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Arrow 3x07 Heart-to-Heart: Felicity’s Choice—Ray or Oliver?

Show/Episode: Arrow season 3, episode 3x07, “Draw Back Your Bow”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity, some mentions of Ray/Felicity

**Note: This post contains spoilers on all aired episodes of Arrow, including last night's, “Draw Back Your Bow.”**

Oliver Felicity Captain's LogThere is a lot going on in this episode: we are introduced to the comics-verse villain “Cupid” and Ray asks Felicity out on a date!  Join me while I drink my weight in wine while I try to deal with my feels about all of this.

Oliver rescued Cupid during Slade Wilson’s siege on Starling City six months ago and ever since then has developed a serious (and deadly) fixation on him, going so far as to kill last week’s villain as a “gift”. 

Oliver sees a newscast about Queen Consolidated being rebranded as Palmer Technologies and notices how Felicity is right at Ray’s side. This clearly sets him on edge and he takes out his frustration on an arrow of Cupid’s that SCPD lifted off one of her victims, which actually yields him a clue!  Ha!  Jealous displays of anger can sometimes have productive outcomes, I suppose.

Felicity arrives at the lair and helps Oliver dig up some information on his stalker/admirer.  She gives a lot of good information and Oliver displays a little more of his jealousy, reminding her that he needs her focus on this.  She promises he has it, but she asks for the night off because Ray asked her out to a work dinner. Oliver clearly is taken aback at this.  She assures him its no big deal and asks if its okay if she goes.  He tells her, “Do what you want,” which to me screams “Love me,” but what do I know.

Felicity locates Cupid’s whereabouts and directs Oliver where to go and he takes off, probably glad to get away from all the unresolved sexual tension.  Seriously, you all, its thick this episode!

Felicity reveals she has a date in Arrow 3x07 Oliver is disappointed in Arrow 3x07
Diggle delivers some real-talk in Arrow 3x07 Oliver is in denial in Arrow 3x07

Diggle and Oliver have a little moment where Diggle makes all the correct assumptions about Oliver’s headspace concerning Felicity.  I love it when Diggle becomes the voice of the fandom like this.  Oliver denies that there’s anything wrong and we all know he’s lying through his teeth. 

Dig’s knowing face says he can see through this so he goes to see Felicity at Palmer Technologies to have a little talk. He points out that what Felicity is doing with Ray is hurting Oliver. Felicity points out that if Oliver has a problem, he needs to talk to her himself.  She’s not wrong, you know.  He’s the one that needs to be talking to her.  But bless Diggle for trying, right?

At the start of their date, Ray immediately compliments Felicity on how she looks.  This was something I just knew he would do.  Barry also complimented her on their date.  You know who didn’t compliment her?  Oliver.  Mmhmm.  Anyhow, Ray gives her a necklace to wear and it’s very much a “Pretty Woman” moment.  I very much get a feeling that what Felicity is learning about herself this season is that she’s worthy of jewels, of compliments, of love… I don’t disagree, but I really hope Oliver figures this out too and delivers before its too late.

Oliver’s coming unglued and it bleeds into his efforts to stop Cupid. Diggle points out that what Oliver really needs is Felicity away from Ray Palmer and Oliver doesn’t disagree but he says its not the time.  Diggle sagely points out that Oliver’s head isn’t on straight and that’s not the way to deal with this Cupid issue.  So Oliver gives in, admits that he’s bothered but sticks to his decision to stay away from Felicity.  At least he wants her to be happy, which is progress.  But then Diggle points out what the audience all knows: if he really wanted Felicity to be happy, he’d be with her.  Ahhh, but Oliver has to realize that he’s the best person to make her happy first, doesn’t he?  Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think he’s there yet. 

When Felicity is back at the lair to help Oliver via the comms while he faces off against Cupid, she hears him tell the psycho lady that he understands her wanting to be with him because he’s felt that too but he can’t be with her, he has to be alone. Cut to Felicity’s heartbroken face and my heart shatters just a little bit more. I think this is what seals it for her, this is when Felicity truly accepts that she and Oliver won’t be together.  Her pain is evident. 

