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First Look: Kristen Callihan’s Evernight (August 26, 2014)

Evernight by Kristen CallihanKristen Callihan
Evernight (Darkest London #5)
Forever / August 26, 2014 / $6.00 print, $5.99 digital

Once the night comes . . .

Will Thorne is living a nightmare, his sanity slowly being drained away by a force he can't control. His talents have made him the perfect assassin for hire. But as he loses his grip on reality, there is no calming him-until he finds his next target: the mysterious Holly Evernight.

Love must cast aside the shadows

Holly cannot fathom who would put a contract on her life, yet the moment she touches Will, the connection between them is elemental, undeniable-and she's the only one who can tame his bouts of madness. But other assassins are coming for Holly. Will must transform from killer to protector and find the man who wants Holly dead . . . or his only chance for redemption will be lost.

Ever since she burst on to the scene with the inventive and powerfully romantic Firelight back in 2012, Kristen Callihan has been turning out unique and gripping tales that put the steam in steampunk. Even beyond her dense plots and compelling love stories, she’s a master at world-building. Each of her novels is a magnificent edifice in which Victorian London, with its bustle and damp and grime and energy, forms the foundation; the supernatural, including werewolves, ghosts, and an array of other creatures, forms the walls, and the whole is topped off with clever mechanical innovation. Dirigibles float serenely across Callihan’s London sky, while on the ground ghosts with hearts that tick like clocks move with ease among the unaware populace, mingling with werewolves, fae, angels, and vampires.

…I sense that it’s Confession Time. You see, the Black Dagger boys aside, I’ve been a bit…vampire’d out? Like, yeah, he plunged his razor-sharp canines into her throbbing vein and the resultant orgasm caused the sun to go supernova and NEXT, PLEASE. This is an embarrassing thing to have to admit, but I offer it as true. I was tired of vampires.

Until I met Will Thorne.

Readers of Callihan’s most recent novel Shadowdance (and if you are not among them, you’ll want to fix that as soon as possible) will surely recall Will, a sanguis demon (read: Vampire) who was imprisoned by malign forces along with prim, quirky, brilliant engineer Holly Evernight. Holly was forced to perform certain horrific experiments on Will’s body, up to and including inserting a mechanical heart of her own invention into his chest. Will realizes that all of this wasn’t Holly’s fault, and that she was only doing what she needed to do to survive, but he doesn’t exactly object when agents unknown commission him to assassinate her.

But Will is still experiencing both emotional and physical torment as a result of his ordeal, and only Holly’s touch can ease his pain. (Literally. And not even in a sexual sense—like, she puts her hand on his arm and he feels better.) Holly, for her part, wants to fix what she’s broken, like any good engineer. What is born in necessity flowers into friendship and then passion. But when their lives are on the line, will they be willing to pay the ultimate price to save each other?

Complications, naturally, arise, most notably in the form of a particularly nasty fae named Mab (whom Holly is fortunately uniquely  positioned to vanquish). Then there’s Will’s sanguis nature, which he is at some pains to deny. Holly, however, doesn’t seem to mind it:

With blinding speed he struck, sinking his fangs in deep and clean. Sweet, sharp pain lanced down her neck, then turned to base heat as he started to suck. Each pull sent a stroke of sensation over her sex. Holly pressed her thighs together and tried to breathe through the lust coursing through her veins. She needn’t have bothered…

Tormented and sardonic, Will is the most interesting vampire—excuse me, sanguis—I’ve encountered in a good long while. It’s too soon to tell whether his shining example will lure me back to the vampire-loving fold, but I will definitely be revisiting Callihan’s Darkest London soon…and you should too.

Learn more or pre-order a copy of Evernight by Kristen Callihan, out August 26, 2014:

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1. Kahintenn
This is a wonderful series...I encourage you to read it from the start!

august 26 is going to be a fantastic release day!
2. Lady A.
I'm waiting for this one. Only few days left!
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