Jul 29 2014 9:47am

J.R. Ward Announces New Series: The Bourbon Kings!

An Irresistible Bachelor by J.R. WardJ.R. Ward has signed a three-book deal for a contemporary romance series called “The Bourbon Kings.” The first book will come out in late 2015, and the series will delve into "the intertwined fortunes of several ultrawealthy Kentucky families who have made their fortunes from bourbon.”

Ward, writing as Jessica Bird, has published contemporary romances before (including An Irresistible Bachelor, pictured here), but these will be the first contemporary books she's written since starting the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Have you read Ward's contemporaries before? Are you intrigued by the idea of this series? 

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1. Scarlettleigh
I know that she is very popular in Fantasy/Paranormal, but I don't often read those books especially when the author is on well into the series. So I am intrigued-- especially since I love contemporary books
Kim Miller
2. kdhmhmm
I've read BDB, a few of the Fallen Angels and her contemporaries. I've liked just about everything she's written (some of the BDB have been hit or miss for me, but I still couldn't put them down), so I will most likely pick this up. She's usually an auto-buy for me. But, I'm less than thrilled about the "ultrawealthy" angle. I'm so tired of everyone being rich. How can everyone be rich?
3. Sherry Mello
I have read all of her books and I will enjoy reading any new ones that she releases. I have not found any that I would not read again.
4. angiew
I've read, loved and obsessed over all of the BDB, even have the license plate on my car. I've read her past contemporaries and a few of the FA books. Those were treacherous at best, very difficult to get through, then she killed off my favorite, and ....anyway, haven't picked that one back up. I am interested in a new contemporary series from her. Although, I hope it won't make BDB books farther apart.That's unacceptable! Lol
rachel sternberg
5. rae70
Since these guys will be Uber rich, are we going to be incessantly bored with hearing what kind of clothing/shoes the guys are all wearing like in the BDB and Angel series? I wanted to throw the book everytime I read about their Affliction/Ted Hardy Shirts or the Doc shoes... UGH! This time it will be suits and $$$ cars/bikes/boats?
6. Torifl
I'll try the first one but I'm not a huge fan of her contemps.
Katrina Forbes
7. Princess2002Top
I love the BDB series and often think her references to all the trendy clothes and stuff makes the books even funnier. Especially all the rap music. I have read a number of her earlier work and find it fairly interesting and well written. While I am a bit apprehensive about the ultrawealthy part, I am looking forward to the series as I think she is a funny and dynamic writer and brings something kind of different to Romances. But hey, everyone has their preferences.
8. Meggie
So excited about her new contemporary series! 'The Billionaire Next Door' is one of my favourite romance novels ever. I've reread it at least ten times and I'm still hoping she'll catch up on Billy and Mac O'Banyon's stories someday. Also loved the Moorehouse series - can't wait for those Bourbon kings!
9. ShayleyAnne
I am addicted to J.R. Wards BDB and FA. I've been following her for six years.
I'm always anxious for the next BDB or FA series book to release. I'd have to say, she is by far my favorite author.
I have read a couple Jessica Bird novels. They are great reads, but nothing compared to BDB or FA series.
I fell in love with all the leading males in BDB and have high hopes that I won't have to wait even longer since a new series is beginning.
I love you Ms. Ward, but I gots to have my BDB FFS!
10. Fangaddict
When I originally purchased the Bourbon kings I wasn't aware that JR Ward was writing as Jessica bird I kept waiting for a vampire that never came then I was pissed but I paid good money for the book so I kept reading and I liked the book interesting characters interesting plot and I'm really looking forward to the second book hope it comes out soon
Connie Fischer
11. conniecape@aol.com
Admittedly, I am new to J.R. Ward. I devoured "The Bourbon Kings" and cannot WAIT until the next book in the series comes out. I am not having any luck in finding out when that will be. Does anyone know?
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