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True Blood Season 7, Episode 6 Recap: In The Wake of Hep-V

Sookie and Jason in True Blood 7x06Believe it or not, the wait is finally over: True Blood's seventh and final (!!!) season is now under way. Tune in each week as we recap and discuss the last chapter in the story of our favorite Bon Temps residents.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of True Blood, including last night’s Season 7, Episode 6, “Karma.” Enjoy!

Pam and Eric were so close to catching Sarah Newlin last episode. They’d tracked her down to a Republican fundraiser in Dallas, but she slipped through their grips as the Yakuza arrived. (Yes, this season is so crazy that we have to mention the Yakuza in casual sentences.) Sookie finally grieved over the loss of Alcide, but we don’t think Bill is actually friendzoned yet. Though, he now has Hep-V, so anything could happen.

There was major progress on the ‘shipping front as James and Lafayette hooked up—only to have Jessica catch them in the act. Then she slept with Jason, and Violet knows about it.

As this week’s episode is titled “Karma,” we expect there will be a reckoning or two. Probably with Violet involved.


Even sick with Hep-V Eric can kick the asses of a squad of Yakuza. He only stops when he sees they have Pam in chains. As conceited as they’ve often made Eric out to be, he always does right by those he loves. Unfortunately, this leaves Pam and Eric chained in front of a window with a clock ticking down to sunrise.

Jessica comes home to hear Bill on the phone making arrangements due to his self-diagnosis of Hep-V. She doesn’t call him out, and instead they have this sweet goodbye that was falsely casual.

James arrives at Lafayette’s, and asks for a place to crash. Lettie Mae is there and Lala gives her a reminder not to get any ideas about drinking V from James. But because James does dumb things, he offers his blood to her. His theory is drugs elevate the mind. He must have missed the whole Lettie Mae stabbing Willa part of the evening. Regardless, then Lafayette agrees to do V with Lettie Mae...that is a sentence I never thought I’d need to write.

Jason gets up the nerve to go inside his home and finds Violet in lingerie in a room full of candles. She said she wanted to surprise him.

Bill arrives at his lawyer’s office to find a full waiting room, and an estimated wait time of five to seven hours.

Eric and Pam aren’t the only ones who want Sarah Newlin; the Yakuza want help in getting her as well. They strike a deal: Eric gets to kill her, but the Yakuza get her body.

Sarah breaks into her sister’s house, and her sister is already there. Amber tries to attack her, but has to draw back as her Hep-V symptoms worsen.

Jessica in True Blood 7.06Jessica calls Jason to ask him to go get Sookie and bring her to the house. Why Jessica can’t call Sookie directly, I have no idea. She totally has her number. However, Jason leaves Violet’s side to go to his sister’s and then, presumably, to Jessica’s. Violet is awake downstairs to hear this all.

Remember Jason telling Wade and Adilyn they shouldn’t be having sex? Well, they didn’t listen. Andy walks in on them in his daughter’s bed. Andy runs Wade out of the house, and next thing you know the whole family’s out on the lawn. Holly is pissed that Andy’s yelling at Wade, Andy’s mad at Wade for screwing his daughter, and Wade and Adilyn are declaring their love for one another.

On Lettie Mae and Lafayette’s joint V trip, they find Tara on the cross again. Lettie Mae takes her down, but then Tara runs away. None of it makes much sense.

Sam in True Blood Season 7, episode 6, KarmaNicole wants to leave Sam. She wants to be away from Bon Temps. She, rightfully, declares the town crazy, and says she doesn’t belong there. She refuses to raise their daughter “in this.”

When Sookie and Jason arrive at the Compton house, Jessica tells them what she overheard about Bill being Hep-V positive. Sookie has a flashback that makes her think she’s the one that gave Bill Hep-V.

Bill’s Hep-V is progressing more rapidly than most. The veins light up down his arm quickly enough to make people move to sit away from him in the waiting room.

Lafayette is now a believer about Tara trying to tell them something. In the trip they went to Lettie Mae’s old house, and he agrees they should go there. Reverend Daniels heartily disagrees.

Arlene is acting like Holly and Andy’s pre-marriage counselor. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

I know Sookie and Jason’s brother-sister talk about love was a plot device to prep us for each getting their planned HEA. Sookie even says “there’s something about your first.” But I love the heart-to-heart talks this season. This one included. Plus, I always enjoy when we get to see a little more emotional exposition from Jason.

