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Dark Skye by Kresley ColeHere you have it: It's FINALLY HERE! A complete play-by-play of all of the events in Kresley Cole’s Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark #14), out today. This post is made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended only as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back. (There’s a non-spoiler-y First Look of Dark Skye here to whet your appetite, plus all our Kresley Cole content and a speculation post on Nix’s Perfect Mate here and catch up on Lanthe and Thronos's story before diving in with an Anticipation (and Speculation!) Post about their history!)




***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished MacRieveThis is a post to discuss the entire book. There’s a non-spoiler-y First Look of Dark Skye here and other Kresley Cole content here.***

  • A young Lanthe is hiding in a meadow, slowly starving when a young Thronos finds her. Thronos almost immediately knows she's his mate, but since she is only nine, he tells her they will become great friends.
  • Flash forward, Lanthe and Thronos are great friends until the night Lanthe is betrayed and Vrekeners descend upon her family's home and her parents are killed.

The Order Prison/Escape

  • As Lanthe and Thronos escape the prison they are surrounded in a tunnel by ghouls. Thronos is a BAMF and kills them. All of them. There were like 40—and he didn't get scratched at all!
  • It's still a little unclear, but it appears that Thronos retained his collar because he was having evil thoughts at the time La Dorada invaded the prison. He's surprised (and a little relieved?) that Lanthe retained hers—it means that she might actually be “worthy” of him…and he can control her a bit more!
  • Lanthe is a fertile Myrtle! It's her time of the month…year?…century? Either way, it's her fertile time of her Sorceri cycle, and she happens to be trapped with a virile Vrekner!
  • It's been slowly revealed that Thronos attempted to protect Lanthe by ordering that no Vrekners were to attack or kill Sabine or Lanthe. It's also becoming abundantly clear that those orders were overruled—by Thronos's brother?! (more later…)
  • Shortly after escaping The Order Prison, the pair are attacked by Fire Demons. Lanthe is severely burned. While she and Thronos are injured and falling unconscious, she has a dream about her sister from when their parents were killed. She wakes up and runs away from Thronos.
  • After escaping, Lanthe is promptly hit in the face…with a log. She dreams again, this time of an unknown woman talking in riddles (is that you, Nïx?) about the Four Realms of Samhain Past, and Lanthe's journey into the different realms: “In one realm, hurt. In one realm, leave. In one realm, cleave. In one realm, shine.”
  • Lanthe wakes up to find that she's been captured by the Pravus Sorceri—as has Thronos. Thronos thinks Lanthe will be pleased to be surrounded by her kind, but he's a bit busy being crazy jealous of one of Lanthe's exes—a HUGE jerk! Ember and Portia are there and they free Lanthe on the condition that she open a portal for them into the Centauri plane. However, it comes with another condition that they cut out her tongue so she can't persuade them to…say…jump off a cliff. They do (yuck!) but last laugh is on them because “Lanthe's persuasive commands didn't have to be uttered by her; they merely had to be heard by her victims.” Remember that handy-dandy telepathy power Lanthe picked up? Yeah, it's about to come in real handy! She tells everyone but Thronos to sleep so they can escape. Before they do, Thronos decapitates Lanthe's ex—he deserved it…though he was kind of unarmed and helpless.


  • In all of the terror of the moment with the sorceri and Thronos and centaurs, Lanthe accidentally opens a portal, not to Rothkalina as she hoped, but to the demon plane of Pandemonia.
  • While on the Pandemonia plane, Lanthe and Thronos have the chance to “talk”—Lanthe, telepathically; Thronos, verbally. Lanthe clears up a few things for Thronos, begrudgingly, about the past and why she “stayed” with Omort. This convinces Thronos that she isn't quite as evil as he feared/assumed: “Though she was lacking in so many other way, Thronos decided then that she would suffice as a wife.” I'm beginning to wonder if Kcole was at all inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The more we see into Thronos mind, the more logical and self-righteous he appears. Very Sherlockian!
  • Remember that Sorceri cycle? Starting to come more into play: “ ”I accept that our existence together will be bleak. The most I hope for is that we can raise our offspring without killing each other.“ Lanthe's biological clock which had no idea Thronos was a kidnapping, judgmental prick—quickened at the words our offspring. ”
  • THRONOS IS DEFINITELY A VIRGIN! There have been multiple references to once he found his mate, it's the Vrekener tradition to not touch another female until he's married to his mate. Seeing as Thronos found Lanthe when he was 12…
  • Lanthe reads Thronos's mind while they're in a cave in Pandemonia and it's revealed that Thronos and his brother found Lanthe on the night that she lost her virginity to a vampire. Lanthe's guilt at hurting the boy, so long ago comes up again, and new guilt over breaking a young-immortal Thronos's heart is brought up again.
  • While Lanthe sleeps in the cave, Thronos finds a temple made of gold. Lanthe catches sight of it when he comes back in, after she wakes up, and smells the gold no him. She wants him to show it to her—he does on the condition that she gets naked. Lanthe decides then and there to seduce Thronos.
  • Lanthe tries to convince him to show the golden temple to her/seduce Thronos. She uses a little double entendre…that goes completely over Thronos's head: “I was seeing if I could get you to substitute a certain noun for the word gold.” She pressed her thumbs in, indicating what she meant. You want to show me your shaft. You want my fingers wrapped around your shaft, stroking it.
  • Turns out the temple is a virgin sacrifice altar guarded by dragons…guess who the big ol' virgin in there is? Yeah, tons of dragons wake up!
  • Turns out the dragons also woke up because they're about to scavenge the battlefield of warring demons.
  • Lanthe continues to try and convince Thronos that he's not an angel descended from Gods, but simply a type of demon. Our dude is in serious denial. “Here, warriors regenerated from injuries, some regrowing flesh, some entire limbs. Others ate, drank, or whored. Thirty or so harried demonesses serviced the males, with lines forming. And my mate thinks me related to these brutes.”
  • Melanthe and Thronos walk away from the demon camp, but stumble upon the Volar demon leader meeting his mate for an assignation. They watch... Since it's assumed the mate is a former camp follower, Thronos throws in a healthy dose of slut shaming about her—and subsequently Lanthe. However, one good thing is revealed: There are keys to a portal somewhere on this plane so Lanthe and Thronos don't have to wait for her powers to regenerate.
  • Lanthe feels out Thronos on what he knows about his brother, the Vrekener king, and what he did to Lanthe. They also talk about what Lanthe's life would be like in Skye Hall—lots of quiet demure sex, and “selfless acts, helping others. Or even studious contemplation.” Not the Lanthe we know!
  • Lanthe and Thronos find a nice little glade with water and a pool that they bathe in. Sexy times ensue...but Lanthe holds back, thinking that Thronos will just rain more slut-shaming on her if she does orgasm with him—even though he just did for the first time with her! Thronos is enraged at this, wondering why Lanthe will allow other males to pleasure her but not him. We know, don't we!
  • Lanthe “persuades” Thronos to stay in the glade while she runs off to collect the keys. Thronos is frantic with worry for Lanthe and is able to break through her enchantment. Thronos finds Melanthe just walking through Deep Place like she has no cares, and shows that she's able to take care of herself—something I don't think even Melanthe fully believes!
  • Later, Lanthe and Thronos walk into yet another trap. This one says: Pain confesses all. And Time cares naught. Suddenly, a hell hound appears and it chases/attacks Lanthe and Thronos. Unable to defeat the creature, along with many other environmental issues, Lanthe is killed.
  • Thronos wakes up to find himself reliving the moments before Lanthe dies, he tries to save her over and over again, only to have her repeatedly die in front of him. It's pretty much Groundhog Day from Hell.
  • Thronos wakes up again, only this time he's in a different reality where he has been seizing and Lanthe is kicking him to get him out of it. Thronos clutches Lanthe to him asking her if this is not real—very Hunger Games—and Lanthe explains that it must have been part of the trap. It all makes sense to Thronos now. He lived out his own personal hell and time just had him repeat it over and over, now he realizes he was being foolish about Lanthe's past and he just wants her back. “Time cared naught when it allowed itself to repeat...And pain clarified my thoughts about us.”
  • After Thronos's confession, the pair are ambushed by angry demons who discovered Lanthe took the portal keys. They escape through a portal—Lanthe convincing the demons that she and Thronos are gods and she'll return with the keys when they stop warring.

