Jul 7 2014 9:00am

True Blood Season 7, Episode 3 Recap: Flashbacks, Vigilantes, and WTF

Joe Manganiello as Alcide in True Blood Season 7, Episode 3Believe it or not, the wait is finally over: True Blood's seventh and final (!!!) season is now under way. Tune in each week as we recap and discuss the last chapter in the story of our favorite Bon Temps residents.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of True Blood, including last night’s Season 7, Episode 3, “Fire in the Hole.” Enjoy!

Last week’s True Blood gave us a super sexy dream sequence, answers about Eric Northman’s status, Sookie planning to do something idiotic (again), and the town succumbing to vigilantism. 

Fingers crossed that we get to learn more about what’s going on with Eric and his Hep-V, Sookie redeems herself and Arlene and Holly make it out of the Fangtasia basement in this episode “Fire in the Hole.”


Sarah Newlin has moved out to Los Angeles? I don’t doubt she’s still nasty, but we have to give Sarah props for her survival ability. Ten bucks says she has a new cause.

Eric’s been sick with Hep-V for a month. I volunteer to nurse him back to health. Pam confirms Tara met the true death, and Eric doesn’t sympathize. He’s given up.

Flashback! Eric speaking French? I approve. The 1986 clothes? Less so. However, if we get an Eric sex scene in every episode going forward, I will throw confetti and forgive flashback attire. He’s interrupted while having sex with Sylvie by Nan from the Authority. Yes, really.

Not sure why we need flashbacks including the Authority, but okay, I’ll bite.

Apparently Pam and Eric didn’t check in with their local sheriff when moving to France in the ‘80s. She’s also unhappy that Eric is so—ahem—public with the vintner’s daughter.

We’re getting to see the first time Eric fell in love with a human. He dismisses the Authority for her. He refuses to leave town because she wants to finish school. This is the Eric we saw during the amnesia back in season 4.

Alcide in a towel, and Sookie is missing it. Damn it. He puts on pants and runs through the graveyard to Bill’s house. He breaks down the door, trying to find her.

Cut to Sookie and Bill driving somewhere together. He can’t feel her anymore, because of all the changes post Vampire Camp last season. Sookie asks if that means he gets a clean slate, because he’s not the same vampire he was before. He accepts responsibility for his actions, which helps. It’s still hard to ‘ship them after all that’s happened.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as Sookie and Bill in True Blood Season 7, Episode 3Sookie drinks from Bill’s wrist for safety reasons. When Bill’s fangs descend as a result she reminds him she has a boyfriend. Something tells me that will do little to assuage Alcide’s feelings about it.

Wade and Adilyn talking about how they made out once was just about the most adorable thing ever. Jessica and Andy show up right as they were about to kiss again.

Sam and his new vampire friend Matt run into a human roadblock while coming home from the church. As they talked, they shoot Matt, who explodes. Vince says he’s the mayor now, which makes me think he really doesn’t understand how elections work. Sam shifts into an owl to escape. Everyone fires at him… because vigilantes. It was a lot of build up for nothing.

Jason asks Violet if she’ll have a baby with him. She then calls him a girl. Because Violet is just charming like that.  Their fight is interrupted when Andy, Jessica and the kids show up and need Jason’s help in stopping everything from going to hell.

Lafayette dancing FTW!

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette talking with James in True Blood Season 7, Episode 3James and Lafayette continue to have conversations that are the highlights of this show. James is having relationship woes with Jessica, and then Lala is going to help…in his own way.

The Hep-V vampires are freaking out over their dwindling food supply, and they really don’t want to have to go hunting again. They have to eat every hour on the hour in order to survive. Holly, aka “the Harry Potter one,” is chosen to go with them while they hunt Bon Temps again.

Sookie is turning herself in to literal vampire bait. She tells Bill it’s because of her calling her that back when they met. Sorry, I’m not finding their discussing her TSTL decision all that romantic. They want to Hep-V vampires to take her back to where they’re holding the others.

They talk about how she feels about Alcide. He wants children, which she voices without further comment. Then she says that she thinks Alcide loves her more than she loves him. Because that’s totally something you tell your ex while sitting in the middle of nowhere about to do something that might kill you. Totally.

