Oct 5 2014 9:00am

Shipping Sunday: The Knick’s Dr. Thackery and Nurse Lucy

First off—no spoiler here!—The Knick, a new show on Cinemax starring Clive Owen, is NOT a romance. It's about a “casual racist” doctor who's addicted to cocaine and opiates. It's set in early twentieth century New York City, at a hospital that has hired a black doctor. The first few episodes introduced Dr. John Thackery (Owen) as well as the other people who work there. 

A recent addition to the Knick (the nickname of The Knickerbocker Hospital) is Nurse Lucy Elkins (played by Bono's daughter, Eve Hewson). In an early episode, Nurse Lucy goes to Thackery's house and finds him suffering from withdrawal, and has to inject him in an awkward place, to say the least, because he's destroyed all his veins by injecting them. 

But then you see where Thackery finds a connection with Lucy, first when she shows him her bike, and he learns how to ride, and then after a series of incidents makes emotions heighten and she takes him back to her room.

It's not as though these two have a future because, hello! drug addict, but their interaction is perfect for their characters. And that's why I 'ship them.

“It’s called a Rambler. First thing I do when I moved here, even before I found a place to stay, was to buy it. Comes in five colors
—Nurse Lucy”


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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton

And then this week, more smooching happened (plus maybe Lucy's figured out what kind of guy she's sleeping with, so hopefully her heart won't be broken TOO much).
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