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True Blood Season 7, Episode 8 Recap: We Have a Cure

Bill and Sookie in True Blood Season 7, Episode 8Believe it or not, the wait is finally over: True Blood's seventh and final (!!!) season is now under way. Tune in each week as we recap and discuss the last chapter in the story of our favorite Bon Temps residents.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of True Blood, including last night’s Season 7, Episode 8, “Almost Home.” Enjoy!

Last week Sookie and Bill recreated their first time together. He’s dying of Hep-V, so Sookie ended up back in his arms and his bed on his floor. Adilyn and Wade were in a too-good-to-be-true situation (alone in a love nest!) and Violet was ready to pounce just as the episode ended.

To further complicate things, and keep bringing back old favorites, Jason is trying to deal with Hoyt being back in town—and not being remembered. And Arlene is having a non-sexual romantic relationship with a vampire. Never thought we’d see the day!

What will be next for our Bon Temps friends? Let’s dive into the highlights from season 7’s episode 8 “Almost Home.”


Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus find Sarah Newlin (or are we supposed to call her Numi now?) at the old Light of Day Institute. Pam turns a gun on herself to keep Eric from killing Sarah immediately. “You die, I die.” Watching their loyalty and friendship this season has been such a treat.

Eric drinks from Sarah, and heals. Viking fans everywhere rejoice!

Likely to assuage fans like myself who had problems with Bill’s betrayals earlier in the season, the post-sex scene with Sookie and Bill had her asking about why he didn’t just turn her over to Sophie Anne from the beginning.

Tara in True Blood Season 7, Episode 8Lettie Mae and Lafayette are still digging up the lawn of Lettie Mae’s old house. Reverend Daniels arrives to stop and stop her. James also shows up to give them both blood again, to help them connect with Tara...and Reverend Daniels decides to join the V trip, because that’s just the kind of crazy thing that happens in Season 7.

The V trip takes them to a flashback to Tara’s childhood when her dad is out to kill her mother for throwing a birthday party for Tara.

Hoyt and Bridget are fighting over future prospects when Jason has to leave the house. Violet is texting pictures of Adilyn and Jessica tied up. Bridget decides she’s going with Jason. As much as he tries to escape old habits, this is just getting ridiculous. He can’t wait, though, and takes off toward Violet’s house in Monroe.

Mr. Gus explains to Pam and Eric that while they successfully synthesized Sarah’s blood, they won’t be going to market for some time. They need to make it less perfect, so that it won’t be a one-time cure. They’re on board because Eric’s healed and they like money.

Violet takes Jason down quickly. Her anger is obvious, but her ego almost overwhelms it as she explains her superiority to Helen of Troy and other major historical figures. She binds Jason to a St. Andrew’s cross. The others—Jessica, Adilyn and Wade—are also bound, mostly in their underwear. Everyone is gagged, so Violet is able to go on monologuing like a Bond villain. She lays out her plans for medieval torture of everyone.

Jessica in True Blood Season 7, Episode 8Hoyt to the rescue! He shoots Violet and unbinds Jason. It’s odd that Hoyt seems comfortable with Jason calling him Bubba, as he thinks they don’t know each other. Jessica’s obvious hope at seeing her former lover is quickly followed by disappointment as Bridget enters the room.

In the Tara flashback, we learn that Tara wanted to shoot her father, but couldn’t pull the trigger. She buried his gun in the yard. It’s still there, which makes little sense given how shallow it was buried, but we’ll go with it.

Eric comes to let Sookie know he’s going to be okay. She answers her door in a robe, after leaving Bill in bed. As a firm Eric/Sookie ‘shipper, it’s hard to accept they can’t kiss right in this scene. Instead of throwing her arms around him in joy—as I would—she tells him Bill has Hep-V.

Jason and Jessica have this adorable conversation in his car. Can you have a meet cute after all this time?

Sookie comes to Fangtasia, and is greeted by the Yakuza. We have to give her credit for not backing down. Even if it’s about to make the situation even more complicated for Eric. He plays it off as Sookie being a fangbanger. She manages not to gawk when he talks about fucking her. His “glamour” of her was giggle-inducing for this viewer.

