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Second Chance at Love: Lori Foster’s No Limits

In Lori Foster's new release, No Limits, the hero Cannon Colter is an MMA champion on his way back from his Supreme Battle Championship fight in Japan when he receives news that an old friend, Tipton Sweeny, has passed away and Cannon is mentioned in his will. Upon hearing the contents of the will, Cannon is surprised to learn that Tipton has left him half of everything he owns with instructions asking Cannon to help his granddaughter find her way home. Cannon grew up with Tipton’s granddaughter, Yvette, and helped save her life when she was kidnapped by a group of sadistic rapists. Cannon has always known of Yvette’s crush on him but her age negated any reciprocal feelings on his part. 

Yvette Sweeny left town after the kidnapping, hoping to make a fresh start in California. She can’t stand the thought of coming home and having everyone look at her with pity, especially Cannon. Yvette buried her crush on him, likening it to a byproduct of her youth and has come to terms with the fact that any feelings he has for her was due to their shared ordeal and will never go beyond that. She hopes Cannon will allow her to buy him out of his inheritance so she can sell everything off and head back to the life she has in California.

When Cannon sees Yvette again, he notices that their three years apart has changed her both physically and mentally. She is older, even more beautiful, and her scars run deep. Cannon cannot believe the punch of lust and protectiveness that hits him and decides that the time has come to see where this attraction can lead. Cannon is determined to see Yvette come home...and hopefully stay forever.

No Limits is the first book in Lori Foster’s new Ultimate series. I was excited to see her writing a new MMA series as her SEC series remains a favorite of mine to date. Ultimate is a spin off of her Love Undercover series, and in this book, Foster revisits some secondary characters from that series, giving them a voice of their own. Cannon Coulter was first introduced in Getting Rowdy and later again in Dash of Perils. You don’t have to read the Love Undercover series to understand this one, though some characters and storylines do crossover.

Second chance love is an enjoyable trope and Lori Foster builds a strong storyline the revolves around our main couple, Cannon Coulter and Yvette Sweeny. Cannon is a typical Foster hero—gorgeous, sexy, pushy, protective and 100 percent alpha male. His numerous good deeds have garnered him the nickname “The Saint.” Though normally bossy, when these alphas meet the one...look out,  because they will do anything to make her theirs. Yvette is the one for Cannon and he finds himself at a loss on how to act around her. He wants her. Desperately. Almost unbearably. But he’s scared to push too hard in fear of everything she has been thorough. He couldn’t bear if she ran again.

Yvette was not the one that got away. She wasn’t a missed opportunity. She was only a girl he’d gotten to know better under extreme, dire circumstances.
A girl he’d wanted, but had been too noble to touch…much.

But she had gotten under his skin, and even after three long years, he wanted her still.

Fuck it. He’d walked through one fight after another to make himself a prime contender for the belt, but resisting the lure of finally having Yvette was a fight he knew he couldn’t win.

Yvette struggles to maintain her illusion of freedom and independance. She doesn’t want to be viewed as a victim anymore. Her fear and shame has trapped her in a prison of her own making though she makes valiant efforts to escape. She has a thriving online business and has attempted to date, but her past trauma has built a solid barricade between her and any form of intimacy. Coming back to the place of her assault and seeing Cannon again threatens to wipe away ...

It wasn’t just a fear of being in the house. No, it was a fear of seeing Cannon Colter again, losing herself in his appeal, relapsing back to that young, love-struck, vulnerable girl who’d let him play the hero without a single ounce of pride.

As the story unfolds, Cannon and Yvette begin the delicate dance of redefining the nature of their relationship while dealing with a myriad of problems that have cropped up due to Yvette’s grandfather's death. With a rambunctious fun loving group of fighters all converging in Cannon’s corner and cheering him on, Cannon begins to prepare for his greatest fight to date…the fight for Yvette’s heart.  


Tori Benson can be found at Smexybooks and at Twitter.

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Kathy Kamrath
1. applik
Preordered this and just received it yesterday! It's next on my reading list. Can't wait!
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
I love MMA and especially the way Lori Foster does them! Will definitely be adding this to my TBR!
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