Aug 21 2014 8:03am

Throwback Thursday: Who Was Your First Book Boyfriend?

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy

We've asked who your most recent book boyfriend was, and now we want to know who was your first—you know, the first hero you read about who made you wish he were real and could come find you and sweep you off your feet.

Who was your first book boyfriend?

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1. Scarlettleigh
Honestly, I have been reading romance too long to remember. I remember reading Y.A. books, and thinking this is what my boyfriend will be like when I start dating (they weren't <g>!)

I also remember loving the hero from Gabrial Hounds by Mary Stewart --and then Nora Roberts in her early books continued this type-- sort of debonair, a little arrogant, but not overbearing, with a benevolence nature -- like how John Kennedy Jr. came across in the media.
2. chins
maybe julian from famous five or maybe sirius
3. Heather W
Jamie Fraser was my first and pretty much holds the top spot. I find I can't have just one book boyfriend. I'm always adding to my poly amorous bookish ways...but Jamie was the first.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
The Scarlet Pimpernel. I loved Sir Percy with a passion.
5. LiaFolse09
Julia Quinn's When He Was Wicked. You never forget your first, right? Michael Stirling had my heart since I was 16. He still does, 10 years and hundreds of books later.
6. lauralee1912
Paul Beebe from Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry was my first book boyfriend. I was sure I was going to marry him and live on Chincoteague Island when we both grew up! The book was written before I was born, so I was really good with the suspension of disbelief from an early age.
Cheryl Sneed
7. CherylSneed
When I was in 5th grade, I read Little Women and had SUCH a crush on Laurie and was furious when Jo turned him down. And to have him wind up with that brat AMY?! It was not to be borne. As you can see, my first book crush still lingers on a bit...
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
I'm trying to recall when I first crushed hard--probably like @CherylSneed, I liked Laurie. Plus Alonzo from the Little House books! Followed soon thereafter with Mr. Rochester and Mr. Darcy.
9. Nic919
Has to be Gilbert Blythe for me. I read the Anne series in Grade 5 or 6 and can still recall first reading the first rejected proposal scene in Anne of the Island and couldn't understand what Anne was thinking. Not at all.
10. Bell
It has to be Gilbert Blythe for me too. I watched the movie first and then had to read the books. I had a crush on both versions. Hmm, you know, I'd still like to meet a Gilbert.
11. wsl0612
John Carter and Tarzan! I read a lot of SF/F before I read romance.
Barbara Wilmot
12. miadevlin
Ooooh! Scarlettleigh mentioned Mary Stewart and I immediately thought of Raoul de Valmy from "Nine Coaches Waiting". From a very early age I obviously had a weak spot for dark, sexy French men.
Katherine Bloom
13. lsbloom
Right on @CherylSneed: Laurie. So much for happy endings, Amy sheesh. 3rd grade and I cried so hard.

A few years later it was Teddy from Emily of New Moon. But Laurie was first.
14. KerraM
Jamie Fraser in Outlander was the very first I fell hard for.
Anna Bowling
15. AnnaBowling
Niall Burke from Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small. If I haven't stopped book-crushing on him after all this time, it's probably not going to happen.
16. CarolB
Aulus, the hero of Caroline Dale Snedeker's the Forgotten Daughter. He was the one I fell for first when I was 10.
kathlyn smith
17. castiel
Aragon from Lord of the Rings...since I was 12! And I still compare all book boyfriend s to him! (And The films only added to the crush...mmmm Viggo mmmm)
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