Fake Feveris (aka The Land of Lust...aka The Belly of the Beast)

  • Lanthe and Thronos find themselves on a shore—a shore Lanthe recognizes as the pleasure plane, Feveris. The Land of Uncontrollable Lust. #SexyTimes!
  • The pair have “Hot interspecies action” before being interrupted by none other than Nïx! Nïxie, it's so good to see you!
  • Nïx reveals that a) she was the one to hit Lanthe in the face—I thought that was you!—and b) this isn't actually Feveris! She'll tell L/T where they really are if Lanthe will hold onto something for Nïx—a lock of hair—and she'll only tell Thronos.
  • Nïxie disappears...only for us to get a whole chapter of her! That appointment she left L/T for? It's because she's meeting ALL the GODDESSES at Skathi's stronghold to PETITION FOR GODDESSHOOD! Now we all knew this was coming, but it's truly exciting to see! Nïx is still very loopy, but there seems a purpose to her crazy these days. Then again, maybe that comes from an assurity of the coming events. The goddesses do not want to approve Nïx's petition because she doesn't have a cause. However she reveals that she will be the goddess of...wait for it...accessions! Chills!
  • Also, the new big bad? Yeah, they're the Møriør, and they're coming. We have a lot more to learn about them, but the Bringers of Doom even had the goddesses quaking in her boots.
  • Also, revealed that Nïx's third parent/second mother was human. I feel like we didn't know that!
  • Meanwhile, Lanthe and Thronos realize they are in the belly of the beast! Lanthe somehow manages to create a portal...in the beast and she and Thronos escape.


  • After narrowly escaping The Beast, Thronos and Lanthe are thrown into an ocean-like realm. Thronos can't get what he and Lanthe did out of his head...and Lanthe only wants to forget about it. Does that have anything to do with Lanthe's ticking clock? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!
  • Lanthe and Thronos are captured by Sthenos, sea-dwelling gorgons, and guards of the sea kingdom Sargasoe, which is ruled by Nereus—our favorite pervy, well-hung sea god, remember him?
  • Did we mention Nereus is pervy? He separates Lanthe and Thronos, getting Thronos very drunk on his first—four—drinks of demon brew. He then conks them both out.
  • Lanthe wakes up on a bed of...nereids. Nereus is next to her, and her worst fears are realized—Nereus wants to mate her! Nereus makes a deal with Lanthe. He's made his nereids smell like her to trick Thronos, if Thronos is able to deny their wiles, then Lanthe and Thronos can both leave through Nereus portal in his kingdom. If not, Nereus gets to mate with Lanthe. Ouch! And gross!
  • As Lanthe watches Thronos with the nereids—who he is able to deny!—she catches sight of Furie! We know where Furie is! Is her book finally next?! Will she be freed!?
  • Thronos and Lanthe reunite. Thronos is full of guilt over his actions, but tells Lanthe the truth. She is touched, and reassures him! They agree to go to Skye Hall together and face Thronos's brother—and, you know, consummate their union finally! Thronos agrees to take Lanthe fully powered to Skye Hall because he trusts her. It's the best thing he could have said to Lanthe to convince to go.
  • Thronos reveals Nïx's advice on how to handle Lanthe: it was a reminder that “Before Melanthe was this, she was that,” or as Thronos realizes “Before you were my enemy, you were my best friend.” Cue the “awww.”
  • “Like a fool in love...” Lanthe willingly goes to Skye Hall.

Skye Hall, then Rothkalina, and back to Pandemonia!

