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How Many Books Have You Binge-Read?

Concealed in Death by J.D. RobbWe have all binge-read, at one point or another, in our reading careers. The question is, what's the most amount of books by one author you've read consecutively?

How many books have you binge-read in a row?

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1. Scarlettleigh
In the past it was not unusual for me to discover an author then gloom her/his backlist - typically three or four books.

One summer I picked up some book by W.E.B. Griffin -- I think I got two or three in the Honor Bound series starting with the first ones. I liked them and I read nine of his books in this series back to back and then I just quit! At that point I just thought -- the story arcs are never going to end. I've never done that again.

I really try now not to read books by the same author back to back because invariably you start to notice all the similarities.
2. MellyDragon
Last week on vacation I read 8 Diskworld books back to back. Considering that only got me up to book 20 Sir Terry and I still have a few binges left.
3. Kahintenn
I consider binge-reading to be one of life's great pleasures!

A few years ago, my mother turned me on to John Lescroart's crime series about lawyer Dismas Hardy and his family and friends. I ended up reading everything he had written, more than 20 novels at the time.

More recently, I read the first 7 of the Outlander series, in time to read MOBY when it was released in June. And after a recommendation from H&H, I read Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles, which I believe is the best thing I have ever read. I was so sad when I finished them, and so envious of anyone who is about to start reading them!

I am a self employed consultant who sometimes goes long periods between job assignments. Reading is one of my favorite activities, so I indulge it with binges whenever I find a good writer. When I'm working I can't read for fun at all (no time).
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I think the most I've binge-read is P.B. Ryan's Nell Sweeney series, all six of them. I don't usually like to binge-read, like @scarlettleigh says, because you notice the similarities, but in that case, I HAD to know what would happen with Nell's love life!
5. Elisabeth Lane
I'm a terrible binge reader. I think I read five of Delphine Dryden's books in a row over the course of two days. I did something similar with Charlotte Stein when I found her. And I think I nearly read Mary Balogh's entire backlist in six months. Not precisely a binge read since I read other things too, but that's a lot of books by one author in six months. So...bingeing is practically the ONLY way I read!
6. ames599
The most I've binged is 11 Sookie Stackhouse books in a month. I'm normally late to series, but catch up quickly. I've also done it with Moning's Fever Series, Frost's Night Huntress world and Ward's BDB.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
7. Spaz
I discovered Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunterverse series about 5 years ago. My friend gave me the first book to start, Fantasy Lover, and FOURTEEN BOOKS LATER, I got to Acheron. I've glommed several other series, discovering them later, such as the first 12 Anita Blake books, and the first 7 Sookie Stackhouse books, but nothing quite as epic feeling as Sherilyn Kenyon's books.
8. Lila Daisley
The last time I *seriously* binge read was when I discovered Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I read the first *13* books in less than 2 weeks! This was before the rise of ereaders so I was making trips to Borders (nostalgic sniff) every day or every other day. Fun times!
9. rubymydear
In college, I read all of Anthony Trollope's Barset and Palliser novels in a few weeks. More recently, I went through Loretta Chase's Carsington family books.
10. lauralee1912
My last big binge-read was Jessica Scott's Coming Home series. I was recovering from an injury and read five of her books over a few days while I couldn't move around. Was rather intense.

One of the curses of eReaders is it is really easy to go grab a bunch of books by the same author whenever you want from the library or an eBookseller. I usually try to pace myself when I find a new series or author so I don't find inconsistencies or get lost in another century or world.
11. ElizabethN
I love binge reading but then I'm also a huge re-reader of favorite stories and authors. In the last month I've binged on all of Michelle Sagara's Cast in series (10 novels & 1 novella), most of S.E. Smith's various SFR series (about 25 novels), Wen Spencer's Elfhome (4 novels & 4 novellas). I'm currently listening to JD Robb's series as I drive to work, up to Innocent in Death. At least once a year I indulge in all of Shelly Laurenston's Pride series and a good amount of Stephanie Laurens, Christine Feehan, Georgette Heyer and a ton of other authors. I do actually work too.
12. DonnaF
Just finished binge reading the 13 or 14 books in the Psy-Changling series by Nalini Singh. I think that's the most books I've binge read at one time. But that's usually what I do when I find an author or a series I like, I'll glom on to everything in that series or by that author. Thats become so much easier with eReaders just to buy them all at once.
13. Kareni
I believe that Lisa Kleypas had some twenty plus books out when I read her first book. I proceeded to read all of her historical romances as quickly as I could find them. For some reason, I held off on reading her contemporary series for a couple of years. (That was a mistake!)

I also read many, many of Mary Balogh's books after reading my first of hers. I tend to read in paper though so I have still have a number to find.
14. Travelover
I binge read J. D. Robb's in Death series when it was recommended to me (and I STILL binge read the entire series right before a new book in the series comes out). I also binge read Lisa Kleypas and Stephanie Laurens - and I always buy their new books as well.
Sugar Jamison
15. SugarJamison
I have binged on the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn and all of the Slighty books by Mary Balogh. I'm a sucker for sibling stories.
16. Lucy D
If I find a new series, I will binge read to catch up. I did that with J.D. Robb's In Death series; Molly Harper's Nice Girls; Nalini Singh's Psy-changling and Archangel series; Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson; J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood; Thea Harrison's Elder Races; Kerrelyn Spark's Love at Stake; and Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark.
kathlyn smith
17. castiel
I *might* have sat down and caught up the first 9 BDB books in 2 weeks last summer....but you can't prove it!

for me, sadly, binge-reading tends to be linked with depression flaring up. I love reading, but it's not so healthy when I use it to avoid the world. On a bad day, I can disappear into a string of books and I don't eat, drink or even go to the loo for anywhere up to 14 hours, unless disrupted by others. =( not so good.
18. Carol B
Kirsten Ashley's books, I read one and then spend the next two weeks reading every one I could download to my Kindle. I've read all of her work, there's a reason her fans call them "crack"!
Liz Semkiu
19. Liz Semkiu
I will reread the entire In Death series and Anita Blake series once a year.
Donna McManus
20. dsmac085
I reread Karen Marie Monings Fae series over a weekend so I could finally start the last book Shadowfever. I kept some crazy hours & lived on coffee & cold pizza :-)
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