When Andy & Co. come across the vigilantes, Mrs. Fortenberry calls dibs on shooting Jessica and Jason. She blames Jess for Hoyt leaving, and then fires at her. Jess gets clipped, and Violet takes action. She rips out Mrs. Fortenberry’s heart. That disperses a crowd.

Okay, Sookie, you made me laugh. Nothing like asking a vampire if he’s been to Six Flags.

Flashback! This final season is going to be flashback heavy, isn’t it? Well, this time we get Bill talking to his daughter before leaving for the war. They’re taking the photos we’ve seen before in the show.

Sookie decides to cut herself to try and draw the Hep-V vampires. It’s the first time we’ve seen that. Just kidding!

The Reverend feeds Willa before kicking her out of his house. She’s too much a temptation to Lettie Mae. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean death for the Reverend or Willa.

The France flashback continues. We see Pam getting herself some action inside, and Eric outside with Sylvie again. Only the men from the Japanese company making Tru Blood (and they work for the Authority, too) arrive to interrupt everyone’s fun. They tell Eric he must decide who dies: Pam or Sylvie.

Alexander Skarsgard as Hep-V infected Eric in True Blood Season 7, Episode 3In the present, Pam begs Eric to fight to live. She wants to help him live, and he just wants her to leave. We want to cry, too, Pam.  Luckily, Pam knows the one thing to say to keep him going: Sarah Newlin is alive. Eric has a mission again.

Sarah has always had a thing for screwing leaders. So, sure enough, we see her having sex with her yoga instructor. The same men from the France flashback show up looking for Sarah. When the Yogi won’t tell them where she is, they chop off his head.

Sookie’s friends manage to save her from her plan. When the Hep-V vampires show up—and attack Bill, too—Alcide and Sam jump in to rescue Bill while Andy and Jason shoot at those trying to capture Sookie (and detain Holly).

What. The. Fuck. Alcide gets shot and killed after the Hep-V vampires are handled. I’m just going to call this what it is: A cheap way to end his relationship with Sookie.


First we get a flash of Sylvie topless as Eric goes in for the bite. Then we get a glorious view of ASkars Eric’s ass as the two make love among the grape vines.

Two shifters meet in a clearing…. Both Sam and Alcide shift back to human form, which means a whole lot of naked men.

Flashback nudity! Naked ladies make Pam happy. They make her even happier when they let her feed from them. This is followed by full-frontal Sylvie.

A heartbreaking last visual of Alcide: Nude on the ground with Sookie crying over him.


Eric: “I didn’t know you were going to come looking for me.”
Pam: “Yeah? Then why’d you keep on moving?”

Nan: “We can’t very well remain hidden when we are publicly biting, fucking and sucking the vintner’s daughter.”

Violet to Jessica: “It’s Pollyanna shit like that that makes me hate you.”

Sookie to Bill: “Have you ever been to Six Flags?”


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. Her appreciation of Alexander Skarsgard is well documented. Bother her on Twitter — @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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1. ChelseaMueller
I've never been one for hate-watching a show, but that's how I felt in the last half of the episode. These characters I've loved are being cheapened and it pissed me off.

Killing a character so he's out of the way for a different HEA? Lame. I've read the articles saying "it had to happen," but Sookie was already distancing herself. Don't put them together if you're not going to give their characters due justice.

And Sookie and Bill? I know this has always been the plan on the TV show, but even in the books they did more to better show that Bill atoned. Sookie being so open with him after he recently did horrible things to her? Rushed storytelling. I've accepted that they'll be together, I just want the plot to be paced better/more clearly.