  • Consummation time! Even with a traditional sheet between them, it was pretty sexy. All that pent up frustration and having to stay quiet. Good job on loosing your virginity, Thronos! **Slow claps**
  • Once Thronos and Lanthe get out of his Bed of Troth...aka literally their marriage bed...Thronos introduces Lanthe to some of his knights, asking to see his brother. It's revealed that Aristo was killed—re-read Shadow's Claim if you want a reminder, lots of pertinent little factoids pop up!
  • Thronos is king! Long live the king! Now, let's get ready for some change.
  • Turns out Aristo was a very bad king. On top of trying to kill his brother's mate, he has performed countless acts of evil. What did that get him? Not one enemy, but five! Five factions are now gunning for the Vrekeners: The House of Witches (Carrow's revenge for kidnapping Lanthe), The Sorceri (for obvious reasons), The Deathly Ones (the demons Bettina is queen of, because Vrekeners tortured her and stole her powers. See, Sorceri), The Dacians (Bettina's mate, Trehan, is one and so Lothaire is backing him), and last, but not least, The Rage Demons (again because of Lanthe's supposed kidnapping).
  • Luckily, Lanthe smooths things out...kind of. She calls of the House of Witches with a letter to Carrow saying her situation is kind of like Carrow/Malkolm's situation. The Dacians/Deathly Ones are a little harder, but because of Sabine's patronage to Bettina, that's easily settled. Plus a funny letter from Lothaire saying “Vrekeners actually exist?” Weren't people just saying that about Dacians, Lothaire? For shame! However, the Sorceri and Rage demons are harder to appease—as in they can't be. Sabine wants Thronos's head and thinks Lanthe has been brainwashed. Rydstrom does some big brother threatening and tells Thronos (via letter) that if Thronos can keep Lanthe happy then all will be good, but if he can't (and Rydstrom thinks he can't) then Rydstrom will rain all hell down on the Vrekeners. He cordially signs off that he prepares for war.
  • Lots of correspondence! However, Lanthe has a treat for her king and husband. A nice relaxing...healing!...massage. She heals all of his torn and injured muscles from when she told him to go jump off a cliff as a boy. He's now fully healed, and the repairs seem to stick!
  • Happy times don't last long. Sabine and Morgana storm Skye Hall. Thronos has the Hall evacuated and faces off against the two Queens. Lanthe begs her sister to call off their queen, but there is no talking anyone out of it. Morgana destroys Skye Hall, sending it crashing into the ocean, and Thronos with it. Lanthe is taken back to Rothkalina, fearing the worst.
  • Thronos survived the fall—by tracing, he may have to acknowledge those demon roots after all—but Morgana ensorcelled Thronos that even if he did survive, he would not remember Lanthe. Sob!
  • Morgana meets Nïx on a mountain top to watch Skye Hall fall into the ocean. To stop mortals from realizing something is up—and to stop a tsunami—Nereus rises up from the sea and swallows up the burning Skye Hall and subdues the waves. He gives Morgana a lusty look—Lanthe had tried to dissuade his interest earlier by telling him Morgana lusted after him—and disappears. Nïx mysteriously says “For better or worse, it's begun...” Earlier in the book, Nïx had called Lanthe a catalyst. What do you think Nïx has up her sleeve?
  • Lanthe is desparate to find Thronos—and a Vrekener outpost. Sabine chastises her that she shouldn't be chasing after some boy, Lanthe snaps back that he's not a boy, he's her husband. The sisters are nowhere near to patched up, Lanthe is rightfully pissed at Sabine! However, she has an even more pressing issue of finding Thronos—and not just starting over with him, as he sister suggested: Lanthe's pregnant! Apparently her cycle wasn't quite over, despite being gone for weeks in The Belly of the Beast.
  • Thronos settles his people in Pandemonia. They are restless and the plane is wartorn still, but Thronos feels drawn to it still, as he did before. His second-in-command, Jasen, is confused by Thronos's behavior and his king's insistence that he never had a mate. Are they supposed to act as if she never existed, he asks? Thronos is enraged and heads to a glade...the glade!
  • Lanthe had hoped to find him here, she opens a portal to the glad and steps in—only to find Thronos right there waiting for her. I literally flailed at this part, you guys too? It's so sweet! Thronos is so cautiously optimistic, and Lanthe is so desparate to have him remember her. Thronos immediately senses that this is his mate, but he still doesn't remember her. They talk, and Lanthe tells him that they knew each other once upon a time, that she knows she's his mate, and he is hers; that they've known each other **wink, wink** Lanthe compells Thronos to remember her and slowly he does, recounting bits of their very first conversation. It's heartbreaking, and I have to give a slow clap to KCole for how touching this scene was!
  • Lanthe and Thronos kiss...and then more! They wander back to the portals they found originally in Pandemonia, and decide to take The Long Way. They find a beautiful plane with a mountain, a babbling brook, and a dazzling violet sky. They know this is where they will settle their people: “It smells like you...It smells like sky. And home...” Sigh!


So what did you think?! We've been waiting for SO long! Is Dark Skye all you hoped? Is it as good as KCole promised? What couple do you think is next? Furie/Kristoff? Maybe Munroe and his bride (though she hates him...)? Or maybe someone else! I'm rooting for a Hag and her demon book soon!

Let us know in the comments and come obsess with me!!!

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
Okay, I just have to say, I can't get enough of this book! It was so good, and had me flailing several times. Not her hottest book ever, but definitely one of the most solid--lots of teasing of the future (I think we're heading to the peak of the series, guys!), lots of sexiness, and LOTS of Nix! Loved it! What did everyone else think?
2. SaharaHoshi
I liked it. Didn't love it. Had the same problem with Thronos that I had with MacRieve, shaming the heroine. I did like the running joke of "maybe it isn't such a bad idea to marry her after all." I also wish Lanthe had been able to do as Sabine did and make her own imprint on the kingdom.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Yeah, I feel like the last bit of the book was rushed and everything was tied up too neatly. Confront the brother?--oh, don't have to do that he's dead. Get over Lanthe maiming him/being evil--oh, easily explained by her being a prisoner, and him understanding why she told him to go jump out a window. Get over Thronos's betrayla--well he didn't actually betray her. Slut Shaming?--oh, a convenient Groundhog Day time loop makes him appreciate her. The beauty of paranormal romances is that there can be an "easy" solution, and I like that KCole's characters actually talk instead of just continuing The Big Misunderstanding. But, these guys are supposed to be super angsty and HATE each other, and I just think they got over it all very quickly. Or maybe not quickly, just very conveniently!

It's not my favorite IAD book (that place is held by A Hunger like No Other or Dark Desires After Dusk, depending on my mood), nor the hottest, nor even the the most WTF-inducing. But it was solid, tied up loose ends and introduced new plot points. That's what I love about KCole, even my least favorite books are still solid!

I knew there would be slut-shaming so I guess I was kind of prepared for that, and some authors take on slut-shaming and it feels more like the author is doing it, rather than the character, if you know what I mean? And with Thronos it was very true to character for him. Imagine living in a conservative religious sect and then being introduced to all the things you'd been told to turn away from? It made sense to me.

Again, I felt it was all rushed in the end, like you said. We needed to see Sabine take an interest in something other than herself and her sister, and turn into the nurturer that neither we, nor Rydstrom had really seen so far.

