Aug 19 2014 8:07am

Do You Recognize This Book? Reader Searching for Africa-set Romance

Marilyn MonroeWe're back with another missing book wanted by a member of the H&H community:

The book is set in Africa. The heroine is working for a relief organization, I think, and is famous and/or rich and/or ran away from home. The hero is hiding in the bushes waiting to snatch her when he discovers someone is trying to kill her. He manages to get her and they both run away being pursued by the bad guys. They travel across Africa, buy an old car/jeep from a local tribe who know the hero by his bush reputation as a good person. Eventually they escape from or overcome the bad guys. The hero and heroine have fallen in love and make a life together in which the heroine continues to do charity/relief/? work.

The story was a well written romantic adventure with a good, believable plot. I cannot remember who the author is or what the title is. I would like to read more books by the author. It may be a Harlequin publication.

Do you recognize this book?

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Maggie Boyd
1. maggieboyd66
Here is the back cover blurb to The Last Twilight by Marjori M. Liu which sort of sounds like what you are looking for. It has shape shifters though.

Duty called Dr. Rikki Kinn to the Congo. One of the world's top virus hunters working for the CDC, she is on a mission to investigate a deadly new plague. But there are those determined to stop her—at any price.
Shape-shifter Amiri was born in this land of untamed splendor. Here he woke with the sun and raced as the cheetah . . . until he was kidnapped and subjected to terrible experiments by the evil Consortium. Now his colleagues and brothers in Dirk & Steele want him to return to Africa to face his nightmares. For a good woman has been targeted for death—a beautiful healer who holds the fate of millions in her hands, whose destiny is intertwined with his—and whose need leaves Amiri vulnerable, threatening his heart, his passion . . . and his soul.
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