Oct 9 2014 2:15pm

Gena Showalter Offers The Darkest Touch Excerpt!

The Darkest Touch by Gena ShowalterIn anticipation of Gena Showalter's November 25 release, The Darkest Touch, she's offering an excerpt via her Facebook page.

Here's the synopsis for The Darkest Touch:

 As keeper of the demon of Disease, Torin carries a weight heavier than any of his ill-fated brethren. Knowing that his merest touch has the potential to kill untold innocents by infecting any creature with whom he comes in contact, Torin is forever destined to live a solitary existence, denied that which he craves most—love and companionship—as he struggles constantly to resist the deadly, lustful urges of his demon within.

 Keeley Cael, better known as the infamous Red Queen, has a serious grudge against Torin. As one of the most dangerous beings in existence, with the power to kill armies in a snap, Keeley gains her strength by forming mystical bonds with people she cares about, like her friend Mari. But when Mari is unintentionally killed by physical contact with Torin, Keeley vows to get vengeance by hunting down the deadly demon-host and destroying him.

 After Keeley finds Torin, however, she too is inadvertently stricken by his diseased touch. But then Keeley is stunned to discover that Torin is not the bloodthirsty killer she imagined, but a caring and noble protector who nurses her through her affliction. Even more surprising is the new invisible bond with Torin she suddenly feels through her irresistible attraction to him.

 Torin, likewise, is taken aback by the rampant desire he has for the Red Queen, a desire that has somehow quenched all his other deadly lusts. But Torin knows there is no happy ending here; Keeley is still an infected carrier and any further contact with him could prove fatal to her.

 When Keeley reveals to Torin knowledge of his origin, however, and of the existence of an object with the power to heal her and free him and his brethren of their plight, this accursed Lord of the Underworld finally allows himself to feel something he has not known in an eternity…hope.

And here is the sneak peek at The Darkest Touch:

They would be a couple, she decided. Touch—pleasure— had been denied her for far too long. A fact his presence had never allowed her to forget. He’d had other girlfriends so he knew how to handle a romantic relationship. They could do this, could make this work. And they would be vigilant, cautious, never courting danger. All she had to do was get him to agree. There was no better time to try.

“I’m dirty,” she announced. “Absolutely filthy, and I’m going to take a bath.”

“Good for you.” So mocking. So unaware of his coming fall.

“Be a dear and help me remove my dress,” she said.

A strangled sound left him. “It has no ties, no zipper. You tug it on and off.”

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
Gah! I can't wait. I know a few people were disappointed it wasn't Nix after Torin seemed so fascinated with her when she made that appearance in LotU between Lothaire and MacRieve (for IAD fans), but I'm SO EXCITED for Torin's story!
2. wsl0612
I....CAN'T....WAIT!!! IT feels like centuries have passed since the last Underworld story!
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Right, @wsl0612!? It DOES feel like forever, espeically since Torin's book is one of the ones I've been DYING for!
Jessica Moro
4. JessicaMoro
I was able to get my hands on an ARC but work has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to read!!!! I've been waiting for Torin for so long! I can't wait
5. ntaskimmie2
I cannot get enough of this series and I have been waiting for what feels like forever for Torin's book. I have it pre-ordered and am waiting in anticipation!
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