Aug 25 2014 7:38am

What Genre Do You Wish You Had More Of?

Wishful Thinking by Gabi StevensA week ago, we asked you What's Your Favorite Genre Right Now? Some of the commenters said they wished they could find more of “____ genre.”

So today we'd like you to share what genre you wish you could find more books in, and what elements you really like in the books you've found in that genre already.

What genre do you want to be reading more of?

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1. Scarlettleigh
I wish that there were more romantic comedy type books in contemporary. I love-love-love books that make me laugh.

I am always drawn to humor in books!
Andrea Shackford
2. andrea2
I'm not sure of the genre - (historical mysteries with strong romance perhaps?) but I wish I could find more series similar to the following:
Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries by C. S. Harris
Lady Julia Grey Mysteries by Deanna Raybourn
Julian Kestrel Mysteries by Kate Ross
(I've read the Amelia Peabody series and it hasn't kept my interest over the years).

I'd also like to find series similar to those written by Julia Spenser-Fleming and Linda Castillo. Again I'm not sure of the genre for these series.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I wish there were more Julie James contemporary romances out there. I want to read about successful heroines in the big city (or town). I also wish that there were more Jennifer Crusie type novels out there.
4. Kahintenn
I wish there were more historical romances set in Victorian times. Women made great strides in those years, but had not yet achieved anything approaching equality. And the social strictures were still tough.

I also wish for more historical erotica.
Mary Lynne Nielsen
5. emmel
I'd love more fantasy romance, like CL Wilson or Elizabeth Vaughn.
Jennifer Proffitt
6. JenniferProffitt
I'm with @emmel, I'd like really quality Paranormal or more fantasy romance. Like I said in the post last week--I'm reading a lot of contemporary--New Adult and Romantic Suspense mostly--but I want to be reading more paranormal. And really tropey historicals!
7. wsl0612
@andrea2 - have you ever read Ashley Gardner's "Captain Lacey" series? They're quite good and, IMO, similar to what the others you've mentioned. I also like Anne Perry's Thomas Pitt series.
Andrea Shackford
8. andrea2
@wslo612 - thank you for these suggestions. I haven't tried the Captain Lacey series, so I'll take a look at those. I did read the Thomas Pitt series for a while, and I'm not sure why I stopped reading them. I'll put those on my list too.
9. Scarlettleigh
@JenniferProffitt and @emmel

I like some Paranormal or Fantasy but I want it to make sense. In many books I just feel like the author makes it up as they go along. They have this power, but then 1/2 through the book they have another power and then they visit this group but their powers don't work around them. I do better when the hero or heroine is mainly human with ESP or something like that rather than a new world.
10. Scarlettleigh
@bungluna I am with you. That is one author I was thinking about when I said more romantic comedy like books. Another is Sophie Kinsella -- but I just can't get into her Shopaholic books -- reminds me too much of when I went crazy with my credit cards! I really enjoy Rachel Gibson's books too.

I don't need a village involved in my contemporary books. While I am not bad mouthing them-- I like them. But I don't want everything I read to be small town.
I am not sure why the small town took over, because you can have spin offs with friends and co-workers like James has done.
Since supposedly contemporary books are experiencing growth, maybe we'll see more variety.
kathlyn smith
11. castiel
Currently wishing for more high quality SFR. I seem to have hit a bunch of dross lately =( shame, cos the good ones are awesome!
katrina neilsen
12. Llynnyia
Fantasy romance please with a large dolup of comedy in it. C.L. Wilson was fairly good. Also, some Sci Fi romance would not be amiss, something like Susan Kearney's books. Or like the Rowan series by Anne McCafferey .
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