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Between a Rocker and a Hard Place: August 2014 New Adult Recommendations

Ugly Love by Colleen HooverIn this month’s New Adult roundup we see plenty of rockers. But even among the non-rockers and rockers alike, the common theme is choices. These characters are in some tough situations and they must make up their minds in order to move forward.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover focuses on Miles and Tate’s budding relationship. Fast burning through the lines of friends with benefits, they embark on journey of rediscovery. Featuring a mature narrative with rich characters, Ugly Love weaves a tale of taking chances, choosing to move beyond the past, and finding forgiveness.

Lead by Kylie ScottLead by Kylie Scott is much more of a slow burn because Lena and Jimmy have an offbeat relationship. As his sobriety companion/assistant, Lena is a constant presence in Jimmy’s life. Jimmy begins to rely on Lena more and more, while at the same time she falls (unwillingly) for Jimmy. Lena can see beneath Jimmy's disdainful layers to see the awesome guy underneath. With amazing banter and the return of the other members of Stage Dive, this book is not one to miss. Their sexual relationship is a whirlwind and there may be some serious repercussions for it.

Rogue by Katy Evans the fourth book in Katy Evans’s Real series. We are reacquainted with Melanie and introduced to Greyson, two characters desperate for something “real.” Both are battling some intense inner demons,  and must make a choice to stand by each other regardless of the consequences.

The Summer I Fell by Sonya LovedayThe Summer I Fell by Sonya Loveday tells the tale of the Six. The so-called “rockstars” of their small town, these six friends are about to be split around the world. Told in the POV of Riley, the honorary seventh member, she perfectly illustrates the struggle of finding yourself in a constantly changing world.

Across the Line by Kate Willoughby is a hockey novel featuring two workaholics in their first relationship. Becca and Calden first met in elementary school and have now crossed paths again. Their relationship is hot and they throw caution to the wind by jumping headlong into a long distance courtship. As time, miles, and various factors play out in their lives, will they be able to make it work? This book covers a wide range of buzzworthy social topics while leaving the romance at the forefront.

The Rocker Who Wants Me by Terri Anne BrowningThe Rocker Who Wants Me by Terri Anne Browning is a constant battle of wills. Dallas and Ax have been drawn to each other since they first met. Their stubbornness may be a detriment to the future of their relationship. Set among fan girls, crazy ex-gf rockstars, and a tour from hell, this is one crazy, fun ride with appearances from the Demon Wings members.

Saylor, the heroine of Cora Brent’s Draw, is escaping from an abusive relationship right into the unlikely arms of her hometown’s rambunctious, rebel bad boy. Cord, part of the close-knit Gentry triplets, has been raising hell with his brothers since he was a boy—it’s the Gentry way. Cord and Saylor have a passion that encompasses them both. Cord finds himself caring for someone more than he ever thought he would or could. With history against them, Saylor and Cord embark on an unlikely relationship. When his brothers need him the most, Cord needs to make a decision that could change his and Saylor’s life.

Temptation by Robin CovingtonTemptation by Robin Covington weaves a fantasy come true between a firefighter and a country star. The story opens with Kit caught in a fire at the recording studio; firefighter Max rescues her and a connection is born. Thrown together for publicity runs, they forge a relationship that should only last three weeks. Soon their chemistry burns red hot, on and off the sheets and Kit is left wondering if Max might be the one to give her the normal life she longs for. Kit has a lot of secrets and it’s only a matter of time before they come spilling out. Max is a charismatic, ladies' man with a white knight complex. Their relationship is fun to watch with many ups and downs, and makes for an entertaining read!

Heidi Joy Tretheway’s Revenge Bound is the third book in an interrelated series. Violet is a shy introvert whose life changes when an ex takes revenge on a worldwide scale. When he posts provocative, nude photos of her, Violet waits for the other shoe to drop —her father is a Senator and these pictures are bound to be seen by the wrong person. Jayce is a rocker who goes through groupies “faster than guitar picks.” Jayce pushes Violet’s boundaries and causes her to fight back. This book has plenty of tough lessons in it while delivering a sexy, page-turning novel.

Hard Knox by Nicole WilliamsIn Hard Knox by Nicole Williams, Knox Jagger and Charlie Chase are complete opposites. Knox Jagger is the badass on campus. Girls leave their panty-calling cards in his back pocket and he never fails to call. Charlie is a cynic. A budding journalist, she gets the assignment of the year when she must discover if Knox is the one supplying date rape drugs on campus. Charlie and Knox have a kind of relationship that is chaotic but perfect for each other. Twists and turns abound and the story takes a spin when the culprit is unmasked.

This month’s choices definitely rocked my socks off. What New Adult books did you read that rocked your world?

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