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July 2014 New Adult Roundup: Solace in the Arms of a Bad Boy

Whiskey Prince by Toni AleoThis month’s New Adult releases seem to be filled with angst and despair. New Adult is defined by vicissitudes of life; these books highlight the transitions and growth experienced by all characters. But, of course, what’s life without some funny moments to break up the tension. I laughed, I cried but overall these books brought on some major feels. What stood out for me was the support these characters were able to find in unlikely places and the independence that it spurred.

A tale of love and loss, Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo finds the right balance between the two. After losing both of her parents, Amberlyn follows her late mother’s advice and travels to Ireland to live with an aunt and uncle she’s never met. Trying to work past her grief and find a new path in life, she tends bar at the family pub. While seeking solitude, Amberlyn encounters Declan, heir to the O’Callaghan Distillery and local royalty known popularly as the “Whiskey Prince,” and a connection is made. Declan is a bit of a recluse due to a traumatic event involving his sister. He finally comes out of his shell when his parents hand him an ultimatum, get married or lose the Distillery. Set against the backdrop of Ireland, this story brings two people together who need each other to start their next journey in life.

In Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire, we once again meet up with the infamous Maddox brothers. Plagued with impatience and a short temper, these brothers set their eyes on the prize and don’t let go. Trent Maddox is no exception. He finally makes his move after loving Cami from afar for years. However, the timing is off for Cami; her family is falling apart around her with a target centered on her for blame, and she’s also dealing with an elusive, mysterious boyfriend.  With Cami’s family headed for catastrophe, Trent steps up to the plate as her support.

An addicting story that I felt compelled to read, Nero by Sarah Brianne deals with many heavy, emotional issues. The book tackles bullying, mob hits, and coming of age struggles. With a strong band of characters, the story takes us through Elle’s last year of high school. Elle and her best friend, Chloe, are counting down the days until they can be free of their tormentors. Everything changes after one night where Elle witnesses a horrific event and Nero pops into her life. Nero, one of the hottest guys at school, suddenly eviscerates her enemies while simultaneously trying to woo her. Part fairy godmother/godfather, Elle has already lied to her parents about this wonderful life she leads at school, can Nero finally make that come true?

Unconditiona Love by Kelly ElliotKelly Elliot’s Unconditional Love features two lovers that may never have the right timing. Lark and Azurdee had sparks fly when they first met. Lark has promised to never rely on woman again after his first love was ripped out of his life. This woman-hating attitude comes to a halt, though, at Azurdee’s heart. Lark must find a way to let Azurdee in as well as let the past go.

Willow Aster’s Maybe Maby has a unique heroine in OCD-sufferer Maby.  Having lost everything that was important in her life, she is trying to figure what her next step is —her mother has passed, her ex-boyfriend is an annoying pest and she’s trying to come to terms with her “quirks”. Maby’s compulsions are a way to ease some of the stress in her life, but are they really? A journey of self-discovery, it’s a quirky story that will tug at your heartstrings. There’s a love story here that helps Maby find the hope she needs.

Allure by Lacey Weatherford tells a story of a girl who is in love with her brother’s best friend. Brooklyn is 17 and has been lusting over Six. When brother Tommy suddenly passes, Brooklyn comes to Six in search of the perfect tattoo to honor Tommy. Six is a tattoo artist by day but exotic dancer by night. Though attracted to Brooklyn, Six keeps a conscious distance from her for various reasons, one being she is the only daughter of the Mayor of Las Vegas. Brooklyn belongs to high-society, whereas Six is anything but. Life leads to their paths crossing and Brooklyn finally finds a partner after a lonely existence at home. Their journey has many unexpected twists and turns.

In Until We Fly by Courtney Cole we meet Brand and Nora. This is the fourth book in the series but can be read as a standalone. Brand comes with a whole lot of scars and pushes Nora away, as he doesn’t want her entangled in his mess. Little does he know that Nora knows what’s it like to live with pain. A beautiful story, it’ll have you rooting for their HEA. 

Unwritten by Chelsea M. CameronChelsea M. Cameron’s Unwritten is a look into a secret smut writer. Blair meets Declan at the library where she works. Not your typical librarian, she’s curvy and covered in tattoos. Declan is a straight-laced, young, single British father of adorable Drake. Blair initially uses Declan for sexy inspiration for her new novel. This leads to angsty moments as her guilt weighs on her. When her grandmother suddenly passes, Blair finds herself seeking Declan for comfort and solace. What she thought was a no-strings relationship is starting to look more like a commitment. Declan is hiding some things and as the story progresses you’ll discover Declan isn’t the uptight British dad he appears to be.

Tatum loses everything in the blink of an eye. Kaylee Ryan’s Tempting Tatum is a story of new beginnings. After her parents die in a car accident and she catches her boyfriend in the middle of a hook-up, she decides to uproot herself and start over. In a new town with her best friend, she meets an unlikely ally in Blaise. He feels an immediate connection to Tatum. Striving to clear the grief from her life, Tatum just wants a friends-with-benefits relationship. However, sometimes you get what you least expected. Finding strength and support in a new place is a rocky journey for Tatum, but with new friends and family she makes a go for it.

These are some angst heavy books that tackle some hard-hitting subjects. What are some of the New Adult books waiting on your kindle?


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