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Everyone’s Got One: One True Pairing

A Little Something Different by Sandy HallToday we're pleased to be joined by author Sandy Hall, whose A Little Something Different tells the story of an unfolding romance through fourteen different viewpoints (including a squirrel and a park bench). Everyone in the book, it seems, has an opinion about the couple in question, and of course that leads right into what Sandy is talking about today: OTPs, or One True Pairings. Thanks, Sandy!

The Good News about OTPs!

Hello my name is Sandy and I am a fangirl. (Hi, Sandy.)

My novel, A Little Something Different, is told from fourteen different points of view. These POV characters are all different—different ages, different races, and different species. But they all have one thing in common: They all want to see the two main characters, Gabe and Lea, get together.

Gabe and Lea are their OTP, or in laymen’s terms, One True Pairing.

I think almost everyone has an OTP, even if they don’t think about it in those terms. The couple that you root for in whatever fandom you’re a part of, the one couple that you want to see come together and succeed. They are your endgame dream and you don’t want to miss a minute of it.

Over the years I’ve had a ridiculous number of OTPs. But that’s the good news about OTPs! Even though they sound like you should only have one, you can have a different one for every series, movie, TV show, or comic book under the sun. It’s a magical time to be alive and a fangirl!

Back in the dark ages before the Internet, fandom had no generalized location for everyone to access it. You had to go to conventions to meet other fans, and then people would literally mail fanfiction to each other. MAILING FANFICTION. It boggles my mind. But that wasn’t even that long ago.

I would say my first fandom was the Baby-Sitters Club. I think many people of a certain age would agree with me. If there had been a Baby-Sitters Club convention that I knew about and was able to attend, it would have literally been the biggest and best moment of my life to that point. Which makes me wonder if there was a convention that I just didn’t know about. Google can’t seem to answer this question at the moment, so I’ll move on.

Exhibit A: my first OTP, Mary Anne and Logan.

The Baby-Sitters Club #10, Logan Likes Mary Anne, by Ann M. Martin

Alas, without much of an outlet, that OTP fizzled. Also Mary Anne and Logan were so on again/off again who could keep up?

Then I moved on to Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano.

Exhibit B: They were very cute.

Angela and Jordan in My So-Called Life

He was brooding. She was awkward. But I’m pretty sure that 90% of the girls in my eighth grade class believed they could potentially BE Angela Chase if they dyed their hair and bought the right clothes. I knew deep down inside I didn’t possess that much cool, so I didn’t even try. Then My So-Called Life was cut down in its prime and I had no choice but to get over Jordan and Angela. But believe me that the second the series was available on DVD I scooped it up and watched it on repeat for about a month.

Then I started going through OTPs like they were tissues. There was Ross and Rachel from Friends, Lucky and Liz from General Hospital, Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World. They were all important, but just one of a long list that also includes Dawson and Joey, Hermione and Ron, Marcus Flutie and Jessica Darling. I adored all of them.

Then, enter my latent obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wouldn’t say I actually shipped anyone in particular on Buffy, and I definitely didn’t have an OTP. I loved everyone with everyone. I actually started writing a fanfic once about Buffy and Xander getting together the summer that Willow was living with Giles in England, you know after she went all veiny. I’ll have to dig that up sometime.

But I digress.

Even though I didn’t have a ship to end all ships for Buffy, I started watching after the series had ended, so I had a lot to catch up on. I became a Buffy aficionado. I could list every episode in order. I could recite whole episodes. I could even almost sing the Anya/Xander duet from “Once More With Feeling” ALL BY MYSELF. (I probably shouldn’t be so proud of some of this stuff, but such is the mind of a fangirl.)

And that’s when I started reading fanfic. I read everything I could get my hands on from post-Chosen to canon compliant to wildly AU. Buffy had it all and there were tomes of the stuff.

One day I was reading a wild crossover fic. It included characters from Buffy, Veronica Mars, The Office, Arrested Development, and Lost. It was there and then I decided I needed to watch each and every one of those shows. And wouldn’t you know it, I developed an OTP for each of them. (Logan and Veronica, Jim and Pam, George Michael and Maeby, and Juliet and Sawyer, respectively.)

Jim and Pam remain in a close second to my OTP to end OTPs, my one OTP to rule them all, the OTP that has made a mark on my life and changed it forever.

And that would be Kurt and Blaine from Glee.

What makes Klaine different from all those other OTPs, you might ask?


Kurt and Blaine in Glee

I’m not entirely sure what changed for me, what made them more important and worth my time than all the other ones. Because I’ve definitely devoted a lot more time to them. The mere fact that I plan on continuing to watch season 6 of Glee speaks volumes. Maybe it was simply because I was at a point in my life when I actually had time to enjoy them.

Tumblr was also probably a major factor in my fandom enjoyment.

In conclusion, it’s never too late to go out there and find an OTP for yourself. Try one, or eight, today!

Learn more or order a copy of A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall, out now:

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Sandy Hall is a teen librarian from New Jersey. Her debut novel, A Little Something Different is the first novel from Swoon Reads, a new crowd sourced YA romance imprint.

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1. Scarlettleigh
Carol Hathaway (Julianna Marigulies) and Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) as the perfect pairing.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
This post speaks to my soul. I've been shipping since before I knew what that meant, and have quite a few OTPs I love dearly, like Mulder/Scully (X-Files), Mindy/Danny (The Mindy Project), Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars), Black Widow/Hawkeye (Avengers), Starbuck/Apollo (Battlestar Galactica)...

Also, this just brought on so much nostalgia:

Back in the dark ages before the Internet, fandom had no generalized location for everyone to access it. You had to go to conventions to meet other fans, and then people would literally mail fanfiction to each other. MAILING FANFICTION. It boggles my mind. But that wasn’t even that long ago.

I didn't get into fandom until the late 1990s, but I remember message boards and Geocities sites. <333
3. Shark with Lasers
I am usually a multi-shipper in fandom. Sort of. Usually I have a favorite character, and I 'ship that character with everybody and anybody. But there are some 'ships that I like to sail more than others. I can well understand the appeal of OTP.
4. Kareni
I finally read a copy of A Little Something Different yesterday. What a fun book!
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