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True Blood Season 7, Episode 9 Recap: All Fanged Up!

Eric Northman in True Blood season 7 episode 9Believe it or not, the wait is finally over: True Blood's seventh and final (!!!) season is now under way. Tune in each week as we recap and discuss the last chapter in the story of our favorite Bon Temps residents.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of True Blood, including last night’s Season 7, Episode 9, “Love Is to Die.” Enjoy!

When we last checked in on the gang, there was quite a crew at Fangtasia who had come together to get Bill healed from Hep-V. But Bill didn’t want to take Sarah Newlin’s blood. So what does he want?

He wants the true death, apparently. When the scene opens, we are still in Fantasia’s basement dungeon. Bill wishes to meet the true death, but can’t quite articulate why. After a couple of Cher/Moonstruck slaps to try to get the answers out of him, Sookie is held back by Eric. He doesn’t say anything, but we all know that since Eric just went through his own brush with death, he may be empathising with Bill. Jessica, in her grief, asks to be released and Bill grants her wish. He leaves Jess crying into Pam’s couture jacket, Sookie crying into Eric’s couture jacket, and us wondering what the heck is going on.

Jess and James in True Blood 7x09Sookie and Jess take a trip to Sam’s house only to find that Sam has skipped town with Nicole. He left two envelopes; one with a letter to Sookie that was sweet and invited her to visit him and Nicole when the baby arrives. He tells Sookie that he will always love her, but he wasn’t missing out on his life with Nicole or on raising his child. Happy Trails, Sam! Sookie and Jess head over to the bar to deliver the other letter. Arlene is looking dashing in her red dress and has declared Bellefleur’s open for business! They just need customers. Sookie announces to everyone that Sam is gone, and pulls Andy off to the office to share that Sam left a letter for him as well. It was a one sentence resignation letter, and not the heartfelt tear-jerker kind of letter he left for Sookie. Ha! Meanwhile, Jess and James put their differences aside to talk out their closure. He tells Jess that he is very happy with Lafayette, and Jess asks him to be Sookie’s escort home before tearing out of the bar at vamp speed. Where is she going?

Brigette and Hoyt in True Blood season 7 episode 9Well, we end up at Hoyt’s house where he and his girlfriend Brigette seem to be having some trouble in paradise. She confronts him about not wanting to have children, then she confronts him about making eyes at Jessica. Just when he talks her down from the ledge, someone knocks at the door. It’s Jessica. Despite the fact that his girlfriend won’t let her in, she comes clean and tells Hoyt that she knows him, but he doesn’t know her because he doesn’t remember. She tells him that she messed everything up. Hoyt’s girlfriend isn’t having any of these Hallmark moments on her watch. Brigette tells Hoyt that if he wants to listen to Jess, he needs to leave the house...and know that if he does leave the house, it’s over. Hoyt takes a couple of beats, and walks out the door. Jess tells him about Bill (weren’t we supposed to be keeping this cure thing on the down low??) and said that she couldn’t look him in the face and not take a chance, and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else right now while going through this mess with Bill. Hoyt does the right thing, gives her a hug, and tells her to take a deep breath and tell him “the story of us.” Swoon! Is that how they train them in Alaska, or is Hoyt just growing up?

Brigette the Ultimatum Maker calls Jason (color me NOT surprised) and gives him the abridged version of the evening’s events. He grabs his keys and runs out the door. Meanwhile, the staff and their friends at Bellefleur’s bar are having a family style dinner. Sookie is at the bar, choosing not to participate. Arlene comes over and they have a nice moment, talking about survival and starting over. (Sookie turns that into a not-so-nice moment when she asks Arlene how she has started over SO MANY TIMES. Just what every widow wants to hear, right Sookie?) Anyhoo, Arlene asks Sookie if she has any advice on dating a vampire since she is dating Keith with the Eyes. Truer words were never spoken when Sookie tells Arlene she doesn’t want her advice on dating vampires. They laugh and Arlene gets Sookie to join the group and have some dinner. (Okay, maybe I’m the one who laughed.)