Question though: as I was reading over my notes/highlights, I had one piece I couldn't quite figure out: When Lanthe and Thronos fell from the portal in the Belly of the Beast into Sargasoe, Thronos saw something fall with them? Was it ever revealed what that something was? Thronos assumed it was a dead something, but KCole doesn't throw in things like that for fun!
4. SaharaHoshi
I thought it was HUGE that Lanthe went along with the Vrekner way of getting married. I don't think the thing that fell with them was ever revealed. The Nix spoilers though --- I was so mad that that wasn't resolved and left us hanging, I also feel like the series has taken a turn ala Sherrilyn Kenyon where the world is almost getting to big to make continuity a problem i.e. a sensible storyline
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
No! Don't say that, Sahara, don't! I think she's great at continuity! I think that's one of her strengths. I think the problem she might run into is more like the Ward problem where it gets less about the romance and more about the world. I think the last four books or so have taken a turn that way.

And I don't think the Nix stuff is meant to be explained until later. I do think it's supposed to be a tease.
6. willaful
I think there was a major continuity error in Lanthe's saying Sorceri don't believe in mates or fate, since her sister had a prophesized fated mate... am I forgetting something?
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
@willaful, I think there's a difference between them not believing, as a culture/species, in fated mates (the witches don't either, and their cousins), and having a prophecy that you are someone else's fated mate. That's how I took that.
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
@willaful, maybe, but I see them as different because one is a power/artform that brings about the prophecy (something I feel the Sorceri would respect) while the other is just the own person's mind/instincts telling them "mine." But then, I'm usually more willing to let things like that pass, especially if perpetrated by KCole.
11. Acole
Whatever followed them out of the beast is not explained, but I feel like it might be whatever gets Furie out of there. I think Sabine or Morgana gave Nix a way to hide whoever it was (in payment for helping conceal the tsunami((otherwise why was Nix there?)).

Did anyone else note that Nix's shirt this time said "I found love on immortal island"?

I also wonder how Nix's lock if hair will come into play later.
Ellen Hutchings
12. shadowmaster13
@willaful, Sorceri don't believe in fate is something IIRC, Sabine actually tells Rydstrom in KoaDK, it's not a retcon.

@JProffit & @SaharaHoski, I agree with the wrap up being too fast. I think KC maybe erring on the side of too little epilogue and so a bit much is getting left out.

My favourite non-Thronos & Lanthe bits:
Holly and Cade's halflings were born and they're both girls.
NIX's whole shtick in the goddess meeting. Very interesting in how one becomes a goddess and that Nix actually was planning on becoming one.
Jennifer Proffitt
13. JenniferProffitt
@ACole, okay, good! I sometimes read a little too fast, so I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything. But good call on why exactly was Nix there? She said that Lanthe was a catalyst, and she knew that Lanthe would end up in Sargasoe, so maybe I was just thinking she was there to make sure they got out okay. BUT since she's vieing to be the goddess of Accessions, maybe she's just like the referee for this little battle, making sure everyone plays fair.

Okay, to be TOTALLY speculatory, do you think "I Found Love on Immortal Island" referred to just how many people did or subsequently did, due to the events of The Prison: Carrow/Malkolm, Lothaire/Ellie, Lanthe/Thronos, MacRieve/Chloe? OR Do you think that SHE found her mate on Immortal Island but she's just ignoring it until she is a goddess/the Accession is over? OR do you think she was simply referring to Feveris, since that was an island-ish realm?

Speculation complete!
Jennifer Proffitt
14. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13: I've missed talking IAD with you! Haha. The fated thing, is something that I recall too, I honestly don't think they believe in fate--only their own powers, and gold!

I know some authors HATE epilogues with a burning passion, and I don't think an epilogue is necessarily what we'd want for these books, since that would indicate an end to the arc, and we know that's not the case. However--and I think this would be my one consistant critique of KCole--is that she gets towards the end and everything suddenly has to be wrapped up, and so while sometimes it is totally badass (a la Ellie and Lothaire, I still love Lothaire sending her his heart or Emma killing her dad in A Hunger Like No Other), sometimes it's simply too rushed for the reader.

I loved being able to see the twins too! And I liked that that was a definitive marker of how much time had passed, since it's so hard to tell with the way this story arcs. So we know it's been around a year since the very first book.

I ALSO really liked Nix's chapter/meeting with the goddesses. I feel like she and Riora would be goddess best buddies. I do wonder what the final say of the goddesses was at the close of the meeting, since she pretty much assuaged all their fears! Can't wait to read more!
15. Acole

I hope she found love, but who knows. She did seem way more lucid this book. The last few (especially Lothaire) she was fruit loops, and not the "I'm babbling 'cause I'm hiding sometching" kind but the "my brain is broken" kind.

In general I am so interested to see how it all plays out. This was a good book to remind us of what has happened. Dora has the book of blood oaths, and the Scrouge will soon control all the Valkyre.

Questions I am left with: a large portion of the Pravus are now asleep on the island. Can they wake up from a bespelled sleep on their own? How powerful is the voodoo priestess? Why was it so important that the demons in the Hell realm find peace? It didn't have to play out like that, but that was Lanthe final message to them, and what role will they play/ where do their portals go?
16. Yok
New here and just finished the book. I agree with some others that it wasn't my favorite but I still enjoyed it.

Some questions, were Furie's wings ever mentioned before? Does Cara have them too?
Ellen Hutchings
17. shadowmaster13
@Yok, I don't think Furie's wings have been mentioned before, but when the immortals first started to go missing there is mention of an Arch-Fury going missing. The arch-fury is described as being one of the ones with wings. I don't think Cara's been described as having wings but she's only appeared a couple times and I assume they can tuck the wings away to blend in if need be.

@JProffitt, me too. I refreshed H&H a couple times on Tuesday waiting for your post to come up.
Jennifer Proffitt
18. JenniferProffitt
@Yok, welcome! What I love about KCole is that she is consistent and solid--even the books I don't love, are still far superior to others in the genre! And I'll agree with shadowmaster13, that I don't think Furie's wings (or Cara's) are ever commented on.

@shadowmaster13, Yay! Glad I pushed it to be put up as early as possible!
Jennifer Proffitt
19. JenniferProffitt
@Acole, I'm very curious about the voodoo priestess too since that almost got Nix kicked out of the goddess meeting, and then Lanthe was going to contact the Commercenary too. And I'd agree about her lucidity in this book compared to previous books--Lothaire in particular. Did she have Bertil then? He seems to have calmed her a lot, for some reason. Is it weird that I want to know more about the bat? I feel like he's important as more than just an accessory.