Oliver deals with Cupid and they stick her in with the rest of the Suicide Squad.  He’s giving her a chance here, which is probably more than she deserves.  He has another talk with Diggle, where the other man points out that Felicity doesn’t want to be alone, and doesn’t want him to be either.  He warns him to tell her how he feels before its too late.  Oliver takes this advice to heart, going directly to Palmer Technologies.  Unfortunately, just as he arrives, he witnesses Ray Palmer kissing Felicity.  He makes a quick escape before anyone can notice him. And there goes the rest of my heart.  It’s hard to say who’s more devastated in that moment, Oliver Queen or myself.

Oliver is angry in Arrow 3x07

Oliver is back at the lair and he is in pain.  His emotions come bursting out and he sweeps a desk clear in his frustration.  He admits to Roy that he is not fine, which is progress and I’ll take it at this point. 

Here’s my take: I sympathize with both Oliver and Felicity on this.  I feel bad for Felicity for having to hear Oliver say, yet again, that he can’t, and won’t, be with her.  There’s no maybe in his declaration this time, however.  He sounds very final in his determination.  I also feel bad for Oliver because he’s trying to move forward and move towards Felicity, but his communication skills are lacking and his timing is just terrible.  I want to wrap up both of them in a blanket and feed them chocolates and hot cocoa. 


Memorable Lines:

Felicity (to herself when she sees Ray on the salmon ladder): Oh God, I have a type.

Felicity (to the couture dress Ray bought for her): You and me are going to be best friends.

Oliver (to Diggle when asked how hes dealing with Felicity being with Ray): I’m fine.

Diggle (to Oliver): “You’ve got to tell her how you feel before it’s too late.”

Oliver as The Arrow talks to Cupid in Arrow 3x07 Felicity overhears Oliver in Arrow 3x07

Oliver (to Cupid, which Felicity overhears): “And I know what it’s like to want someone… but not be able to be with them. How you wish things can be different, but they can’t. I can’t be with you. I can’t be with anyone. I have to be alone.”

Charting the Course: There were some great moments and I really feel that Cupid helped put a spotlight on how Oliver needs to recognize his feelings for Felicity.  Felicity overheard him saying he wants to be with her, but then he followed up quickly with a disclaimer that he couldn’t be with her, he has to be alone.  One step forward, two steps back!  Going forward, how will Oliver deal with his jealousy around Felicity now?  Will they be able to work together?  Will the tensions finally burst between them?  Will I be able to stand it?  (Signs say: no.)

Next Stop: There is no new episode next week because of Thanksgiving which makes me so upset I can’t even verbalize the horror.  The good news, however, is that the next time we see our favorite pair will be when they cross over to The Flash on episode 1x08, “The Flash vs. Arrow” which airs the first week in December.  The fun continues the next night on Arrow with 3x08 “The Brave and the Bold”.  So they’ll kind of make up for the lack.  I’m not sure how much we’ll see of our ship in either of those episodes, however, because things aren’t looking so hot right now.

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1. ChelseaMueller
When Oliver sees them, my heart broke. I was literally agape with my hands clutching at my chest.

Look, Ray's hot. I get it. I saw him shirtless, and it was lovely. But noooooooooooooooooo.
Marilyn Porter
2. Marilyn Porter
Oh, I think I wailed. Honest to god wailed. And I swear I was clutching at my chest for a good three hours after the ep finished.

Totally agree with you about Ray. He's great, but he's no Oliver. Felicity will realize that. Eventually. And Oliver will fight for her. Eventually.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
I loved everything about this episode. And looking back at gifs, did anyone else notice how often Felicity's Fern was in the shots? I mean, whatever, it's a plants but it's a symbol too! Gah! So many feels. I was crying talking about this episode but I wasn't sad I just had so many feels that they started leaking out of my eyes. SO. GOOD. I loved the angst, I loved Oliver getting all was beautiful!
4. ChelseaMueller
I hate that Ollie was too late by seconds.

This makes their 'ship a longer arc, which we all expected, but that was downright evil.

I feel like I need to hug Ollie. For days.
5. Liannek
One of my favorite eps thus far and you nailed all the points beautifully! Oh the fern!! I admit I looked up the symbolism since it seems to be important and I wondered - other than the obvious green thing and that it is a sign of life in a place that has known so much death and devastation. One site said: If you are giving someone a fern as a gift, you are giving them the hope that they will have confidence, shelters, wealth, and happiness. This is a great plant to give someone that you really care about.

