex with him this seasons, but I really hope that's all it was. Just sex. No feelings or hopes and wishes involved, just having some fun. Because in that case, Jenny would get over Nick choosing her sister (if it looks like he's in love with her) and Abbie might be able to 'overlook' the fact that he had sex with both sisters...

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them together. He knows what's going on, Abbie wouldn't need to hide anything from him and I think she deserves some happiness in her life. Whether that comes in the form of real love and a relationship, just a sort of relationship, or just really hot sex with sexy Hawley, I couldn't say yet though. Each and every one of these options is fine by me.
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