Jul 2 2014 7:20am

What’s the Worst Way a Hero or Heroine Has Gotten Dumped?

Last week, Robin Thicke made a not romantic pathetic desperate video that is basically an entreaty for his estranged wife to forgive him.

While we have no advice for that scenario, it had to have been precipitated by a bad breakup (we have no clue on if it was the worst breakup ever).

Breaking up often starts a book, with the hero or heroine getting dumped in an incredibly awkward, unpleasant, many times public, way.

What's the worst way a hero or heroine has gotten dumped in a romance novel?

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
Whenever I think of the worst ways to get dumped, I think of Jason Segel's breakup in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which he was dumped while he was naked. It's very cringeworthy--and one of several things that actually happened to Jason Segel that he included in the movie.
2. Travelover
I was a young girl when I saw GWTW in the movies (LOL it was not when the movie came out in the late 30's - it was during a revival in the early 60's). I was 12 years old, and I CRIED my eyes out and didn't want to leave the theater - I kept saying, "But Rhett HAS to come back!".

So for me - Rhett leaving Scarlett was the worst - it REALLY upset me.
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