So many good things in that ep!
Marilyn Porter
6. Marilyn Porter
Oh yes, the Fern was front and center last night! I could swear that Oliver looked straight at it right before he swept all the items off that table. There was one scene where there was a literal SPOTLIGHT on the fern. Its the writers telling us this ship thrives in low light. Oliver and Felicity aren't done yet! It really was a great episode, they are doing such a fantastic job with this ship!

Oliver needs some time off on a beach somewhere. And booze. Lots of booze.

It really was one of the strongest eps of the season. And can we just take a minute to appreciate how fantastic Dig was?!?
7. EP
What a wonderful, heartbreaking and angst episode.

Wonderful because it mainly focused on team Arrow~ Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. I love when the epiosode has those three as center stage.

Heartbreaking~ There's jealous Oliver, which I enjoy seeing, because come on poor Felicity had it for almost 2 seasons. But heartbroken Oliver just kills me!!! This guy has gone through so much and to see his face when he witnessed the kiss...just broke my heart. And then there was Felicity's face when she heard, AGAIN, Oliver telling Cupid that he can relate to loving someone but not being with them (paraphrasing her) because he can't. I just wanted to give Felicity a hug.

Angst-dear me it was a episode that was filled with sadness and heartache.

BUT ~ I have such hope too. Again, the sign from the writers and EP.~ YES @ marily_proter the beam of spotlight right on our fern, bright as could be!!! And did anyone notice that Felicity was holding a red pen when she was having her discussion with Diggle in her office. And after he left she just sat gazing at that red pen!!! And of course I notice the blue dress on her date with Palmer.

What I am excited about the most is the coming scene that Stephen allude to last week. The best Olicity scene yet is coming (I believe it will be episode 9?) I believe that Diggle gave us a little hint. League of Assasins is where Oliver is headed and my hope is that we get an "I Love you" from both as he says good bye to her. OMG these two are going to be the death of me this season.
8. Miss_D
I thought this was quite possibly one of the worst episodes ever of Arrow. It was like watching Degrassi. Diggle was basically reduced to a yenta-like owl flying between Oliver and Felicity to talk about their feelings (a friend of mine's thoughts one this were harsher, in that she believes the show basically reduced him to a "magical negro" trope). This season of Arrow has been very flat. :(

I also missed having Laurel's storyline in the episode.
Jackie Lester
9. JackieLester
I think what heightened the feels of the Olicity drama was the back story in the ep. To see a marriage, a happy one from all appearances, threatened so devastatingly by ARGUS and the triad only to have it resolve so nicely, emphasized what we weren't getting from the current romance side of things. But, again, I think it's another hint that there is still hope.

Besides, Ray will turn out to be a bad guy, no doubt ;)
Marilyn Porter
10. Marilyn Porter
I could probably do an entire post about the significance of the Red vs Blue imagry in Arrow as it pertrains to Oliver/Felicity. The writers aren't terribly subtle but who even cares. All signs point to endgame!

If you're not interested in Oliver/Felicity, then yes, this episode (and this season lbr) would be very flat. If you are, however, then this episode was fantastic and the season is a thrill ride. It's all down to perspective! As for Laurel, we all know there's plenty of her coming up. After Oliver is gone, she's going to be stepping up big time!

That is a very good point about the flashbacks... I do believe their relationship will give Oliver some reference. I think Dig and Lyla are his template though. As for Palmer... not a chance. Sorry! He's "Atom", a superhero, in the comics and from what we saw last night, he's headed that way here too! He's a good guy but here's why this isn't a problem: him being bad won't be Felicity's reason to pick Oliver. She'll pick Oliver because she loves him the most. It'll be more genuine!
Jackie Lester
11. JackieLester
I haven't read the comics and only research every so often; I wasn't aware of the "Atom" character. That'll be nice to see play out then. It did cross my mind that Ray looks an awful lot like Superman (in prior incarnations) and wondered at one point if that's where it was heading, but of course the history is very different with him. The one thing with the show is that all of the major heroic characters have come from very dark places. I wonder if Ray will experience something along these lines as well? Could it have anything to do with Felicity?
12. EP
Totally agree with you about Ray. Glad he's good and for the reasons you stated.

