Aug 5 2014 7:40am

Stephen Colbert Speaks to Young Women

Most people know Stephen Colbert in his late night television persona, but here, as his own self, he's offering advice to young women that is thoughtful and well-considered.

Have you ever gotten advice from an unlikely source? 

h/t to Heather Waters for the post!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
As much as I love "Stephen Colbert," nothing beats Stephen Colbert. Watching him try to find the right, most diplomatic way to answer those questions was very sweet.
2. lauralee1912
Oh, I agree, especially when he reminds a 19-year-old girl she is considered an adult.

Advice from an unlikely source: A few months ago I learned my job would be eliminated soon, and no, they wouldn't move me to another department. I was just 3 years away from a full company early retirement. One evening, an image with a quote by Rosanne Barr showed up in my Facebook feed. It became my rallying cry. (Okay, I'm a little nutty about pirate references.) Those guys in suits (or fancy polo shirts) weren't going to get me. I do have some gray hair and aches, but I could bring a lot of knowledge to a company. So, I started a job search full speed ahead. I recently started a challenging new job doing the kind of work I love for a company with a great working culture and great benefits.

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