Jul 3 2014 7:10am

Throwback Thursday: What Traditional Regencies Did You Read?

The Battling Bluestocking by Amanda ScottMany of the biggest historical romance authors writing today, including Mary Balogh, Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, and Loretta Chase got their start writing Traditional Regencies.

The traditional Regency line is gone now, but many historical fans discovered the genre through these books, which tended to be more historically accurate than other historicals and often (though not always) had less explicit sex.

What traditional Regencies do you remember reading?

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1. scarlettleigh
Since I started reading romance with Georgette Heyer, it was only natural that I moved on to regencies. I read-- that I can remember: Loretta Chase, Mary Balogh, Amanda Scott (Like your book cover), Carla Kelly, Edith Layton, Barbara Metzger, Elizabeth Fairchild, Joan Wolf, Nancy Butler, Sandra Heath, Patricia Rice, and many more.

Even then I loved humorous books so Loretta Chase, Mary Balogh (yes her books were funny then) Barbara Metzger were big favorites.

Edith Layton, and Joan Wolf were also favorites because of their style of writing. Joan always had strong women heroines, and Edith - I just liked her way of telling a story.
2. Janga
I still love the traditional Regency. I read everyone from Joan Aiken to Joan Wolf, and even in 2014, my all-time favorite books from Mary Balogh, Anne Gracie, and Carla Kelly are trads. Some of my favorite trad authors don't get mentioned very often, so I'd like to throw in a rec for Clare Darcy, Fiona Hill, and Patricia Veryan. And Judith Nelson, who wrote my all-time favorite Regency funny, Kidnap Confusion.
Kelly Maher
3. KellyMaher
A couple of weeks ago, I went and bought Charlotte Louise Dolan's series that starts with The Black Widow. Loved those! I'm pining for the day when Michelle Martin's backlist becomes available digitally. I've got "The Hampshire Hoyden" in paperback still, but it's in storage and getting worn out. I *adore* that book.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
I think I read them all! I still have a bookshelf full of my favorites that I go to when I need a fix of historical.

Mary Balogh was never better than in her traditional Regencies, imo.

Other authors: Joan Smith, Joan Wolf, Catherine Coulter, Laura Mathews, Laura London, (I could keep going on and on and on...)
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
When I returned to reading romance, I gravitated to traditional Regencies, not knowing just what they were. I loved Balogh and Layton, of course, plus Carla Kelly, Allison Lane, Joan Wolf, and any other book with those distinctive covers. And my first published book was a trad, right before Signet closed the line:
6. Barb in Maryland
Well, several of my favorites (Joan Wolf, Clare Darcy, Patricia Veryan) have already been mentioned so I'd like to mention Elizabeth Mansfield and Diana Brown. Great stuff and (dammit) not in e-book form that I can find.
Elsie Lee also did a couple of trads that are on my keeper shelf--'A prior Betrothal' and 'The Nabob's Widow'.
Alicia Quigley
7. AliciaQuigley
As with many, my favorites tend to be most of Georgette Heyer's works. She is my inspiration for my own Traditional Regency novels for Kindle. I love the drawing room humor, the romantic tension, and the manners of the time.
8. scarlettleigh
@Janga -- I loved Kidnap Confusion by Judith Nelson, with Lazarus the rooster (I think that was the rooster's name) and yes I read Clare Darcy too.

@Barb in Maryland -- I read Elsie Lee too and kept the books for years. I don't have them anymore .
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I still have my Elsie Lee's, though they're in storage right now.
10. lauralee1912
I'm a sucker for the Regency holiday romances. I have a shelf of old school Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween, and Easter novels and collections I've picked up over the years at my favorite used book store. The one I return to the most is A Valentine's Day Gambit by Mona Gedney from 1993. The cover itself is to me is what those traditional regencies are all about, and of course, there is a meddlesome minx involved!

Mary Lynne Nielsen
11. emmel
Yes, the trad Regencies are what drew me into romance years ago; I started with Heyer and Balogh. I've read every author mentioned here and agree with all the recommendations. A few more to add to the list: Diane Farr, Susan Carroll, Marjorie Farrell, Candice Hern, Judith Lansdowne, and Barbara Allister.

And a couple of shout-outs: Karen Harbaugh, who wrote paranormal historicals well before anyone else did; and Dinah Dean, who wrote a series of romances set on the other side of the Napoleonic front: Russia! The Ice King, Wheel of Fortune, and Tatya's Story are some of my favorites in part because of their uniqueness. Oh, to have those available as ebooks!
12. LenoreJ
In addition to all the above, Joan Smith, Anita Mills, Anne Barbour, Patricia Oliver and Andrea Pickens wrote wonderful Trads.
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