I have tried and tried to like Laurel but to be honest it's been a real hardship. I do believe a lot of it has to do with the way she has been written. Hoping things improve in the episodes to come.

And to me Diggle is everything in this show. Not just a counselor but so much more. He's the strong "Father figure" if you will. He keeps everyone grounded and has so much character and heart!!!
Marilyn Porter
13. Marilyn Porter
I have made peace with the knowledge that I will likely never really *like* Laurel. I am hoping at this point for the ability to tolerate her story. So far, I'm feeling positive about it. We'll see how it goes, moving forward!

And yassss on Dig. I love when he mentors Oliver because that's ultimately his biggest role on this show: to show Oliver what he can become both through counseling and example. Plus, he can make me laugh so hard with just a look!
14. Apollopriestess
I now that Oliver is heartbroken, but he has got to admit to himself that self imposed isolation, is no longer working, and it has become a safety net. Why? Well, Oliver has never loved anyone this way before the island, and now as a different man, after the island. It terrifies him, and since he no longer has this tight control over his emotions, it has become a liablility, that might very well get him or someone else killed.

I have always felt that his emotions have regressed due to his severe PTSD, and we see this in how he has handled his feelings for Felicity. He is in a place where he knows that he can't live without her, and he is both terrified and confused. He is no longer shutting down, and he is not strong enough to navigate through those emotions and be with her. She can't do that for him, and he has no right to be jealous and angry with her, in regards to Ray. Seriously, he was Felicity kissing Ray, (which was a gross kiss, he did the same kind of kiss in his Xmas movie, ick.) getting naked and having sex, as poor Tommy saw him doing with Laurel.Felicity had to watch him kissing, and in a full relationship w/Sara for months, every day. He is watching everyone having a life, and he is frustrated and angry; FINALLY.

Honestly, I am getting bored with the one step forward, two steps back with him, and he should no longer be written that way, as his journey is moving forwards, not backwards. I am becoming less enthused with the show, and not because of my favorite pair and their challenges. But I hate Laurel, and I hated last weeks episode. It is unfortunate that they lost their way when it came to Laurel's character, and now it seems she will be on Team Arrow very soon, and that is a poor choice. If Oliver can't function on the team w/out Felicity, that will destroy the core team, and the show. I know that am not the only one who feels this way, as w/out the core team, the show has already begun to lose its way. But I have faith! So, I am not even close to leaving "Arrow" it is still a fantastic show.

Again, sorry for the book, but I decided after 3.02, to write a full posting or series of, about Olicity in December, so my thoughts end up here. So, that being said, here's to the cross over, and seeing Cisco, my baby boy crush, and two episodes that are going to be a ton of fun.

Oh, and I keep hearing that Oliver will be gone for 3 episodes? To the L of A? I saw someone mention it here....
15. EP
@Apolloprestess ~ Yes that is what is being rumored, Oliver being gone episodes 10-12 I believe. And from what's circulating in rumor land is he will with the L of A.
Someone came up with a very good and incredible synopsis of who killed Sarah and how/why Oliver goes to the L of A and why Arrow changes big time (that came from Marc G the EP). And because it could be spoilerish I am not going to spill the beans. Don't want to spoil it, if it's true.
Marilyn Porter
16. Marilyn Porter
We kinda know whoever killed Sara is someone we know and at this point that kinda narrows the suspects drastically. With the new episode description fo 3x09, it does sound as through the LoA doesn't know who the killer is though...
17. Apollopriestess
@EP: thanks! I have heard rumours and seen some things in the twitter verse too, so I'll check it out. But I still think Roy is involved w/Sara's death, as his dream still had the moment of her murder in it, and that can not be duplicated.
Marilyn Porter
18. Marilyn Porter
be prepared for it not to be roy, though. that was a red herring, to make the audience gasp and go "omg he did it!" but... he didn't. I am almost 99% sure. If its not Sin or Waller, I'm thinking Thea or Tommy.
19. anzo

Oh god. I liked Oliver's discomfort about Felicity dating Ray because it was soooo necessary for him (and it was gloriously inevitable he was going to tank his first try at dating Felicity). But if he finds out Thea killed Sara with no Felicity in his life (and even though I loathe her, no Laurel in his life), it's going to be bad. Bad bad bad. The show needs to stop torturing him.
20. Apollopriestess
I think Roy witnessed it, but I am starting to think that its Tommy as well. Poor Oliver, Tommy dying changed his life, and blamed himself for his death. I think that when he finally told Laurel the truth about his words, it gave him peace.