Yeah, I thought it was a great refresher book to what's happened and will bridge the gap between The Order Prison arc and whatever's next--maybe those wizard dudes (who I can never remember the name of!) or the Mororir
a large portion of the Pravus are now asleep on the island. Can they wake up from a bespelled sleep on their own?
Well, the Pravus sleeping on the island can go one of two ways: They never wake up and that's part of the reason why Lanthe is so important to the Vertas cause OR it magically wore off shortly after L/T went through the portal.
Why was it so important that the demons in the Hell realm find peace?
I think that might have been more to do with Lanthe and Thronos coming back. She wanted to keep the keys and knew the demons would likely never make peace so she could keep them BUT if they did keep the peace, then she could return them more safely. She's a woman of her word...kind of. But really, I think that had more to do with foreshadowing that they were going to be coming back and wanted to live in a peaceful realm.
20. Kimmi
Yay, Im glad I found this site! Cool blog @JenniferProffitt btw :)

As an introduction, I just found out about IAD this year and have since then devour all the books in the series, visited some forums etc, etc. For the first time since my Harry Potter days I've pre-ordered a book again! I mean, how can I resist after reading those excerpts that KC had released earlier? I was so tense and excited and literally counting the days till August 5! In a way, I'm glad though that I just discovered these books, I cannot imagine how you guys can endure the wait for the next installment year after year after year, it must be so hard!

Ok, now about Dark Skye - Like what I've said, I was so engaged by the excerpts but after reading the whole book, I liked it but not really loved it. I loved Thronos but Melanthe...not so much. I really can't get in to her personality. She says she likes herself, supposed to be projecting confidence but she came off as insecure and confused to me. I can go on about this but I won't. I think the biggest factor though why I didn't love this book is that I didn't feel that "heart breaking", "I can't live without you type of love" (sorry but I read romance books for that :) ) I feel like if Lanthe lost Thronos, without a doubt she would be sad but would still be able to go on eventually but if Thronos loses Melanthe, there is no moving on for him at all. Like the others, I feel like the ending was rushed (too much time spent in Pandemonia) and the ending was wrapped up too quickly - it never convinced me of Lanthe's everlasting, raw deep love for Thronos. It is hard to explain, but that is just how I feel despite the fact that I cried close to the ending when Thronos lost his memories of Lanthe.

Now on to the other parts of the books:
> Nix!!! the Goddesshood, the hair and the Scourge, mentioned time and again may indicate a make or break for the Valkyries especially during Accession.
>I'm really not surprised about Morior since KC is bound to introduce a Big Evil one after the deaths of Demestrius, Ivo, Omort and that evil God from Lucia's book. Is is bad that Morior reminds me of Mordor?
>Bertil, Bertil -- What if Bertil is really a shifter and has a different/true form but is now just a bat after some sort of punishment? I just can't help it but Bertil reminds me of Maleficent's raven sidekick in the movie.
>And OMG! FURIE finally! I have to admit she is one of my faves. For me, her character just jumps off from the pages of the book whenever she's mentioned (however briefly). I know she is going to be a force to reckon with when she rises again. Now I know that there is a talk about Furie and Kristoff being paired off by Kresley and I'm excited for that. I must say though, that eventhough I feel raw power emanating from Furie's character, with Kristoff, not yet, though he seems to be a good king and quite reasonable. But powerful? I don't feel that yet. I'm interested how KC is going to level him up.

That "something" that Thronos spotted in the portal to Sargosoe? I feel too that it has something to do with saving Furie. A way in to get Sargosoe with Thronos and Lanthe serving as smoke screen. Last time we saw Kristoff, Lothaire's sword was pointed at his neck and then it was implied in Shadow's Claim that he was in the dungeons in Dacia after being captured by Lothaire. I think it's all part of Kristoff's plan though. I have a feeling that Kristoff initially put that bounty in Ellie's head so that Lothaire himself would come to Kristoff then Kristoff would be able to atleast 'gain some information' (don't know how he'll manage to get that from Lothaire) as to where Furie is since he (Lothaire) was the one assigned by Demestrius to get rid of Furie. I really want Kristoff to be the one to save Furie and I really hope that the next book is them. I am rooting for them. I mean, poor Furie has to die every minute for the last 50 years. How bad is that? Too bad! She needs to be save asap now that they know where she is.
> So although I like Munro (and was disappointed that Hag is not his HEA) He can wait and c'mon KC we just had a Lykae 2 books ago, time for another Valkyrie!

Whoa (looking at my lengthy post), Sorry about this, I guess I just got carried away :) Oh, and Nereus is really a pervy.
21. willaful
@shadowmaster13 -- I googled it and you're right, Sabine does say that.
22. Rizos4312
I liked the book overall but like many of you felt like the end was rushed. I didn't mind the fast resolution to their 500 year old animosity because despite all the awful things Lanthe (and Sabine) suffered at the hands of the Vrekeners and how these two retaliated, I felt like Thronos and Lanthe "hated" each other because they were used to it and nothing more.

I wanted to see Lanthe interact with the Vrekeners at Skye Hall. We are told she had a bit of a confrontation with the sewing circle but I would have liked to see it. Oh, and the troublemaker Vrekener general... He needs to be put down. And the way we found out she was pregnant was a bit of a let down. I figured as much since there was so much focus on her biological clock but it would have been nice to have "seen" her reaction first hand.

I also wanted more background on the Vrekeners. At what point did they depart or start to lie to themselves about their demon ancestry? Who made them the "sheriffs" of the lore? So many questions...

I think someone asked about the whole thing with Nix's hair - I saw it as advanced payment to Nereus for taking care of the tsunami caused by the fall of Skye Hall. Before Lanthe leaves his chambers, the lock of hair appears in his hands and he tells Lanthe to tell Nix that taking care of a tsunami is no small thing... Which means she already knew that it was going to happen. I think I got that right.

I kept waiting to find out who/what followed Lanthe and Thronos from the belly of the beast to Sargosoe. Later it hit me that Lothaire has Kristoff hidden away somewhere and why not the belly of a beast.... Since there's been speculation about Furie and Kristoff, maybe it is him and he'll free her. Nereus tells Lanthe that he found her but why wouldn't he release her.

