Aug 25 2014 12:23pm

Lost Girl to End After Season 5

In a video posted to her Twitter minutes ago (and embedded for you to watch here), Lost Girl star Anna Silk announced that the series will end after Season 5. The good news, however, which she also revealed, is that the final season will be 16 episodes long and will be split in two, meaning the end is still a ways off.

What say you, Lost Girl fans? Are you disappointed, or looking forward to seeing the show go out on top, or both? What are your hopes for the conclusion of Bo's journey?

For more, read Entertainment Weekly's just-posted interview with Silk, and keep an eye on H&H's Lost Girl collection for more news as we get it.

*h/t to Kiersten Krum for tweeting about the news

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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
Say what?? I love Lost Girl, but I totally respect going out on a high note. I hope that this has been a great springboard for the actors, and I hope to see them in something else soon!
Melanie Thomas
2. missmelthomas
I'm glad that they are doing it on their terms and going out with a bang, but it still frakkin sucks. I thought this show would go a couple more seasons at least. I'm sad.
3. stacy232

I'm not surprised. AS, KS and ZP hinted this months ago. The SyFy and Showcase ratings have dropped steadily with S3 & 4 being the worst.
I truly wish the actors well and can't wait to see them in other projects.
Nadine Robb
4. cmm
Not surprised, after the crap that they pulled.
5. guest
They should have stuck to what worked for them in season 1. Also they plan to have 16 episodes for season 5. The first 8 Dec 2014 and then they go on a hiatus and come back in the fall 2015 for the last 8 episodes. That is so stupid and I have had it with this show. I can't believe they are going
to make the fans wait 8 to 9 months for the last 8 episodes.
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I've tried to be strong and break my addiction to this show. I swore that I would not go back after the misery that was last season, but I can feel myself weakening and leaning towards watching the last season. It's as irresistible as a great disaster!
7. SassyT
After they killed off all the fun and beloved characters, I'm not surprised they are ending the show. It was awesome until it wasn't. I don't understand why they have to split up the last season. Just show it straight through and get it over with. Why drag it out? If the last season brings the show back to its old form, then why do I want to wait all that time to see the last 8 episodes? And if it sucks, why do I want to wait to see the last 8 episodes (sorry, once I start a show I like to finish it....I'm nothing if not committed). SMH. They are going about this all wrong. Just show us all 16 with no breaks.
8. jdknight
After waiting months for the show to start again in September, we are told that only 8 episodes will be shown in December with a long wait until the final 8 are shown in Fall 2015. This may be due to other countries' timetabling but is very unfair on the fans. We get an extra 3 episodes - but this does not excuse the poor scheduling. A show with immortals must have a limited lifespan since the cast will age, but in that case can have episodes set in the ditant future. Would be interesting to see how Bo and the gang deal with intersteller travel and aliens. Will she end up as Empress of the Galaxy? (I don't think she will be as greedy as Ming the Merciless).

Season 4 improved on reviewing and was better than the critics suggest. We will see what season 5 has to offer and there is no harm in speculating.

I would like Kenzi to return as a valkyrie and kick ass showing that she is totally self-reliant and does not need to be saved. I still think that Dyson is her father. Bo, if she is tio be Queen, will need to become more regal. I do not trust Trick or Lauren. I suspect Evony's humaness will be very temporary and that we will see more of Vex and Bruce
9. JEK

Maybe, just maybe, they are pulling a "we'll give them 8 episodes here, and if they're absolutely spectacular, MAYBE the show will be granted another season from the powers most high, and we can run our secretly filmed second half of the season that leads onto an awesome story arc in Season 6" thing. No? Drat.
10. Dreamer
I'm sad but not suprised. I'm sad that the show suffered from being planned for 20+ episodes each season after 2, then got cut (so I heard). Season 3 and 4 obviously had huge plans that just didn't fit well in a 13 episode format.

I became a fan of the show because of how mythology was used and explained in the script. I learned so much! The last two seasons skimmed over so much at the end and just threw it in there without a thorough explanation from trusty Trick. I was so confused by the last few episodes of those seasons. I still feel like I don't get what happened at the end of 4.

Love "Lost Girl." Wish that the writers and show got the length that they originally planned for and desired. If the writers are willing to make a book series and do each season exactly as they wanted that would be a dream come true!

Also, as a fan of the season 1 and 2 costumer Anne Dixon, I have missed her work. Seriously. In season 4, Vex looked as confused as I felt (lol!) No one gets the Lost Girl aesthetic like Anne Dixon.
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