Aug 20 2014 3:59pm

“How Was the Sex?”: The Mindy Project Season 2 Deleted Scenes Released!

Today's our lucky day, fellow Mindy/Danny 'shippers! The Mindy Project Season 2 DVD set was released yesterday, and while this normally wouldn't be a news item, the DVDs contain some pretty delicious treats for fans of the Dandy romance, including juicy deleted scenes such as the amaaaazing one above. In it, Mindy tells Danny about the sexy dream she had about them the night before and then winds him up about how the sex was only just “fine” (!!!).

Honestly, it's actually probably a good thing that didn't air since 1) we'd probably all be ded from the feels and 2) it wouldn't have been possible to put off a Mindy/Danny kiss for much longer after this display:

(Gifs by anniedison via Tumblr—def check out the whole hilarious set!)  

What do you think? Let's squee together! (And feel free to share more tidbits—this girl has not yet received her DVDs in the mail, tragically.)

P.S. Expect a recap of the Season 3 premiere after it airs on September 9. To refresh your memory, watch FOX's Season 2 recap here.

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1. scarlettleigh
Now, I don't watch this show, but it so funny to watch the videos and try to match their words to their mouth movements. And their expressions . . . who knew that we moved so many facial muscles to say one or two words.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@scarlettleigh -- Hee! You mean in that first gif? Pretty sure she's actually just saying "we were doing it. big time" in that one; since the files are so large sometimes whoever's making the gif will quote the whole line but only actually show part of it.
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