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Women Love Bad Boys in the Scandalous Heroes Anthology

Scandalous Heroes Anthology

Scandalous Heroes is an anthology of 9 stories by authors well known by readers of multicultural romance novels. This collaboration highlights the respective strengths of the authors that their fervent followers are well familiar with when it comes to their books.

First in the anthology is Sienna Mynx’s contribution, Rallenti.  Those of who are fans of her Battaglia Series, and I am definitely one, are in for a real treat with the passionate love story of Renaldo Cracchiolo and Kyra Okeeno. They’re smitten from the very beginning but the language barrier is an initial obstacle, but soon, they don’t need words to express their growing attraction. They both are characters not looking to be tied down, Renaldo due to his job as an enforcer/ bodyguard and Kyra due to youthful ambition. Yet both find themselves craving the other more than they thought they would. Renaldo and Kyra find themselves fighting feelings, as well as an ex that just won’t accept the conclusion of the relationships plus the divergent paths carved out by their respective lives. The risks they take for they love as well as the overall banter make this one very enjoyable love story.

Aliyah Burke’s story is connected to her Megalodon series, titled Raw Exposure. Reeve Leighton and Affrica O’Shea definitely don’t meet cute. In fact, she can’t stand him upon their initial meeting, in which he pretty much insults her character. It takes Reeve, who is taken with Affrica from the beginning, some time to show her that he’s not the pompous jerk she believes him to be despite the mutual attraction. And even then, Reeve has a lot to learn as he’s spent most of his life being a thoughtless playboy. Affrica is an entertaining, independent female protagonist who tough and stubborn yet optimistic. The dance between Affrica and Reeve as they fall in love, as well as the growth of Reeve as a character, is absorbing.

Pepper Pace spins a tale of young love in part one of her story, Everything is Everything. Vanessa White is a shy girl from a dangerous neighborhood, who spends a lot of her time with her cousin and her mother. Scotty Tremont, is a smart young man whose home life is incredibly troubled. Both do the best they can in their respective environments but there’s a loneliness and curiosity that eventually draws them to one another. Much of this first part of their love story is spent establishing their backgrounds and building a rich foundation for the multiple dramas that unfold throughout. Scotty is a smart man in a tough situation and Vanessa is a swan who is just blooming.  Their’s is a young love initially that blossoms to adult love with many outside obstacles that I look forward to reading to see how they conquer them. 

Tiana Laveen’s story was a different speed for me in that the hero was not the usual alpha I am used to reading. Julian Savant is an alpha male but he’s one of the most emotionally expressive and intuitive alphas I’ve ever read. In Tatooed Moon, he meets Milan Parker, a generally strong woman who is off-kilter emotionally from a recent tragedy. Julian’s own past is full of sadness and the wounds, along with a mutual sexual attraction, bond them. This story especially hit home for me with the passing of my grandfather recently. There’s passion between Julian and Milan but the emotional connection between them is what really makes this story so gripping.

Serenity King offers up in her portion of this anthology, The Wrath of Michael, which is a part of her ‘The Alesi Men’ series. Kendra Washington is an outspoken woman visiting her sister who is married to the cousin of Michael Alesi. Kendra sees the sexy appeal of Michael but coming off of recent breakup and feeling disillusioned by what happened with her ex, she’s not really interested in starting up anything. Michael, on the other hand, is enthralled by Kendra and is very interested in getting to know her better. What follows is spicy banter between the two protagonists as well as some suspenseful drama. The sparks between the two aren’t overshadowed by the drama and it’s a good back drop to help their bond grow from great sex to love. I’m definitely interested in reading the adventures of the other Alesi men after this story.

Latrivia Nelson’s Vasily’s Revenge, is a must read for all the fans of her Medlov family books. I admit squealing when I saw this story was included as I love this particular series.  Vasily Kavlov is a fledgling enforcer/bodyguard when he meets and becomes strongly attracted to Lily Rasputin, girlfriend of his boss. While protecting Lily from a terrible situation, Vasily’s gravely injured and spirited away secretly to recover. When Lily breaks free from her abusive situation, they reunite briefly before going their own ways as a means of survival. The story picks up 10 years later when Lily’s abusive ex breaks out of prison to get revenge on those who betrayed him. Vasily, seeing the news, goes to rescue her to protect her from her ex’s path of destruction. The feelings are still there between them, though and things become complicated between them due to secrets. I very much enjoyed Vasily & Lily’s story, though the inclusion in the anthology is only part one of their story. It’s great to see Vasily get his own story, fleshing him out beyond his appearances in other Medlov books.

Erosa KnowlesDouble Trouble is a fun read, and I like the aspects of the family drama in this story. Belinda Moore dated twins Blaine and Donald O’Connor sixteen years ago. The brothers were in love with her and she with them but their jealousy over became a huge issue. Through the meddling of another, they were separated from her from all these years. Finding out she had their sons is the catalyst for reuniting and cementing the love that never died between them all. There are a lot of good family moments from everyone trying to bond as well as passion between the three main protagonists.

In Bridget Midway’s Last Call, Eminence Dutton and Keys “Tank” Tanksley are former lovers who never really got over the other despite the many years since they’ve seen each other. Eminence is at a place in her life where she wants to settle down and start a family, possibly with the man she’s date at the beginning of the story. Yet an unexpected reunion with Keys when he saves her from an insistent lout puts them back in one another’s orbits. The lingering feelings between resurface quickly once they’re in proximity again, forcing them to confront the past. This is a pleasing romance with gratifying characters that hits all the right notes and also features BDSM.  

Yvette Hines concludes the anthology with Sieged by Rym features Rymingten and Krysteena. It’s an interesting paranormal/science fiction romance. Forced together by circumstances outside of their control, the strong-willed pair battle each other and others before finally succumbing to their desires. While science fiction romances aren’t my usual choice, this one is a charming read with additional paranormal elements factored in.

All of the stories are all rich and full-length reads, varying on if a stand-alone or part of a series. There is something for everyone in these stories as no two are similar. I hope others who pick up Scandalous Heroes are as entertained as I was while reading them. Also worth noting is the anthology will available for 99 cents for a limited-time. It’s a great value for all of the wonderful stories.


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1. ShelleyRose
This looks like a great read and a wonderful way to introduce readers to a wide variety of different authors. I will definitely check this one out.
2. Loraleigh
Just purchased and can't wait to read Rallenti by Sienna Mynx (a fave author of mine-Love the Battaglia Mafia Series!) and look forward to discovering some new faves. Great idea to package these stories together! :)
3. Yvette Hines
H&H, thank you for the outstanding review. So, glad you enjoy it. Coming together with these other authors was a true honor. Hope all the readers love it as much as you do.
4. M.J. Friday
Loved this set, great stories, and for $0.99 you simply can't beat it! I personal loved all the stories but especially Rallenti by Sienna Mynx, that was my favorite but I really enjoyed all the them. a few of the authors I haven't read any of there bookss in years (Pepper Pace, Aliyah Burke) and a new author who I have never read her work (Serenity King),. this is my 1st box set and I loved it! Congratulations & thank you to all the author in this set for! I highly recommend this book!
5. Momartian
Wow what a great group of stories put together at a wonderful price!
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