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Who’s the Smartest Heroine in Romance?

Back in the summer of 1678, a Venetian noblewoman named Elena Cornaro Piscopia was the first woman to receive a doctorate of philosophy. Elena received a mathematics degree as well, spoke several languages, and wrote several treatises and academic studies.

And because we love a smart woman—especially when she's a romance novel heroine—we want to know:

Who's the smartest heroine in romance?

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1. scarlettleigh
I am sure that there are many heroines that are very intelligent but the first heroines that come to mind are SEP's heroines

There is Dr. Jane Darlington from Nobody's Baby But Mine and Phoebe Somerville from It Had to Be You.
Myretta Robens
2. Myretta
I can think of several in historical romances, including botanist Caroline Grayson in Adele Ashworth's first book, My Darling Caroline, archeologist Daphne Wade in Laura Lee Ghurke's Guilty Pleasures. And, speaking of Daphnes, the wonderful and erudite Daphne Pembroke in Loretta Chase's Mr. Impossible. (You probably knew I would get a Loretta Chase in here)

But my vote is for a contemporary heroine. I don't think any one is smarter (or more maladroit) than Susan Mallery's Felicia Swift, heroine of Two of a Kind, Mallery's 11th Fools Gold book. Felicia was so smart as a child that her parents let her be raised on a university campus and it shows.
Darlene Marshall
3. DarleneMarshall
I'm going with Merlin Lambourne from Laura Kinsale's classic Midsummer Moon. She was a rocket scientist before there were rocket scientists.
Laura Bracken
4. Night -owl
One that comes to mind is Lady Philippa Marbury in One Good Earl Deserves a Lover(The Rules of Scoundrels #2) Loved this book! I remember laughing a good bit while reading this book; the heroine was so matter of fact about every subject, which made it for some funny reading while she was on her quest for carnal knowledge.
5. lauralee1912
I'm in agreement with Myretta ... Susan Mallery's Felicia Swift from her Fools Gold series tops my list.
6. Janga
My list is in part a replica of Myretta's. I 'll add Desdemona Carlisle from Connie Brockway's As You Desire, Bryony Asquith from Sherry Thomas's Not Quite a Husband, Phileppa Marbury fron Sarah MacLean's One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, Genevieve Barrett from Anna Campbell's A Rake's Midnight Kiss, Lydia Kellaway from Nina Rowan's A Study in Seduction, , and Dr. Rebecca Knight from Nora Roberts's The Fall of Shane MacKade to make a top ten. But if I have to choose one, I'll cast my vote for Felicia Swift too. She's my favorite Susan Mallery heroine.

I omitted Violet Waterfield from Courtney's Milan's The Countess Conspiracy only because the cover made using her seem like cheating.
7. Miss Bates
I would add another Nora Roberts heroine to the above list, Elizabeth/Abigail of her thriller, THE WITNESS, which I listened to on audio and loved. My favourite smart heroine is, like Myretta above, Loretta Chase's Daphne, especially in the contrast she presents to the hilarious and quite smart-in-his-own-right Rupert.
8. Francesca @UTCBookBlog
Any one of Heather Snow's heroines in the Veiled Seduction series.
Patricia Wilkerson
9. Proofreaderpat
Dr.Irene Conridge in Miss Congeniality by Shelly Laurenston
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