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Cedar Cove Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Calling Out the Relationships

Grace and Olivia in Cedar Cove Season 2, Episode 4Cedar Cove, the Hallmark Channel television series based on Debbie Macomber's romance novel series of the same name and starring Andie MacDowell, is back for Season 2 and H&H is all over it! Stay tuned for weekly recaps of this year's small-town shenanigans, and if you're just catching up, be sure to go back and read Rachel Hyland's Season 1 posts, plus recaps of 2x01, “Letting Go, Part 1”; 2x02, “Letting Go, Part 2”; and 2x03, “Relations and Relationships, Part 1”.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Cedar Cove, including Saturday night’s 2x04, “Relations and Relationships, Part 2.”

Stop the presses, sound the alarm, hear ye, hear ye, one and all. The most important, thrilling and withal game-changing event ever has occurred in our merry little town: Cedar Cove now has cell towers within reach, and no longer do its denizens have to take turns making their calls from one particular spot at the end of the pier. “End of an era,” laments Moon (Timothy Webber), and yes, damn straight! How else will we know that this is a really small and remote town—full of people who seemingly don’t know how to use a landline? Darn progress, always messing with the narrative.

But not to worry, my friends, the cell tower isn’t the only progress to be seen in town this time out. So, let’s see how our favorite couples fared...


Jack (Dylan Neal) spends much of this episode dealing with the breakup of his son’s relationship (and deciding on what to have his granddaughter call him), while Olivia (Andie MacDowell) spends most of it helping out her best-friend. Such kind, generous souls deserve each other, and we see some supportive partnerness that proves this, but mostly this outing is all about the solo missions—of which, more anon.

The Quote:

JACK: So, what do you think about “Pop”, huh? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? 

OLIVIA: Yes, Jack. It’s very “cool.”

JACK: You’re making fun of me, aren’t ya?


Dan in Cedar Cove Season 2, Episode 4Grace (Teryl Rothery) discovers that her Evil Ex-Husband Dan—much-mentioned last time out, because FORESHADOWING—left her in debt on the house that was her only legacy from their thirty-year marriage, meaning she cannot sell. Olivia, horrified to learn that her best-friend agreed to a divorce settlement without the benefit of a lawyer (so much so that it kind of seems like a PSA aimed at the show’s target demographic), takes Grace to see this world-class jerk, now shacked up in style with a much younger woman. After some shouting and some storming out and some unwonted hopelessness on the part of the heretofore indomitable Grace, her new love Cliff (Sebastian Spence) makes her remember that she is not to be trifled with and WATCH OUT, DAN! A lawsuit is coming your way, and vengeance will soon be ours. Very excited about this development, by the by—I’m kind of hoping for Law and Order: Cedar Cove next week, or at least to see Olivia show off some courtroom savvy in front of a latter-day Judge Wapner.

The Quote:

CLIFF: Tell the truth, you near scared the death out of me first time I met you.

GRACE: I did? I’m flattered. I think.

CLIFF: It’s a compliment.


Justine and newcomer Luke in Cedar Cove Season 2, Episode 4With Seth (Corey Sevier) away fishing up in Alaska for who knows how—blessedly—long, it seemed this was going to become the Justine Staring Wistfully Out to Sea Hour. But then! Our Justine (Sarah Smyth) meets the socially-awkward Navy SEAL Luke (Jesse Hutch), and suddenly it feels a little like Seth had better hurry home quick smart. Luke is exactly Justine’s type, after all: tall, dark and sullen, with permanent stubble and a face suggesting either a nameless pain or constant constipation—not to mention an evident penchant for the ocean. We shall have to wait until next week to solve the riddle of why Luke came to Cedar Cove (who is this Caroline, and what is he so sorry to her about?), but in the meantime there is an even bigger question plaguing my mind: if Justine is looking for a job, as she claims to be... WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THE GALLERY NOW THAT MARYELLEN HAS LEFT TOWN? Seriously, Cedar Cove, I am not kidding about this. Hook a girl up. 

The Quote:

JUSTINE: I just miss Seth being here.

MOON: Missing someone is the price you pay for love.


Jack’s Sulky Son Eric (Tom Stevens), while dealing with the end—for now—of his newly-rekindled relationship with mother-of-his-baby Shelly (Hayley Sayles), attracts the notice of Douche About Town, Warren (Brennan Elliott) with his wheedling, upselling ways. After Shelly leaves for Seattle, Jack offers his son free room and board in exchange for going back to school, but Warren comes in with a better offer: join the Dark Side. Will Eric be so idiotic as to ignore all the warnings about He Who Shall Not Be Named and throw in his lot with LexCorp? Well, we know Eric pretty well by now, so: duh.

Shelly and Eric in Cedar Cove Season 2, Episode 4The Quote:

JACK: Shelly broke up with you?

ERIC: It was a really bad dinner.

JACK: Apparently.


New Cecilia is back again, and doing a much better job of it this time around (apologies for the hasty judgment on your acting abilities last week, New Cecilia!), and we get another Season 1 callback with the reappearance of teen Allison as Grace’s library helpmeet. Also, hippy cafe owner Moon is all over this episode, hitting both Justine and Eric with some almost Bob-worthy aphorisms; eg.“That’s why pencils have erasers... we all make mistakes.” True dat, Moon. True dat.

Most importantly, however, we see Handsome Server Tom in this episode, dispensing shots at the Captain’s Galley. Hi, Tom! Sorry Luke was such a jackass to you. Don’t let it keep you away from us, okay? Hope to see you again next week! (All you Cedar Cove fans, that is... but Handsome Server Tom as well, obviously.)


Rachel Hyland is the Editor in Chief of Geek Speak Magazine.

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