Not my favorite book but much better than McRieve - I just couldn't relate to those two. I've liked Lanthe from the moment she was introduced and even though Thronos started out as a self righteous prick, he moved on away from that fairly quickly. I do have to go back to Shadow's Claim to read about Arito's demise once again.
Ellen Hutchings
23. shadowmaster13
@Rizos, I think the Nix hair thing was actually about The Scourge, or the Wraiths. That lock is the one that will enable them to finish their braid and take control of all the Valks.
Jennifer Proffitt
24. JenniferProffitt
Hey, Kimmi! Welcome! The Team H&H staff all have their own obsessions, and IAD happens to be mine, so glad you found us! And now onto your points (you made lots of good ones!):

I'd agree with loving Thronos in this but not really having the same investment in Lanthe. That might have been partially because we have seen so much of Lanthe and so little of Thronos that KCole felt that we needed more of him and less of her...but I think their needs to be a balance to these books where we see them both grow! I was tearing up with Thronos losing his memories of Lanthe because you could tell that he felt the absence but he didn't know what he was missing. Just wish we had seen more of that from Lanthe! But I don't know if that would have changed my opinion on Sorceri that much--they've never been my favorite. And as much as I told Kresley (I may or may not have joined a few chats) that I wanted a heroine that wasn't a Valkyrie...I want the Valkyrie again! We haven't had a Valk heroine since Holly and I'm missing them! With that said...I hope the next book is Furie's!
Is is bad that Morior reminds me of Mordor?
No, not bad at all. I often mis-type Morior and spell Mordor instead. What can we say...geeks unite!
Bertil, Bertil -- What if Bertil is really a shifter and has a
different/true form but is now just a bat after some sort of punishment?
I've been thinking Bertil is more than he appears to be. It could be a crazy sidekick for Nix...or he could be a shapeshifter...or a warlock...myabe it's like a Salem thing from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Either way, I want to know more about Bertil!
I just can't help it but Bertil reminds me of Maleficent's raven sidekick in the movie.
Is it bad that I shipped Maleficent and the raven dude in that movie? There are definitely similarities between Bertil and the Raven!

>> Agreed about Kristoff. I've felt very "blah" about him since the beginning and have only gotten to know him through what other people say about him or how they interact with him (did you read the novella featuring Sebastian's other brother? I think we see the most of Kristoff in that one). I think he definitely needs to "power up" as you said to have him be worthy of Furie--but she's queen of the Valkyrie and he's king of the Forebearers so they're equal in that way. Honestly, I think Kristoff has put himself up on a pedastal and is a little "holier-than-thou" seeming, so I can't wait to see Furie knock him down a few pegs! Plus she's gonna be hella pissed when she gets out of the ocean!

>>As for Munro...yeah I think his book can wait--plus he needs to suffer a little bit with killing/turning his mate, so yeah! But I never thought he'd end up with Hag. Hag is waiting for her demon lover from centuries ago. I go back and forth with thinking that the demon knight is Rok, but then also wanting Rok to be Nix's mate. P.S. on that note, I think Nix will end up with a demon. Just throwing that out there.

I hate Nereus, too, I hope Morgana gelds him very soon. He's far too gross.

And there you go--I gave you a long post in return!
Jennifer Proffitt
25. JenniferProffitt
I felt like Thronos and Lanthe "hated" each other because they were used to it and nothing more.
Agree. I didn't mind that so much, as I did that it felt like they didn't really fall in love either. They fell in like and then lust, and then called it a day. IMO. I still like them together, but I didn't have the warm tinglies like I did when I finished Lothaire, or the OH MY GOD moment when I finished MacRieve.
I wanted to see Lanthe interact with the Vrekeners at Skye Hall. We are told she had a bit of a confrontation with the sewing circle but I would have liked to see it.
Again, agreed. I feel like the last third of the book was a whole lot of telling, and not a whole lot of showing. I think someone else mentioned that I would have preferred Lanthe to interact with the Vrekeners like Sabine interacted with the demons. It could have just been one really great interaction or relationship (like Sabine had with the boy) and I would have been fine, but I just didn't feel satisfied with everything once they got up to Skye Hall.
At what point did they depart or start to lie to themselves about their demon ancestry?
Who made them the "sheriffs" of the lore?
Well, from what we heard about Thronos's dad, I imagine it happened some time around then. That "generation" just seemed to have a huge superiority complex. I also imagine they started getting that way around the same time they became "sheriffs" of the lore--a role I think they appointed to themselves! I mean, it does seem like a self-appointed role since The Lore was so disjointed into factions until recently.
I think someone asked about the whole thing with Nix's hair - I saw it as advanced payment to Nereus for taking care of the tsunami caused by the fall of Skye Hall. Before Lanthe leaves his chambers, the lock of hair appears in his hands and he tells Lanthe to tell Nix that taking care of a tsunami is no small thing... Which means she already knew that it was going to happen. I think I got that right.
Agreed, I think you did get it right. Some people have noted it might be involved with The Scourge/Wraiths, but thought it was simpler than that. Hmm, but @shadowmaster13, you think differently? Why would Nix want that to get finished? I guess maybe get it finished sooner rather than later...but why give the hair to Nereus? Will he pass it along? Guess we'll find out soon!
I kept waiting to find out who/what followed Lanthe and Thronos from the belly of the beast to Sargosoe. Later it hit me that Lothaire has Kristoff hidden away somewhere and why not the belly of a beast.... Since there's been speculation about Furie and Kristoff, maybe it is him
and he'll free her.
I think you're onto something! I did a mental face-palm when I read your comment: of COURSE it was Kristoff, that makes a lot of sense as far as moving the story forward...though yuck, poor Kristoff (but very sneaky, Ms. Cole!)

I'm with you, that it's been a while since I've LOVED a book--I think they've all been great, but I don't have a new favorite book, yet. Though Chloe is one of my favorite Heroines, so that has to count for something!
26. TINaXiOus
Hello! I discovered the IAD series about a year ago. In regards to this comment, "Lothaire has Kristoff hidden away somehwere and wy not the bell of a best. . ." I was wondering when did that happen? Thanks!
Jennifer Proffitt
27. JenniferProffitt
@Tinaxious, well Kristoff being hidden I believe was revealed in Shadow's Claim and Lothaire had kidnapped Kristoff at the very end of Lothaire. As far as the belly of the beast, that's just speculation--but it does seem to make sense.

