Aug 20 2014 7:12am

Who’s Your Favorite Bad Girl?

Sometimes some characters are so dastardly, and yet so charismatic that even when they're doing terrible things, you still kind of like them.

Often those characters, at least in romance novels, go through some transformation and end up as the hero or heroine in a future book. Sometimes they're just too bad to be redeemed.

Ava, the character played by Eva Green in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (opening Friday) seems to be the latter type. She joins the company of Cruella DeVil, Lady MacBeth, and the Marquise de Merteuil (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), among others.

Who's your favorite bad girl? 

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Melanie Thomas
1. missmelthomas
Hands down, my favorite bad girl is Chess Putnam from Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts. She is by far the most mentally damanged and flawed urban fantasy heroine I've ever had the joy of reading about and I love her for it. She may have bad judgment (at times) and an even worse drug problem, but she certainly keeps things interesting.
Jessica Moro
2. JessicaMoro
Scarlet from Gone with the Wind will always be my favorite bad girl
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
I prefer my bad girls to have a gooey center...that being said I don't really read that many bad girl books. Even the words "former bad girl..." turn me off!
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I just read part of C.S. Lewis's introduction to Milton's Paradise Lost, and he makes a comment about how evil is easier to write than good, and he cites Becky Sharp, from Thackeray's Vanity Fair, as one of the best-drawn evil characters. I loved Becky when I read that book, and was definitely rooting for her. I don't normally like reading bad girls, but I do like seeing what they might get up to, since they are so opposite from me.
Jessica Moro
5. JessicaMoro
@MFrampton I loved Becky too! I don't read a lot of "bad girl" characters but the ones I have read stand out.
6. autonomous
Speaking of Lewis, Jadis (the White Witch) from the Narnia Chronicles is a great one. As the professor (IIRC) points out, "she was a dem fine woman."

I love Chess from the Downside books, too, but I don't ever think of her as bad (just terribly damaged and messed up).
7. stacymd2

I loved the 1st Sin City. I hope the second one is good. Can't wait to see it.
I like my bad girls to be either totally, unapologetically evil or trying to redeem themselves. Faves:
Xena WP - Xena
Orphan Black - Helena
Buffy - Faith
One Life To Live - Dorian
True Blood - Pam
The Three Musketeers - Milady de Winter
Lost Girl - Evony
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