Lafayette in True Blood 7x09Eric visits Bill to try to get him to change his mind, but Bill is convinced that Sookie will never move on if he is still alive, and he wants her to be happy. He tells Eric that Sookie is attracted to their darkness the way they are attracted to her light because she is fae. Then he asks Eric to talk to Sookie, and try to warm her up for him before he calls on her. Eric reluctantly agrees. It’s actually very cool to see the two of them when they work together.

When Jason rolls up to Hoyt’s house, he promptly gets laid out by a fist to the face, courtesy of Hoyt. When he comes to, Brigette is driving his patrol car, and he tells her to go to his house. However, he lets her know there will be no sex at his house. When Brigette balks at the statement, he simply replies, “It needed to be said.” He had to remind himself of that very thing, later on that night by putting a bag of frozen veggies on his crotch. Later, Brigette can’t sleep and comes out to the living room to talk to Jason. He tells her the story of Hoyt and Jessica. Back at Hoyt’s house, he and Jessica are talking about the past a little more, and getting a little cozier. Then they get a lot cozier, as their story is being narrated by Jason as they make love again for the first time. After listening to the story, Brigette invites Jason to bed, but she tells him she is going to teach him how to be in bed with a woman without having sex. They share some secrets, and Jason reveals that he wants to have lots of children but is afraid of his future daughter meeting a man like him. Brigette is adamant with Jason that he is a good, sweet person, and he is a good man. It’s definitely something Jason doesn’t get to hear a lot.

Pam has demanded Sarah’s presence to dye her hair back blonde. Sarah whines and cries as Pam tells her about the plans they have to sell her like a whore. Meanwhile, Eric finds Sookie and tells her that Bill wants to talk to her. At first she refuses, but then agrees. Eric asks her to take it easy on Bill. Then he give her a ride and vamp-flies her home! He turns and gives her a Meaningful Look over his shoulder before he takes off again. He gets to Fangtasia and Ginger is at the bar waiting to bitch at him about not telling her he was cured. Having been a counselor to everyone else’s relationship, Eric was cranky and for some reason thought finally having sex with Ginger would make him feel better. In the most hilarious scene of the night, he sits in the throne chair per Ginger’s fantasy, rips off her undies, and lets Ginger climb on top. He bites her and takes a bit of blood, and then Ginger starts to seat herself...but she has a five minute orgasm before that even happens. (Is that just Ginger being extra excited about finally bagging Eric, or is that a side effect of Sarah Newlin’s blood?) Ginger immediately falls asleep on the stage and Eric, in shock, steps over her and excuses himself. He goes in search of Pam, who is tied up at the moment by Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus wants to know if Sookie knows about the cure, and just before Pam is killed, Eric admits that she does. Now Mr. Gus needs Sookie’s address.

Speaking of Sookie’s address, we end the episode watching Bill make his way to her house and knock on her door.

What do we think about that fae/Hep-V combination? Although Bill is ready to die, for some reason I feel like the fae blood will metabolize the virus at the last minute or something. Also, Mr. Gus is going to really regret it when Eric gets back at him for threatening Pam’s life. Again!


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1. CindyS
I always liked Hoyt and Jessica so I was glad to see they get back together. Bridgette telling Jason he is a good guy - uh, yeah, wait a week and say that again. Not a fan of Jason obviously.

How do these vampires keep getting stuck in silver? They are faster and stronger and yet 'silvered'.

I'm starting to think the 'love story' that the actors alluded to in the preview of this year might be the love of life so Bill has to die so Sookie can fall back in love with the living. Just a theory.

Ginger was hilarious - the thumbs up was perfect.

And I'm all for Eric and Pam to be 'back on'.
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
Ginger is the best ever!! I will miss she and LaLa the most.
3. MariaC
I was so happy for Ginger!! That was my favorite part last week, no doubt about it.

How do these vampires keep getting stuck in silver?

I have asked myself that same question many times too. I decided to let it go though. It's like Hoyt telling Jessica to take a moment to catch her breath. I thought vampires couldn't breathe, or am I crazy? It got to a point where I just don't care anymore. Even though I want to see how it ends. If that makes sense. lol
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