Aug 11 2014 7:15am

Do You Recognize This Book? Reader Searching for Regency Romance!

Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice

In our ongoing quest to unite readers with books they read (but have since lost), we are asking for help in identifying this book:

The book was a Regency Romance about a couple who gets married but not because they are in love. I cannot recall if they get married because of a scandal or if they were betrothed or if he proposed and her family needed the money. But before they get married the heroine's sister (who is not a nice person) tells the heroine that women are not allowed to enjoy the more physical aspects of marriage. She convinces the heroine that she must never let her husband know that she enjoys his attention.

The hero, for his part, seems to be falling in love with his new wife except that he cannot figure out what he is doing wrong in the bedroom. Which leads to a rather comical scene where he becomes very frustrated with his wife's lack of response. Some yelling occurs and he decides to get dressed and go sulk somewhere. While he is getting dressed the heroine is muttering to herself that it was extremely difficult to remain ladylike when enduring such pleasure. She confesses to having been reciting the multiplication tables in an effort to be stoic throughout. Apparently the eights were quite the ordeal!

Do you know what book this is? 

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Cheryl Sneed
1. CherylSneed
Sounds like Tallie's Knight by Anne Gracie. It wasn't the sister who told Tallie this but her step-mother? I think? Been a while since I read it, but remember loving it.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Thanks, @CherylSneed! We'll make sure to share this with the H&H community member.
3. Caz
It also sounds like Isabella Bradford's When You Wish Upon a Duke.
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