Jul 24 2014 7:20am

Throwback Thursday: First Susan Elizabeth Phillips Book?

Risen Glory by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (or SEP, for short) will release a new book, Heroes Are My Weakness, in just about a month. SEP's first book as a solo author (she published one previous book with a co-author under a pseudonym) was Risen Glory, published in 1984, an American historical set just after the Civil War (and reissued as Just Imagine).

Since then, SEP has published over twenty books, most (all?) of them contemporary romance.

What was your first Susan Elizabeth Phillips? 

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1. bri_in_nj
Natural Born Charmer. I think it was for a book club. Liked it a lot, but just havent gotten around to read a lot more from her yet. I loved the football team aspect, so I want to start at the beginning of the series.
Liz K
2. Liz K
Love the Chicago Stars series but wasn't really excited about HAMW after reading first chapter excerpt- hope it gets better.
Liz K
3. bic
Heaven, Texas. Hooked me right away and I couldn't believe it. A guy named Bobby Tom with that fashion sense? You've got to be kidding me. Still, I was done and it lead me to track down her backlist and await a new novel every few years.

Although I can't say that I love each and every on of her books (only about 90% of them, I like the rest), that did teach me that a preposterous premise can actually not only work but surpass your wildest dreams.
Liz K
4. ylonsda
Glitter Baby, though No one's Baby but Mine really hooked me on SEP. I still laugh when I think about the cereal incident.
5. carmenlire
My first was Just Imagine and after that I dived into her contemporaries. There are one or two I still haven't read yet (Glitter Baby; First Lady) but by and large I've enjoyed all of her books. My favorites, however, would have to be Heaven, Texas and Nobody's Baby But Mine.
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
My first SEP was "It Had to Be You". I was put off by a personal pet peeve and it took me a long time to pick another one up. She's a bit hit-or-miss for me. I either love the book or it's better that I avoid it.
Liz K
7. Erin K.
My first SEP was Call Me Irresistible. Then I read Ain't She Sweet, What I Did For Love and all the Chicago Stars books. I'm looking forward to Heroes Are My Weakness.
8. Scarlettleigh
Like ylonsda, my first book was Glitter Baby. I was working in a UBS while going to college, and I recommended the book to everyone who came through the door, looking for romance.
Mary Lynne Nielsen
9. emmel
Nobody's Baby But Mine. And I still laugh at the Lucky Charms scene.
Darlene Marshall
10. DarleneMarshall
Risen Glory was my first, but it was Fancy Pants that hooked me. I remember my husband had a hard time understanding computers back in the day, so I gave him Hot Shots to read, and it did help explain to him how PCs evolved and became part of our lives.
Liz K
11. Rfrye322
Ain't She Sweet was my first and she has been my favorite ever since. :) I've read all her novels including the one she co-authored and they are all good/great/awesome in some way or another imo.
12. allyson55
Heaven, Texas and Nobody's Baby But Mine were my first and I was hooked. I like her quirky sense of humour and her smart, sexy characters.
Liz K
13. Lizzie R
Mine was Aint' She Sweet. I read all the excerpts on her website before finally deciding on Sweet. To this day it's the standard I use for all her books and I still think it's her best. Objectively I can see its problems everytime I read it and I still wonder why Sugar Beth and Colin didn't leave the small town behind them becos they were just too fantastic for Parrish, but SB's amazing character and the relationship with Colin were as close to perfect as possible.
It's one of my top 5 books.
Felicia Fallon
14. Uber Romance Reader
Hotshot. I enjoyed it very much and is one of my keepers. SEP is an auto-buy for me.
Liz K
15. Cathiewannabe
My first was NOBODY'S BABY, followed by KISS AN ANGEL. Then I bought ALL the books and the Audios. The older audios read by Anna Fields ( who was killed in a mudslide, trapped in the basement of her home)were the best. I prefer to listen than read ( just hooked on audios). The next reader was pretty bad(to me). My fav hero is Bobby Tom. I didn't like the GLITTER BABY re-write. That said, I always try to be first to get the latest and I wish she would write faster.
I thought I was the only one to own a copy of COPELAND BRIDE. Found at a Thrift for 25c And I'm still looking for the original RISEN GLORY. Whe I look back to her books before KAA and HT, it took her a while to find her voice. Was she Rosemary Rogers, Danielle Steele, Barbara Taylor Bradford?
Liz K
16. NinaBina
MATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Once I read that one, I was hooked on SEP forever.
Liz K
17. MrsWSandman
Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my absolute favorite author -- my first book was "Fancy Pants." Can't pick a favorite but loved the Chicago Stars series. Waiting patiently for her new book!
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