Jul 23 2014 7:06am

What’s Your Grittiest Sexiest Read?

Beyond Addiction by Kit RochaWith more and more MC, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, nihilistic (and other euphemisms for 'dark') romances gaining popularity, it's time to take your recommendations for grittiest, darkest, sexiest read out there.

So what's your nomination for the grittiest, sexiest read? 

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Robin Bradford
1. RobinBradford
For me, probably Julie Ann Walker's Hell on Wheels. I'm looking for recommendations!
2. lauralee1912
Hard Time by Cara McKenna has to be the grittiest book I've read so far. Set in a tough town and the hero is a prisoner. The way the romance unfolded in this book was so well-written that I find myself thinking of the story and the characters from time to time. I'm not much into "dark" romances so reading this book was a really different path for me.
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
Aww man. I can't possibly pick just one, so here goes:
I an a super fangirl of Kit Rocha's Beyond series, and Kylie Scott's Flesh series is like The Walking Dead with an erotic twist. I also really love Willing Victim by Cara McKenna.
4. LCKnicks
I love Laurell K Hamilton - The Anita Blake series. Most of the books in the series are hot and full of sex. The men sound sexy as all hell. The more you read into the series the more gritty it becomes.
5. Mag
If you enjoy a dark read that is not BDSM, I recommend HEAT by R.Lee Smith. It has 2 sets of main characters: A criminal alien who comes to earth to kill humans in order to harvest them to make drugs and an alien cop who is trying to capture him. Each kidnaps a woman to help him. Their stories parallel each other, one a terribly dark - I hesitate to use the word- "romance", the other, more traditional romance. The story line of the criminal and his captive is like watching a house burn...horrible but you can't take your eyes from it. You just got to stay to see what's left. He is evil. I mean murderously, unrepentantly jaw-droppingly evil. And yet, in the skilled hand of the author, I'm actually rooting for this monster! And I'm rooting for the cop too! The story is plot driven and it is long but does not drag. It's not for everyone, but I immediately started reading it again after I finished it the first time.
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