And welcome to Heroes and Heartbreakers and the world of IAD! I was relatively late to the game too, but the beauty of that is you have a wonderful back-list to catch up before joining the rest of us in moaning because we have to wait for a year!
28. Rizos4312
@Rizos, I think the Nix hair thing was actually about The Scourge, or the Wraiths. That lock is the one that will enable them to finish their braid and take control of all the Valks.
I forgot that Nix said something about The Scourge/Wraiths when she gives Lanthe the lock of hair. I had to go back and find the dialogue (chapter 37):
"I'll make you a deal, Thronos", the Valkyrie said. "I'll tell you where you really are if your mate stores something for me."
"Stores what?" Lanthe didn't even have a bag with her.
Nix plucked up a curl of her lustrous dark hair, peering down at it. "This is the one, you know."
Lanthe didn't know. "Which one?"
"The one that enslaves all the Valkyries. The tipping point with the Scourge."
I guess what got me is that Nereus ended up with it... So now I'm wondering if Nix is trying to keep the Wraiths from getting the last bit of hair that will finish the braid by giving it to him as payment from taking care of the tsunami.


You're right, we'll find out eventually because Ms. Cole always puts in little "throw aways" that later become major story lines.

By far my favorite couples have been Cade/Holly and Carrow/Malkom. I so love those books. I haven't read McRieve again and maybe I'll like it better the second time around. I really didn't like Sabine at first but she grew on me once I re-read "Kiss of a Demon King."

Oh, and our last Valkyrie heroine was Regin in "Dreams of a Dark Warrior."

@Tinaxious, the Kristoff thing is total speculation on my part. At the end of Lothaire, we see that Lothaire pays his baby brother a visit:
"Moving like a shadow, silent as death, Lothaire placed his sword against Kristoff's neck, "Hello brother..."
And then in Shadow's Claim:
"...one of Trehan's assassins had brought word that Lothaire might have secretly abducted the Forbearer vampire king, to settle some age-old vendetta."
Ellen Hutchings
29. shadowmaster13
@Rizos, hmm. do you think they have to have a certain amount of certain Valkyrie's hair, because surely if they don't get Nix's hair some other Valk will hand over some hair to go into Val Hall? Or maybe that lock of hair is going to have a long confusing journey into the Wraith's hands and it'll be the last one in like six months?

@JProffitt, I feel like Bertil might be cursed rather than a shapeshifter. The Lore feels like the kind of world where shifters are only predators. Plus I can see "Bertil" finally getting freed and being surprised to know Nix knew the whole time.
Jennifer Proffitt
30. JenniferProffitt
@Rizos, ah yes, that's right! I didn't love that book AND I read it out of order, hence my confusion! Some day I'll go back and re-read those few books that weren't my favorite and see if my opinion has changed--plus I'm sure there will be easter eggs that KCole dropped that I didn't pick up on until later! And thanks for the reminder on The Scourge--I had obviously forgotten!

@shadowmaster13 AND @Rizos I like the idea of the Scourge needing Nix's hair--maybe she's the one who started the bargain with them and so she needs to be the last piece. I always thought it was just going to be some random, poor Valkyrie would give her hair to get inside and suddenly the Wraiths would be like "sorry, guys, gig's done, now you're ours!" BUT I like the idea of it having to be a specific Valkyrie's hair (i.e. Nix) and then Nix knowing that she has to complete the bargain, but on her terms. OR...here's some CRAZY speculation: Okay, IF that was Kristoff that fell into the Ocean and IF Furie is his mate (like we all think), I'm going to guess that when he frees Furie, she's going to run like the Dickens back to Val Hall...well, how else is Kristoff supposed to get in there but by offering a strand of hair...which he steals while he's in Sargasoe--because I'm going to bet he gets imprisoned by Nereus too. He steals the strand (somehow knowing or hearing that it's Valkyrie) and knows he needs it to get into Val Hall, and Kristoff brings it to the Wraiths....but again, that's just my piece of wild speculation for the day.

As for Bertil...I like the idea of him being cursed and Nix protecting him...maybe he's her mate and he's just being punished...or in hiding and maybe isn't cursed but is some sort of maybe god who is hiding out in an animal form. And I LOVE the idea of Bertil finally getting free and the guy/person being like "But I was your bat..." and Nix being like "I know..." ALSO if we're going with the Bertil-is-cursed-and-Nix-knew (because she's everknowing, of course) idea, I'd love it to be someone crazy powerful LIKE a god or something and the dude is like "I am so-and-so, I have phenomenal cosmic power" and Nix goes:

There you go, Kresley, we've pretty much written it for you!
31. kira13
I love this book, I think it's one of the best in the IAD series in a while. Also liked that KCole mentioned Cade and Holly's twins. It did kinda feel rushed at the last part, didn't even noticed am on the last page!

I also wanna explore the Vrekeners' lineage and why they end up thinking like 'that' (superior and we're the angels and not demon descent stuff).

We need a new valkyrie story! But I don't think It'll be Nix nor Furie am betting that these two will be the last two final book in the series.

Kristoff... damn. This man is a mystery! there is very little info known about him. As @JenProffitt knows I love Nix-Kristoff pairing. I just think that there will be something Cosmic about this two. Both of them are just shrouded in mystery. There is something enegmatic about this pair for me, and many are not seeing them as a likely pair because of what KCole said a few years back, BUT... here's the kicker, we will be blindsided if she decided to pair these two. And I am waiting for that to happen. I like the mystery of not knowing who will be with who, instead of just waiting for them to be paired up because she already said it, it takes the mystery and the excitement away for me. maybe that's one of the reason am not really big on Furie's character and all and the hype and anticpating of Furie-Kristoff book, (IF there will be one. Or IF it is already final.)

I think nothing is fairly certain about who will really be their HEA.

Good authors must be spontaneous, in control and true in her series and books and not be pridictable in the way she thinks and handle her characters; plots; twists; and tie evrything up smoothly. Otherwise if that happens it is the END of that series/book for me.
32. Kimmi
@JenniferProffitt, Initially, I thought that it was going to be Munro and Hag just because of that prediction from the Lykae clan seer that his mate would be a "harridan." After I read about Hag's demon, I was like uh-oh and then of course It got totally shut down after Kereny's appearance in MacRieve. So now, I am a total Rok x Hag shipper XD

After reading that scene of "something" coming out of the portal, I immediately thought that that movement so fast (that's why Thronos did not see) could have only been from a vampire (reminding me of Conrad though he's been bloodied). And because I want Kristoff to save Furie, I also think that It was him. I hope, it's him! Though I think it was Nix who brought or led him to the belly of the beast and not Lothaire.

