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Sweatpants Are the New Wranglers: Hot Heroes in Cotton

Make It Right by Megan EricksonToday we've asked author Megan Erickson to come talk about a very serious topic: Men wearing sweatpants. Megan's upcoming release, Make it Right, is a companion book to Make it Count. Both books are part of the Bowler University series, and Make it Right's hero, Max Payton, teaches a self-defense class, so of course he has to don casual, comfortable clothing to do so. Making the heroine (and us!) very happy indeed. Thanks, Megan!


On hot guys.

Are hot.

And I’m going to tell you why you need to join me over on the 100% cotton Dark Side. I know what you’re saying. “Ew, Megan. Sweatpants? I like worn jeans on my guy or nothing at all.”

I KNOW. But hear me out? Or actually, let me start with some visual inspiration:

Source:, photo by Mark Seliger for Details


Channing Tatum Dancing in Magic Mike

I know not everyone is a Channing Tatum fan but you cannot deny that those sweatpants show off the assets below the waist so well, right?

Did I pique your interest now? Here are three reasons you need to appreciate sweatpants on a hot man.

1. They sit low on the hips so they show off that V muscle. Adonis Belt. F*** me lines. Whatever you call them. Sweatpants show them off.


2. They...ahem...allow for easy access. Let’s just all appreciate the elasticity. No buttons. No zippers. Just a one-finger tug.

Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim

Even Charlie Hunnam wears them before he heads off to fight big lizard-like aliens.

3. One word. BULGE.


Yes, even The David Gandy wears sweatpants.

I also have literary proof. In my upcoming New Adult romance, Make it Right, my hero, Max Payton helps the heroine teach a self-defense class. So what is he wearing? SWEATPANTS. And guess what? Lea, the heroine, kinda loves it.

He (Max) walked toward her, his handsome face full of brightness and charm. He only wore a pair of wide-leg sweatpants and a tight T-shirt, and she wanted to reach into the elastic waistband to see if he was commando.

And see, the thin fabric of sweatpants allows for a more...tactile experience while being held in his arms.

There was something about this moment. He was so alive against her, so real. She didn’t want it to end. Out of the corner of her eye, his chest moved with deep, rapid breaths. And she felt something against her thigh. Something hard and getting harder.

Oooh, la la, Max. Take ‘em off!

Try by Ella FrankMen are not immune to the charm of sweatpants. In Ella Frank’s m/m adult romance Try, Logan is pretty into the sweatpant-clad Tate, who arrives at his apartment, tosses his motorcycle helmet to the side, and gets to loosening the drawstring on those sweats.

He (Logan) couldn’t stop himself from looking at and drooling over the picture Tate made, dressed only in loose sweats hanging from his hips, as he stood before him, waiting on him.

And the scene that comes next is fan-yourself hot. Trust me.

I think sweatpants have developed a bad reputation. We think of them on bad cell phone shots on And I admit that they don’t look good on everyone. But if we’re talking a fit, Gandy-like hero, then sweatpants should be at the top of your fantasy list.

I’m going to get all weird and personal now. When I met my husband in college, that’s all he wore. We were in college. We were broke. And we didn’t shower enough (okay, so maybe that was just me). So I fell in love with an eighteen-year-old guy who drove a car with a broken gas gauge, had a flip cell phone I thought was sooo cooool at the time, and damn, could his butt fill out a pair of sweatpants.

Was that too TMI? Oh well, I’m too lazy to hit the backspace.

And that’s the thing about books. We begin on page one with our own personal experiences. Mine is, “sweatpants are so hot and so are dudes with crappy cars.” While another reader might be like, “ew my gross ex-boyfriend used to rub his Cheeto dust fingers on his dirty sweatpants and that made me gag.” And if that’s the case, I don’t think I’ll ever convert you over to the Sweatpant Dark Side with me. And that’s okay. There are plenty of books with heroes strutting around in low-slung jeans.

If you know of any books that have a hot, sweats-wearing hero, let us know in comments. Or tell me I’m crazy, and that you’d rather read about denim-clad heroes. Or historical heroes in a nice set of tight breeches and a riding crop. I’m versatile and open-minded.

Learn more or pre-order a copy of Make It Right by Megan Erickson, out September 9, 2014:

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Megan Erickson is the author of the New Adult Bowler University series with William Morrow/HarperCollins and upcoming TRUST THE FOCUS, out in 2015 with Intermix/Penguin. Her next release is MAKE IT RIGHT, the second in the Bowler U series, out September 9.

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P. J. Dean
1. P. J. Dean
Yes, those sweats are sexy and it does depend what kind of body they are on. The V-taper guys, the dreamy guys with that beautiful girdle of tight muscle...just yum! But Lord, it comes close to turning into a nightmare when that taut six pack turns into a KEG that hangs over... Now there's different type of romance book? No. I don't wanna read it. Just wondering. But yeah, I like sweats.
P. J. Dean
4. Ru
Um, you missed the police chief in "The Leftovers."


That is all.
P. J. Dean
5. Misha Horne
God, yes, I'm so with you, sweatpants are mega hot. Easy access and all that. Everything is just so... right there.
And, I mean, guys have to wear something after they shower, but before they tumble into bed. How else can they undress each other? I write them into everything. ;)
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