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First Look: Kresley Cole’s Dark Skye (August 5, 2014)

Dark Skye by Kresley Cole Kresley Cole
Dark Skye
Simon & Schuster (Gallery) / August 5, 2014 / $25.00 print, $12.99 digital

As a boy, Thronos, prince of Skye Hall, loved Lanthe, a mischievous Sorceri girl who made him question everything about his Vrekener clan. But when the two got caught in the middle of their families’ war, tragedy struck, leaving Thronos and Lanthe bitter enemies. Though centuries have passed, nothing can cool his seething need for the beautiful enchantress who scarred his body—and left an even deeper impression on his soul.

Lanthe, a once-formidable sorceress struggling to reclaim her gifts, searches for love and acceptance with all the wrong immortal suitors. But she’s never forgotten Thronos, the magnificent silver-eyed boy who protected her until she was ripped from the shelter of his arms. One harrowing night changed everything between them. Now he’s a notorious warlord with a blood vendetta against Lanthe, hunting her relentlessly.

With their families locked in conflict and battles raging all around them, will Thronos and Lanthe succumb to the brutal chaos that threatens everything they cherish? Or will the fragile bond they formed so long ago spark a passion strong enough to withstand even the darkest doubts?

Finally, finally….FINALLY Kresley Cole has given us the story of Melanthe of the Deie Sorceri, Queen of Persuasion and Thronos Talos, Knight of Reckoning, Heir of the Skye. Dark Skye has been five long years of waiting for Immortal After Dark fans. When Thronos looked at Lanthe in Demon from the Dark and declared they would be together “soon,” little did we know that was Demonish for “freakin’ forever,” but I guess when you are immortal a few years would be considered soon.

This pair initially caught our attention in Kiss of a Demon King. In true Romeo and Juliet fashion, Lanthe is a Sorceress and Thronos is a Vrekener and the two should be mortal enemies. But long before they would be enemies, they were best friends. When they first met as children, they would play together in the meadow and they knew that their bond went deeper than just childhood friendship, that they were bound to be mated.

“To me, you smell like no one else in the world ever has, or ever will.” His gray irises glowed silver with emotion. A breeze ruffled his sandy brown hair. “It means you and I are going to be best friends. When we grow up, we’ll be…more.”

But their plans for the future were destroyed in a moment filled with hate and fear. Thronos’s father, the King, brought his knights to murder Lanthe’s parents and in fear for their own lives, Lanthe and her sister, Sabine, used their powers to destroy the King and his men. Melanthe, believing Thronos had betrayed her, used her persuasion to make him jump from the high tower and not use his wings to break his fall. It was a miracle he survived at all. His scars and his deformed leg and wing are physical reminders of everything that is between them.

For the last 500 years, Thronos has chased his fated mate across worlds and dimensions knowing she was his only chance for a family. Through the pain and betrayal both felt for the actions of the other, there was always the underlying ache of their lost connection. As an immortal male, Thronos will never let go of his fated female and Lanthe has been searching century after century for a man who would look at her like Thronos once did.

As they are escaping the Order’s prison, Thronos finally has his chance to capture Lanthe. Incapacitated by her torque, which is dampening her powers, she cannot escape , either by creating a portal or persuading him to let her go. Vrekeners never abandon their hunt, but after chasing her for 500 years, now that he has her, the question is what comes next?

“Let me go!” she yelled, slashing him with her claws.

He dropped her to her feet—just to shove her against the wall. With is rigid body pressed against her, he leaned in, tilting his head creepily.

Was he going to kiss her? “Don’t you dare!” She moved to strike him again, but he pinned her wrists above her head.

A heartbeat later, he took her mouth, dumbfounding her. He slanted his lips more aggressively, burning away her shock.

She bit his bottom lip. He kept going. She bit harder.

He squeezed her wrists until she thought he would snap her bones. She released him, and he finally drew back, smirking with bloody fangs.

“Now it begins.” With his free hand, he swiped his fingers over his bloody mouth, then reached to smear her lips with crimson.

She jerked her head away. Dear gods, he’s been maddened.

Watching his fated female bed male after male in an attempt to find true love while she continued to evade his attempts to catch her has created some…anger issues that Thronos is going to need to work through.

He swung his head around, baring his fangs. “Silence, creature!” His old familiar wrath blistered him inside—the wrath that sometimes made him wonder if he mightn’t just kill her and spare himself this misery.

Even if Lanthe and Thronos can get past 500 years of betrayal and antagonism and can remember that they were once the best of friends, can they truly find happiness, given theat their lives are so opposite? Sorceri worship gold and delight in drinking, gambling and stealing powers from others. Lanthe relishes sex, sweet wine and reality TV. Vrekeners are the “Lore’s sheriffs” protecting the secrets of the Lore. They keep themselves hidden from even the other Loreans. They were quiet, modest and very, very conservative people. Everything from drinking to premarital sex is an offendment.

“You always wanted me biddable, didn’t you? Like Vrekener females?” Lanthe had heard they never laughed, drank, danced or sang, and always wore drab, full-coverage clothing.

A world away from merry, hedonistic Sorceri females with their racy metal garments, brightly colored masks, and bold makeup.

And, horror of horrors—Vrekeners disdained the wearing of gold. For a gold-worshipping sorceress like Lanthe, this was blasphemy. “You always wished I’d been born meek and powerless.”

For 500 years, Lanthe has kept Thronos waiting to claim his mate, so maybe Kresley Cole has been generous only making us wait five years to find out what happens when this Vrekener male finally catches his elusive Sorceress.

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Laura Bracken
1. Night -owl
I cannot wait for this book!! From the moment these two characters first appeared in the series, I have wanted to read their story, so badly. It has been a long time coming, but thankfully the end is near! :-) It's going to be like waiting for Christmas morning until I read this book.
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