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Sherrilyn Kenyon Shares Son of No One Chapter 1!

Son of No One by Sherrilyn KenyonToday Sherrilyn Kenyon shared the first excerpt of Son of No One, Book 18 in the Dark-Hunter seriesSon of No One will focus on Jo, a financially desperate photographer who signs on to be the camerawoman for a paranormal investigation team, and Cadegan, a man who was abandoned as a boy and doomed to walk the earth alone.

Read a snippet from Chapter 1 to see how their story begins:

Chapter 1
New Orleans, Louisiana
September 18, 2014

“You know, Selena, there’s a fine line between important to me, and dead to me. And you’re currently stomping all over it.”

Standing in the hallway, next to a stack of boxes, Selena Laurens laughed at her cousin’s surly tone. “That’s all right, Jo-Jo. Just remember with our Cajun-Romani blood, even if I’m dead to you, in either realm, you’ll still be able to hear me. I will haunt you forever.”

Josette Landry cringed at a childhood nickname that had always made her feel like a yappy Pomeranian. Normally, she’d correct Selena’s usage, but at this point, she was too tired and soul- sick to bother. “Look, the only thing I want to summon right now is a trip to Baskin- Robbins. So unless you’ve got a quart of creamy goodness in your purse, stop talking and start driving.” Jo gently tugged Selena toward the door and ignored the bells that jingled from the hem of Selena’s silver and purple broomstick skirt. A self-proclaimed fortune-teller, her cousin bought into the weirdness of their gypsy heritage lock, stock, and both flaming barrels.

Read the full excerpt of Chapter 1 at Sherrilyn Kenyon's website!

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Learn more about or order a copy of Son of No One, available September 2, 2014:

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