Hoyt can’t get Jessica out of his head. He arrives at Jessica’s house, and brings a bag of his own blood for Bill, because he didn’t want Jessica to have to try to hunt down clean blood for him. Are these two due to be reunited?

Jessica and Hoyt in True Blood Season 7, Episode 8Sookie, being stubborn as always, goes back to Fangtasia and breaks in to see what’s in the basement. She discovers a bound and gagged (is that the theme of this episode or what?) Sarah Newlin.

Sookie discovers Sarah is the cure and leaves her in the dungeon.

She heads straight back to Bill’s with word about the cure.

Mr. Gus has to leave town and gives Eric a reminder not to do something stupid. He heads to the basement with a plan to bring some of Sarah’s blood to Bill, only to find Sookie in the basement, too, with Bill.

Bill refuses to drink from Sarah. Because he’s an idiot.

…however, this may open the door for an Eric/Sookie reunion, and that would sincerely please this viewer.



Shirtless Hep-V Bill lounges with Sookie in a post-coital cuddle.

Shirtless Yakuza members play cards, while viewers enjoy their broad shoulders and Japanese body suit tattoos. 

Pam and Yakuza member in True Blood Season 7 Episode 8


Pam: “You die, I die.”

Sarah/Numi: “I will return as the princess of peace.”

Bill: “All I had was darkness to give you in return.”

Violet: “Do you realize that I’ve brought some of the most powerful men in history to their knees by casting a single glance?”

Jason: “I never thought anything we ever did was a bad decision. Except when I betrayed you. Shot you. Or gotten you locked up in a prison camp.”

Sookie to Sarah: “Even as the cure you’re still a fucking problem.”

Pam: “What are we doing now? We’re doing something stupid, aren’t we?”


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1. Bell
So you think they are definitely going with Sookie & Bill? I was so hoping the show would give us Eric. I still have not read the last book though I assumed that was where it was going.
Lege Artis
2. LegeArtis
OMG... Can we, please, stop playing Redemption Bill??????
Him explaining why was he sent by Queen Sophie-Ann was not very smooth move to make us root for him.
Scratch that- Bill and Sookie deserve each other.

What was good- Eric in leather jacket.
3. ChelseaMueller
@Bell - I'm hopeful Eric will end up with Sookie. I was pissed that he comes to tell her he's alive, because he cares, and her response isn't to be overcome with joy but to say "want to save Bill?" Just...

Fingers crossed for Eric/Sookie.

@Lege - Alexander Skarsgard is always my favorite part, but that man in a leather jacket? Oh, hell yes.
4. MariaC
At this point, all I care about is Eric and Pam. Even Lafayette's storyline with James has pretty much vanished after he decided to join Lettie Mae on her V-trips, so what else is there....

I'm still hoping Sookie ends up with Bill, not because I like them together, but because I don't think she deserves Eric. lol Now that he's healed (yay!!!), he should spend eternity with Pam, who actually cares that he's not dying.

I enjoyed seeing Hoyt and Jessica sort of falling in love again. They were so sweet together, until they were not. And didn't you have the impression that Jessica's conversation with Jason in the car was a kind of a final word on their reltionship? "A beautiful friendship." I don't know. I'm thinking Jessica and Hoyt will be reunited. And Jason will be with Bridget, maybe?

Also, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Violet's great revenge. With her being this medievel catholic vampire and all, I was expecting something.... bloodier. With blood from someone other than herself, I mean. When she died, I was kind of "that's it?" And it was. :/
6. ChelseaMueller
So, my comment was kind of mangled there, and editing won't fix it.

I loved Maria's comment about Sookie not deserving Eric.
7. Penni
Hated most of this episode. We've been shipping Jess and Jason for so long and now he's been Friend Zoned? When you think about someone all the time and are happy and calm when you're around them? That's called love, not friendship.

Tara's storyline was the worst. She stayed "alive" and spoke in tongues so that we could discover she almost once killed her awful dad? But didn't. The end. WTF? For this, we lost valuable James/Laffy time?!?

NO ONE cares about Bill's past and why didn't he explain all of this to Sookie over the years when he was actively trying to get her back?!?!

Eric and Pam are the only reason to watch the last 2 eps. They didn't even bother with Sam and Arlene this week at all.

So. Over. This. Show.
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