Aug 1 2014 8:10am

Voracious Reader Looking for Urban Fantasy Title

Woman in the library

Today, we're asking for the H&H community to help one of your own. A self-professed “voracious reader” is looking to see if anyone can recall the title and author of this book. She read it originally in French, but would like to find it in English. Here's her recollection on it:

It's an urban fantasy about a girl who got a good deal of magic, owns a library or a new age shop and goes on a quest for an item (she can't recall what the item is), and  is helped by a Dragon Lord, a fox shifter and a Faerie Lord or demon or vampire—one of them named Silvan, perhaps. It was quite a lookalike of Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, but not that one. 

Does anyone know what that book might be? 

(If anyone wants to submit a book they'd like to find, email: info AT heroesandheartbreakers DOT com)

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Donna Antonio
1. Donna_A
Sounds a little like the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead.
Lillie A.
2. Lillie A.
It could be A Brush of Darkness by Alison Pang.
Lillie A.
3. Ren Puspita
Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn. Those 3 men will be her important people, tho
Lillie A.
4. Jessica Schira
I agree. It sounds like the first book in the Yasmine Galenorn series, which features three sisters. It's probably the first book, witchling, in her Otherworld series, which follows three half fae sisters through a quest to save the world.
virginie pfaff
5. virginie pfaff
thank you !!!
the winner is REN PUSPITA... you are the best!!!! if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of borabora... please get in touch!!! and... i have plenty other "near forgotten " to find!!!
Brook Freeman
6. longstrider
Reminded me of Peeler's Tempest Rising, though you've already said it was the Galenorn one.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
@LongStrider--no harm in adding to everyone's TBR pile. It's like a DIY "Read If You Like..." Post!
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