I honestly don't feel that "holier-than-thou attitude" from Kristoff yet and I really hope that he's not going to be like that because I've had enough of that from Rydstrom. I really liked Rydstom in the Wicked book but didn't like him onwards because of his attitude. I just felt that he was too harsh on Cade and he should've apologized to him or something. Me, not liking Rydstrom is for a different discussion though. Ok back to Kristoff, I'm just really curious to see how he is getting by by now. At the beginning, there was that failed revolt and I see the Forebearers as the "underdogs" (even now) since they are new, lacking knowledge, and no one wants to give them any information about the Lore. Of course, a lot has changed since the Warlord book and I'm sure they're quite knowledgeable and capable by now. And yes, I've read the Untouchable. From that novella, I remembered how Kristoff said that the Wroth brothers are lucky? (not sure) to find their brides right away while he's been on a lookout for his for almost a millennia. Plus, except for that ending in Lothaire, he seems to be always surrounded by guards. I just want a scene without his guards!! :)

The way I understand it, that lock of hair that Nix gave to Lanthe was a payment to Nereus for that Tsunami thingy and initially was the "offering" that Nereus' guards referred to. I agree though, that that
hair will be mighty important, will change hands and like Nix said, will eventually be the tipping point with the Scourge. Oh and I like your speculation here:

>> Okay, IF that was Kristoff that fell into the Ocean and IF Furie is his mate (like we all think), I'm going to guess that when he frees Furie, she's going to run like the Dickens back to Val Hall...well, how else is Kristoff supposed to get in there but by offering a strand of hair...<<

Nice one!--though once he enters Val Hall, he should really be prepared for an ambush by the Valkyries ^^

@kira13 I am primarily a Kristoff-Furie shipper but honestly, If Nix ends up with Kristoff instead, I think I would be ok with that too!

Remember in Lothaire, when Nix told Lothaire that Kristoff was on a walkabout (she's updated!-I guess she is most of the time because she's a soothsayer, but still!) and will warn him (Kristoff) that Lothaire would pay him a visit? I was so excited to know that Nix visits him too. With Nix being Nix, I want to see how she interacts with him. Would it be like how she talks with Bowe or Cade or Uillem or Lothaire? I just want to see!

If it is really Kristoff and Furie though, I guess we just have to trust KC about Nix. I really hope she does not disappoint us. Nix is so awesome and is quite a favorite that it's really hard to match her with just someone. For some reason though I ship her with.......Heath MacRieve! (crazy, i know!)

It's really fun to speculate:)
Jennifer Proffitt
33. JenniferProffitt
@Kimmi, yeah, I'm still really fuzzy about Nix's hair and Nereus and the Wraiths...but I honestly think my thought is a real possibility--like it WAS intended to pacify Nereus but then it's going to get stolen and offered to the Wraiths.

As for Kristoff--the other Loreans think he's holier than thou and I guess my main impressions have been through Lothaire who thinks Kristoff is weak and stuff. But maybe holier than thou isn't right--maybe just austere and reserved? I hope he's not like Rydstrom--I read the books out of order because I didn't want to read Rydstrom and Sabine's--I hadn't loved Sabine until recently (and she's still not my favorite) and Cade is one of my favorites so I didn't like how harsh Rydstrom was and I still don't feel like they're relationship has been fully healed. We know Cade is happily settled with Holly and the twins and they appear to be a happy Sorcerei/Demon/Halfling-Valkyrie family but I always thought Rydstrom was a huge tool for the way he treated Cade.

@kira and kimmi, I do still love to speculate about all of this (obviously) and you are both right, not knowing is half the fun. What couple/character do you think is next? I think it might be Furie since there was so much hinting--but I hope we get Hag (and I'm thinking Rok) soon.

As for your comments about how Nix would interact with Kristoff--I imagine it'll be really flippant but she might be gaining some of her sanity back--she was the most lucid in DS than she has been recently. Gah. Can't wait!

P.S. if either of y'all are on Twitter feel free to follow me @JennProffitt and we can speculate year-round!
Ellen Hutchings
34. shadowmaster13
@JProffitt, We really didn't get to see Rydstrom apologise much, and he KNEW that Cadeon felt kind of inadequete because of the fostering and not having a royal education. Like KoaDK tells us that Rydstrom loves his brother and knows he's been harsh but he just thinks his brother could do more with his life, and yet he also knows Cadeon thinks its because of the whole crown thing.
Jennifer Proffitt
35. JenniferProffitt
@shadowmaster13, Okay, glad I'm not going crazy here! I feel like a lot of the "healing" goes on in the background and we don't get to see it, especially with that last few books, and with Cade and Rydstrom I really needed that closure with them. Also, I never really understood why they were shown as being really close when I always got the sense that it was grudging closeness.
36. kira13
@jen and kimmi ikr! We just love to speculate who's going to end up with who! :)

And by the way, we all noticed the lack of interaction between Nix with Kristoff.. it's kinda...weird to say the least, knowing Nixie right? She knows everybody.

On who's book is next? Def Munroe..and who is Heath MacRieve again? Please be kind and refresh my memory. Is he an uncle or one of the kids in Uilleam's house?
Jennifer Proffitt
37. JenniferProffitt
@kira13, Heath MacRieve is Lachlain's missing brother who went to look for him in the Hoarde and went missing--presumed dead but they never found the body. I figure comic book rules apply and if there's no body, no death.
38. shinika
Hi all, I'm new here also just a couple of things I loved the book not my favorite though, I did think that Thronos hot over lanthe's sexual history a bit fast but I think that we are underestimating what he went through in those time loops because as we know the death of a mate is like the end of your life and I think it ws a convenient plot device because I don't see how he would have put it past them other wise. He just realised that what was happening there and then was more important. @Yok Cara spalyed her wings in Valhall at Ellie when they wanted llie to stay but Lothaire had sent his heart and that hate ful note
Jennifer Proffitt
39. JenniferProffitt
@shinika, welcome! I'm certainly not underestimating what he went through in those time loops--we saw what even just thinking your false-mate was killed did to Bowen, so to have that happen over and over again for Thronos would have been devestating. Again, a good use of a plot device IMO too as I think you're right, there's no way he could have gotten over so many of his hangups if he hadn't realized that living without her would be so much worse. I'm with you that it wasn't my favorite but in my opinion, Kresley can't write a bad book :D
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