If Tommy's gone psycho, killing Sara (who'd know that he's alive and well, & he'd have THREE years to be ready, hear that writers?) to hurt Oliver & Laurel will make sense. It would take a long posting to go over why that could be true, right? However, if you watch "The Affair" (a great show), he has a role on it. He has clearly been hitting the gym, and looks hotter than ever. Speaking of working out, Emily Bett Rickards has clearly amped up her workout, did you see her arms?

Anyway...I don't want him to push Felicity away, as what I am trying to think of as Oliver Part 2, is dying. The new Oliver, Part 3, is trying to move forward and not backwards & w/Felicity & his life. The writers really need to move on, as this was my fear for Felicity in S2, when Sara & Oliver got together. I thought they would set her back to that girl giving Oliver "I love you" googly eyes, when that is not our girl anymore.

I hope that he understands that visiting her at work and saying he loves her, won't make it all better. I have said it before, but he will have ONE chance to win her back, so he'll have to go big or go home. He will need to be ready, (so she can help him ) and she needs to believe him, which will come from his actions.

BTW :-), great posts on our fave twosome.
21. EP
Okay, I'll spill. The rumor I heard is that it's Thea....remember Felicity said that it was someone short-not tall.And I think she also said not very strong (not 100% sure on that one).

That would make a lot of sence inregards to Oliver going to the LofA. In my thinking he gives himself in place of Thea. So, yea I think Thea is the first on my list of Whodidit.

I have heard that Tommy comes back, but how we would think?!? So who knows, he would be my second guess.

The writers love the slow burn. And normally I do too but this is just killing me. :) In a good way.

The incredible scene between Oliver and Felicity that Stephen mentioned, I see it as him turning himself over to the LofA in place of Thea. And he and Felicity saying good bye and the "I love you" because this could be the last time they think they will see each other.

Well that's my take on it. I have never been so invested in a show, it's almost embarrassing. :)
Marilyn Porter
22. Marilyn Porter
To everyone:
Yes, admittedly a lot of my speculation is based in fact. ;) It's true, Colin Donnell has been confirmed as returning to the show. How he's returning is still a mystery. Flashback? They did say the manner in which we see him will be something we don't expect which is where I start wondering if he did it.
I also saw the Thea spoiler. That would also make a great deal of sense and I read a fantastic fan-theory on tumblr that was focused around Thea as the killer that made an awful lot of sense to me.
Then again, it could also be Sin. She's also returning (in Vancouver right now to film!).

It also sounds like we're getting a VERY emotional Oliver/Felicity scene in 3x09. Seriously, the spoilers coming from Marc Guggenheim on Twitter about that are jaw-drop worthy! I fully expect a love declaration (perhaps even one from Felicity) and a kiss, based on what I've heard. FULLY. Of course, then he leaves Starling for three episodes. AUGH. This show!
23. Jenay
I only just saw this review (amazing) so I'm a little late to the party. You mentioned that Oliver will be going away with the LOA and Thea being Sarah's killer. I totally agree with that as well ever since Felicity mentioned the height of the killer. From what I have read while Oliver is gone with LOA is when we will get 3 consectutive episodes of Laurel.

Laurel will become the BC and it will be episodes 10,11 and 12.. Sadly I will not be tuning in for those episodes. I liked Laurel until Season 2 and now I have to forward through all of her scenes. I will just watch all the rest of the scenes on youtube. Thank you god for Olicity and Felicity and Oliver fans who will youtube her out.
24. Apollopriestess
It makes sense from what Felicity said about height that it's Thea, but it doesn't work for me, yet. I'm telling you check Colin Donnel on "The Affair", he looks buff enough to be in the L of A, and he's had 2 ys, the same amount as his Dad.

