Aug 4 2014 7:20am

What Would You Never Give Up?

Starz is allowing anyone to watch the first episode of Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon's series, and many, many people did (it's embedded here, if you haven't seen it).

Eventually, Claire has to make a choice about whether to return home to post WWII England, or to stay in mid-seventeenth century Scotland. She does make a choice, but today we want to ask you:

What's the one thing about modern life that would make you hesitate, if not give up outright, leaving your current time for a previous one?

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I like that Sam Smith is the lead up to this--yes, I want to stay with you, Jamie! Aggghhhh!
2. Lammie
Modern healthcare. I probably would have died in childbirth if I had had to deliver my son in the 18th century!
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
Healthcare for me too. I would have died as an infant. I can't imagine willingly giving up painkillers, never mind competent doctors!
4. Rhenna Morgan
Indoor plumbing. :)
5. lauralee1912
Modern sanitation. The first humans their hands before treating a wound/helping with a birth/serving food saved countless millions of lives. Indoor plumbing is a close second.
6. Kareni
While I'm inclined to agree with all of the above, on a daily basis, I'd have a hard time giving up chocolate!
Laura Bracken
8. Night -owl
Hot running water( basically, anything to do with the whole bathroom area)
Laura Bracken
9. Night -owl
Hot running water( basically, anything to do with the whole bathroom area)
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
Okay, now that my Outlander/Sam Heughan flail is done, I'll actually answer the question: I'd go with others and say modern medicine. I think I could get used to showering once a month or whatever, but I'd need to live long enough to care about that in a disease/bacteria ridden world--so medicine it is (and I'm talking like the vaccines I had as a kid and everything)!
12. stacymd2
I am right there with you guys about missing modern healthcare, running water and indoor plumbing. I would have died as a baby as well.

I also would not have done well in a time of Jim Crow, slavery or a place/country more homophobic, sexist or racist than the one I live in now.

As super cheesey as this sounds...I could live without TV, Internet, radio, cell phones, etc. but I don't think I could live without my family.

Also, milk chocolate. If milk chocolate hadn't been invented yet then no hot kilt wearing stud would stop me from getting back to my era.
13. wsl0612
Feminism - I love reading the historical novels but I am rather cynical in that I don't think so many men were willing to let their wives be as outspoken and daring as so many of these heroines are!
Terri Rose
14. Terri L
Completely agree with wslo612. Women were not always treated well in the past. It would be particularly hard to go back in time, because we are used to being outspoken and having certain rights that would not be there in the past.
17. Vol Fan
As others, modern medicine would be hard to live without. I too, and my sons, would have died during their births. And there is no way my husband would be alive now without it.

Silly as it sounds, I would have a seriously hard time adjusting to no electricity. When the power is out, how frustrating is it to forget & go into a room and try to turn on a light? LOL My eyesight is so bad that in dim lighting, I can't see a dang thing. So to deal with low lighting most of the time would frustrate me to no end. I guess you would eventually get used to it, but it would be hard for me. Same with heating systems. I could get used to no airconditioning, but I am sure I would always be cold in the winter months.

On a frivilous note, I would really miss diet coke and some of our foods we have.

I could see myself getting used to outdoor toilets, no water, etc. As a child growing up in the south, I do remember my grandmother having an outdoor toilet and well water. Not fun, but I learned to deal with it when I visited her. (Boy am I showing my age here) I guess we are so spoiled that missing some of these things would be silly, given the hardships others still deal with, but it is what it is and I freely admit I would miss a lot of modern conveniences.
Jennifer Proffitt
18. JenniferProffitt
@Vol Fan, your post reminds me that I wouldn't have my glasses if I went back to 1743 like Claire...and I'm pretty blind without them!
19. Vol Fan
Jennifer, YES! My glasses & contacts would be the biggest problem for me. Can you imagine what the other side would think when I would have to take out my contacts? LOL

And speaking of medical devices, my husband has an implanted ICD/pacemaker. Can you imagine that thing going off and it shocking him back to life? They would really think we were witches or aliens.
Jennifer Proffitt
20. JenniferProffitt
Yeah, my dad had a mechanical valve, so just imagine being in the quiet of the great hall or something and hearing that tick! I'll take being in modern day, even if it's without Jamie, I guess!
21. Lynnd
I would definitely miss modern healthcare, indoor plumbing (going outside to the bathroom in the dead of winter in Canada is no fun at all) and modern sanitation and air quality controls - I would not be able to stand the smell of most dwellings, cities and towns and the air quality would have been horrendous. Also, modern housing - while theu may look romantic those old castles and Brochs were damned uncomfortable and cold.
Melissa Keith
22. MelK
My cats! And my huge shower stall, my toilet, and Milky Way Ice Cream bars.
23. Kareni
I'd mentioned chocolate earlier, but thought of something else.

I'm a voracious reader. I think I'd waste away without a ready supply of new and old books to read.

(And, yes, to corrective lenses. Those would be hard to live without.)
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