Upside: So much naked ASkars. That helped. Big time.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
I totally agree. I've only stayed with TB this long for Alcide & the on-going, never fulfilled promise of a werewolf storyline and now that's gone and so am I. Not even ASkars speaking French (OH MY GOD) is enough to keep me around after Alcide's ignoble death. He and Manganiello deserved so much better than that. There's "no character is safe" organic storytelling a la Game of Thrones that establishes though stakes from the start and there's "let's get rid of this pesky fan-favorite character" bullshit and this was definitely the later. Much more of this and there won't be anyone left to watch the finale.
3. ChelseaMueller
@Kiersten - In lighter news: How much did you love ASkars speaking French? I already was willing to bear his children, but, you know...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
He should *not* be allowed to wield the French like that in public without at least a warning label. People can get *hurt* spontaneously combusting like that.
5. MariaC
Agreed. That was the worst possible end Alcide could have gotten. They should never have put him together with Sookie in the first place if that was what they intended to do with him. Just send him away like they did with Hoyt. That was a sweet way to go, me thinks. Even though Hoyt had become annoying and I was more than happy to see him go, however it happened.

Yay!! Eric is back! Pam is the best ever. I wish he gets Sarah with the same satisfaction he had when he got Russel. (I loved Russel, though. Best bad guy ever on TB.) And the French... *sigh*

And finally, I have always loved Lafayette, but never quite as much as I do this season. His interactions with James are just so genuine and intense. And the dancing speaks for itself. :)
6. ChelseaMueller
I have always loved Lafayette, but never quite as much as I do this season. His interactions with James are just so genuine and intense.
@MariaC - THIS. Totally agree.
7. Mags
I have a theory that the series finale will take place in the afterlife and everyone who's ever been on the show will be there. :)

I had a problem with Sookie and Alcide in the beginning because we never got to see their relationship develop. It ended just as suddenly and I just didn't feel it. They treated Alcide like he was a guest star on 2 episodes rather than a character who's been on the show for 5 seasons. Like he just got rebooted this year or something. I may be more upset at Maxine's death, though she's been more mean than funny lately.

And are we ever going to find out how Flaming Naked Eric got out of the snow? It makes no sense that he would fight to survive that, then be self-destructive afterward.
8. ChelseaMueller
@Mags - Yes. This is what's making me crazy this season. None of the characters are following what we know of them, their storylines are being cheapened and some are straight-up plot devices this season instead of real characters (Alcide, especially).
9. MariaC
@Mags @ChelseaMueller -- Not much is making sense to me either. Tara lasted for like 12 seconds this season? Last week someone here came up with an interesting theory that maybe it was Lettie Mae that staked her, but now that we've seen Alcide's end, I'm not so sure there will be much more to her death either. Maybe hers was just as plain and undeserved; both were completely incoherent with the storylines.
10. ChelseaMueller
@MariaC - I think they did Tara's so they could get Lettie Mae back into addict mode with the vampire blood.

Not that I care about that storyline, because I'm so incredibly anti-Lettie Mae, but I think, again, they used a character we'd come to understand/care about as a plot device.
11. Giselle1987
I completely agree with everyone here. I've never been so dissapointed with a show that it has made me not want to watch it anymore. It's the worst story telling I've ever watched and not how a final season should be.

I feel like they are being lazy and just trying to tie up lose ends with the ultimate ending - sookie and bill together. It's just f****** stupid. Although Alcede wasn't my favorite character, I really liked him and his death was unneccessary.

I really am so upset and angry right now.
12. Jennifer@TheBookNympho
There was all kinds of WTF moments....

Why at the end of the show are they bring up the human Eric was in love with? Random.

The Authority? I thought they were over and done. Why bring that back?

Why were they worried about the infected vamps' blood on Sookie? Hep-V is only bad for vampires so why the freak out about getting it washed off of her?

And Alcide. I gasped and turned to my hubby and asked "are they going to kill everyone?" His response, "they might as well."

This is the last season. They need to be wrapping past questions up not bring out more RANDOM questions.
13. whocares
The writers of the show appear to have already moved on. Only thing I can say about the season so far is... meh...who cares?
14. Zena
I agree that the storytelling is just getting sloppy. I loved this show so much in the beginning, and now it's just getting kind of ridiculous. However, I'm going to keep watching til the end, and try to enjoy it for what it is, and not overthink it (too much) :).

Re: Jennifer's question about the infected blood on Sookie: No, the hep-v would not harm her, but humans (or part humans in this case) are carriers so she could become infected and then pass it on to any vamp who drank her blood.
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