I think Oliver turns himself over to the L of A in true Oliver style, to save his city. I also think that 4.9 will be the moment when the actual three words come out of their mouths. We know they haven't yet, even if they know it's true, right? It's going to be a lot of tissues too, because she's not going to know if he's coming back. We know that they aren't going to kill him, but poor Felicity, who knows how long the the three episodes will be for her? Months?

Ugh, and Laurel, but yeah Nyssa! who I love, and I know we will be seeing her a lot this season, and hopefully during the Laurel episodes. I said this on twitter, but these episodes will be the litmus test for the Laurel character, as if ratings go down, they will have a major problem on their hands.

The writers should have let go of the BC trajectory after S1. Felicity became the female lead, and they could have kept Sara as BC & as a recurring role. Laurel could have been the one to die, and the S3 story arc would have been almost the same, and made more sense. Seriously, did anyone even miss her during the Flash/Arrow crossover event the other day?
Susan White
25. whiskeywhite
I'm coming a bit late to this excellent discussion (though, to be honest, I don't care in the least who killed Sara). I do agree heartily that Laurel is completely uninteresting -- I have felt that way since the beginning. The prospect of 3 episodes without Oliver/The Arrow is unbelievable -- is the name of the show not "Arrow"? And focusing on Laurel?? What is this, the pilot for a new show? (I'm serious.)

But I'm most interested in the critique of Diggle's role. I'm glad to see him playing an important role again (he was definitely being relegated to the background for a while there). And there's the eye candy factor. But I would love to hear more, @Miss_D, about the "magical negro" analysis of his character. I agree that there is a real danger of him being portrayed as the loyal, wise, older Black sidekick ever ready to stand by, and even sacrifice himself for, the white hero. I was pleased when, at the very beginning, he explicitly told Oliver that he would not be his sidekick, only his partner. But as they pushed him to the margins, with little story line of his own, that's essentially what he's become. I would love to hear more from you (or your friend) on this matter. I did laugh out loud at the "a yenta-like owl flying between Oliver and Felicity" comparison.

While I look forward to a "I love you/I love you" exchange between Oliver and Felicity, I actually preferred Oliver saying to Felicity "don't ask me to say I don't love you." More interesting approach to the love admission moment. Speaking of moments, Oliver arriving just in time to see Ray kiss Felicity was SO predictable. Puhlease. But I was glad that Oliver went to speak to her.
Heather Waters
26. HeatherWaters
@whiskeywhite--I've heard whispers of another Arrow/Flash spinoff. Do we know what that would be? Your comment got me wishing it was Black Canary but the writers would never do that, would they? Maybe Brandon Routh's Arom? Hmmm...
27. Jenay
I don't think anyone missed Laurel at all I know I certainly didn't and how refreshing to watch the show without her. I am dreading watching at this point in fear of having her in almost every episode once she becomes the BC...

I loved Sarah and so hoped the rumors were wrong and she would remain the BC..Laurel should have died in the building with Tommy.

Tommy coming back would be really cool and I could see him doing both shows. Definitely another of my fav characters.
28. Akhilesh M
Hey, marilyn_porter
Are you gonna review the S01E08 episode of flash? (Do you watch the Flash?) I really enjoy your insight on olicity and would love to see you talk about the olicity in that episode.
29. Akhilesh M
Any of you guys can do the review, i really like all the olicity posts on this site and would love to read your opinions.
Heather Waters
30. HeatherWaters
@Akhilesh M -- Marilyn_Porter did recap last night's The Flash for us! We're working on her post now and will publish it in the next couple hours. Thanks for asking!
31. loranna238
To be fair - how many relationships has Felicity had to endure Oliver being in? The huntress, Laurel, then Sarah came back and boom in the sack together. Poor girl. It's about time Oliver realized what's right in front of him.

BTW, I know this is late, but I am only part-way through this season. lol
32. BTW
This is one of the best episodes yet. Yes I did not miss Laurel and never will for that matter, but Oliver needs to get his stuff together and realize that Felicity is a beautiful smart woman and there will be men who will want and fall in love with her. But, I guess Oliver needs to come into his own first. However I don't think that it will ever be too late for Oliver and Felicity to come together as he has her heart no matter what. BTW I do like Ray though he is good for her for now but in the end Oliver will win. Can't wait.
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