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Which Couple Has the Best Chemistry?

Eric and Sookie in True Blood








All of us have our favorite couples from romance novels, and usually what makes them our favorite is that the characters separate are fine, but together, their chemistry is explosive, and you can't imagine any other person being a better fit for them.

Which couple has the best chemistry?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Yesterday, I finished Kylie Scott's Lead, and I'm still thinking about Jimmy and Lena. Then I started Magic Rises (I'm one behind in the Kate Daniels series), and I can't believe how smoking hot Kate and Curran still are together.
Both of those couples are better together, and I think they both have incredible chemistry.
2. ksb36
As far as television, Mulder and Scully, hands down--the absolute gold standard in acting chemistry.

Hmmm.. in romance novels, probably one of Loretta Chase's couples. I am partial to Olivia and Perergrine and Rupert and Daphne.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Suzanne Brockmann did such a great job building up the tension between Sam/Alyssa and Max/Gina as secondary characters before they got their own books that they're still the first book pairings I think about when I think incredible chemistry. I was dying to see them finally get together.

And in TV land, BSG's Kara/Lee probably still take the cake for me, if only because their scenes were loaded with unresolved sexual tension 'til the bitter end.

@ksb36 -- Mulder/Scully 4ever. I was thinking about them last night as I watched Linden and Holder in The Killing.
Nicole Leapheart
4. BoxyFrown
This is hard, man. I don't believe in a couple unless they have chemistry, so I have a lot of faves. I believe in Eve and Roarke, as far as books are concerned. It's really goofy, but I also really believe in Gideon and Eva-their chemistry is ridiculous. I could go on!

As far as the screen is concerned, I definitely agree with Mulder and Scully. I also have to throw in Scarecrow and Mrs. King because LEE STETSON people. And the Huxtables are never getting divorced.
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
I almost said Sam/Alyssa but I feel like I always say Sam/Alyssa for everything. And Max/Gina YES so much them, too.
Laura Bracken
6. Night -owl
Love this post! Where do I start?! 1. Cat & Bones- Night Huntress Series( one of my all time favourite couple) 2. Claire & Jamie - Outlander. 3. Bella & Zsadist- Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. 4. Sara & Derek Craven- Dreaming of You. 5. Elizabeth Bennet & Mr Darcy. 6. Jane Eyre & Mr Rochester. 7. Mari & Bowen- Immortal After Dark Series. 8. Royce & Jenny- Kingdom of Dreams. 9. Milla & Diaz- Linda Howard's, Cry No More. 10. Tessa & Julian- Hard Evidence- Pamela Clare's, I - Team Series. 11. Colt McKay & India - Rough Rider Series. 12. Sookie & Eric.
7. stacymd2

I love this...Where to start?
Bo & Dyson - Lost Girl
Kenzi & Hale - Lost Girl
Aeryn & John - Farscape
Xena & Gabrielle - Xena WP
Steffy & Liam - Bold and the Beautiful
Brian & Justin - Queer as Folk
Sam & Jack - Stargate SG1
Deanna & Worf - Star Trek: TNG

(This is hard for me because chemistry is something I have to see to feel. I usually go where an author takes me in a book.)
Tamir/Tobin & Ki - Lynn Flewelling's Tamir Trilogy
Alec & Seregil - Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner Series
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