Jul 28 2014 8:10am

What Job Should the Next Wave of Heroes Do?

It's hard to believe (hi, Kylie Scott and Olivia Cunning!), but it used to be that rock star heroes were supposedly a hard sell to romance readers. Now it seems that doctors and lawyers are scarcer, while tattooed artists, bikers, club owners, and even criminals are de rigeur in romance.

So we want to know—what job will the next group of heroes come from? Or what profession would you like to see more heroes doing?

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1. AMG
Frankly, I wish we'd be talking about interesting jobs/careers for the heroines. Let's dream big for the women, and have more books where they don't have to give everything up to move home. Or fewer 'women with no skills' trope.
2. Scarlettleigh
Maybe it is because I am familar with the medical field, but I would love to see more hero and heroines as doctors, nurses, researchers etc. And the medical field doesn't have to include just taking care of the human population. Veterinarians are extremely appealing.

Right now I am loving the books about k-9 dogs and their handlers too -- so keep those books coming!
3. Kareni
A trash collector hero could prove interesting. He'd bring new meaning to getting down and dirty!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@Kareni, Kate Rothwell wrote about the least romantic hero professions back in May and Junk Removal--along with mortuary assistant and other--was among the list. It was a fun post!
5. lauralee1912
I'm with Scarlettleigh, I am also loving the books about K-9 handlers. Bring on more boy and their dog stories!

My guess is the next trend will be cowboy heroes who have another profession. I've noticed a few new books out there where the cowboy is also a lawyer, a winemaker, a billionaire, a sheriff, a musician, a sex therapist, etc., etc.
Jena Briars
7. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
@bungluna - I totally agree and was just thinking this. More teachers. More men interested in academia/reading/writing/news/journalism.

@lauralee1912 & @Scarlettleigh - which books are these with the K-9 handlers? (and are these romances?)
8. scarlettleigh
@CutMyTeethOn Kleypas I loved Diane Kelly's new book Paw Enforcement - It is mystery with a bit of romance. Funny too!

D.D. Ayer is releasing a new series. Necessary Force is out now (Novella) and Irresistible Force is out 8/26/14 (First Look to come).

There are some Harlequin romance with K-9 theme, but I haven't read those yet.
9. lauralee1912
@CutMyTeethOn Kleypas - Hope Flames by Jaci Burton has a police officer and his dog who meet a veterinarian and her dog.

I recently read a SEAL's Lost Dream by JM Madden which is about a K9 handler who has returned from Afghanistan and, yep, another veterinarian. Parts of this story are really rugged as the hero deals with PTSD and returning to civilian life. Once I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down.

I have Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly on my Wish List and may have to move it up.
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