After hours of waiting, the lawyer tells Bill his will isn’t any good and she can’t do anything for him because dead people can’t create wills, either. She then offers some half-hearted solutions and tries to extort Bill. Maybe it’s the Hep-V, but his patience is running thin, and the lawyer ends up with a letter opener in her chest.

Sarah tries to convince her sister that she’s changed and is no longer the woman who created Hep-V. It turns out there is an antidote to Hep-V, and Sarah drank it.

Jason comes home to break up with Violet and finds her bedroom trashed and a letter saying she’s left. He breathes a sigh of relief, because he’s simple. Violet isn’t that simple.

Violet goes to find Adilyn. She’s at Fort Bellefleur with Wade. She tells them she can take them someplace to be alone, and then suggests they ditch their cell phones, too. This will not end well.

Eric, Pam and the Yakuza arrive at Amber’s house and find her healed. Eric goes for his signature choke-and-question method.

Bill tries to conceal his Hep-V, but when he opens the door of his house, he finds Jessica and Sookie huddled and tear-streaked on the steps. They know, and he knows it.

Bill in True Blood 7x06NUDITY INDEX

Bill walks around his house in just a towel. If he weren’t reeling from discovering the signature dark veins of Hep-V this would probably be hotter.

Clad only in black lingerie Violet goes down on Jason.

Jason in boxer shorts.

Poor Wade Cleary is run from his girlfriend’s bed by Andy. He holds his clothes over the front, but there’s a whole lot of booty shown out on the Bellefleur front lawn.


Eric to Pam: “Our first sunrise together.”

Pam: “Don’t you think the machete’s overkill?”

Nicole: “This town is fucking crazy. You? You’re the mayor of crazy.”

Arlene: “Well, shit happens, Holly. You clean it up.”

Madeline Kapneck: “They sell anti-glamour contacts at the Walgreens now.”

Amber to Sarah: “You can’t just dye your hair and blow a guru and just absolve yourself of all the horrific shit that you have done in your life.”


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1. ChelseaMueller
Anyone else find it odd that the show now has so little Sookie in it?

Last night's episode moved slowly, but I'm hopeful we're on track for something explosive next week. Violet needs to ruin some things.
2. MariaC
@ChelseaMueller Agreed! I am SO counting on Violet to get something going!

Great recap! My favorite quote of the entire episode last night was Eric's sunrise. Such melancholy, yet almost funny. Very Eric Northman. I think this dying version of him is the best of all. I just hope he does not actually die.
3. ChelseaMueller
I think this dying version of him is the best of all. I just hope he does not actually die.
Lege Artis
4. LegeArtis
There was a preview on ComicCon for rest of episodes (here) ... and Eric seems healed to me and he is out of that awful suit and sporting leather jacket again. I approve! ;)
5. MariaC
@LegeArtis -- That looks promising. I approve too. :)

By the way, how did Eric, in all his naked glory, escape from dying in the sun atop Swedish snowy mountains in the end of season 6? Did I miss that part, or did they simply choose not to tell?
6. Mags
I missed it when the guru said Sarah's new name before, but I caught it last night. "My name is Noomi now. I'm a new me." That kind of made me smile, but this whole Buddha thing is hoaky even for Sarah Newlin.

Did anyone else think of the first slayer episode of Buffy with cave girl in the desert during Lettie Mae's V trip? I can't figure out why it reminded me of that except that they make equal amounts of sense.
Lynda Tatad
7. LyndaTatad
@MariaC - I remember Eric mentioning something to Pam (when she finally found him) about an avalanche of snow on the mountain crushing a village down below.
Also, About Jessica not being able to reach Sookie on her cell phone... Don't forget she threw her phone out in the woods in an earlier episode. I don't think it was ever found. Jessica also said that her message mail box was full.
8. clvseven
I honestly felt like this was the best episode yet this season...mostly because of the quiet, emotional content. Except it dragged on and on.

In the V-trip, I was waiting for Tara to stop and tell Lafayette and Lettie Mae, "This show totally jumped the shark last season."

I will admit that I am hate-watching at this point, and have a morbid curiosity to see how they will end it.
9. Penni
"I will admit that I am hate-watching at this point, and have a morbid curiosity to see how they will end it." Aren't we all?
10. MariaC
@LyndaTatad -- Thanks! I did miss it then; I have no recollection of that conversation. You'd think that'd be something worth showing in one of those flashbacks.... I would have traded Bill's for that one in no time. ;)
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