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Brandon Routh Joins Arrow Season 3—What’s Ahead for Olicity? (Speculation)

Brandon Routh as Superman in Superman ReturnsNews broke today that Brandon Routh (Clark Kent/Superman in Superman Returns) has been cast in Season 3 of the CW's Arrow as fellow superhero The Atom, a.k.a. Ray Palmer. More to the point for romance fans, he's rumored to be a potential love interest for Oliver Queen's girl Wednesday, Felicity Smoak, and thus another impediment to fan-favorite—understatment of the year?!—'ship Oliver/Felicity, or Olicity.

What does that mean for the pairing and the chances they'll eventually end up together? Let's speculate a bit, shall we?

Since the Season 2 finale continued to tease fans of the Olicity pairing (look for a post from me in the next few weeks about thoughts on the end of the season and more Season 3 anticipation), I'm still feeling pretty good about their odds in the long run. Although I fear the showrunners view Oliver/Laurel as Arrow's OTP (One True Pairing), I do believe they'll put Oliver and Felicity together at some point, and who knows? Maybe they'll be too fabulous to deny and the writers will come around to the idea of them as endgame. (I don't say that to get anyone's hopes up too high, but there is a precedent with Dawson's Creek, which was supposed to be Dawson/Joey-centric but which ended up telling the epic love story of Joey/Pacey.)

In the short run, Ray Palmer likely will keep Oliver and Felicity apart, but is that such a bad thing? I mean, I'd love to see Felicity getting some attention after all of the love interests Ollie has had, not least because I think it'd be good for Oliver to discover that Felicity won't wait forever for him to come to his senses. Plus, as much as I love their partnership, Felicity and Oliver still have some growing to do before they'd make a perfect romantic couple. Let them sow some more wild oats with other people; once they've done that, they'll be ready to embark on a serious relationship...with each other.

In other words: Don't jump 'ship just yet!

What are your hopes and fears for Arrow and, more specifically, Oliver/Felicity after hearing this casting news?

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1. EP
Love Arrow!! Big fan of Olicity and think they are fantastic together (even though they are not a couple YET, they have a great partnership and friendship). Really feel they have an incredible chemistry.

Totally agree that Felicity needs some male attention. Like someone that wines and dines her. Let's give Oliver a wake up call. But think they do need to do some growing. I'd like to see them have some wrestling with their feeling in season three that is more obivios on Olivers part this time. Yes, on them end game for sure. Am sensing more and more that the producers and writers are leaning that way too.
And start season four with them really starting a relationship and exploring them as a couple.

They remind me so much of Pepper and Tony from Iron man.
2. Travelover
I LOVE Olicity. IMHO Felicity is the ONLY girl for Oliver. She is sooo adorable - and he is such a hunk OMG.

Have any of you ever watched the show Heartland on the UP Channel? It's a Canadian show - been on the air for years and years (I believe it's been 8 years and I think I read somewhere it's the longest running Canadian show). It's about a young woman and her family living on a gorgeous ranch in Canada - she is a "horsewhisper". Her "boyfriend" began on the show riding in on a motorcycle - a "troubled" youth forced to work on the ranch or go to prison. I LOVED how that "romance" progressed - watched the two leads literally grow up on the air. In the beginning there was an initial attraction - then the annoyance, then the trust and mutual respect, the "attempts" at other romances, then they couldn't deny it any longer - the romance - the kissing and teasing in many, many episodes as years ticked by, etc. Just watched their "engagement" episode - done to the backdrop of the mountains and sky - so beautiful. THAT is the way to properly do a TV romance LOL - even though it tortures the viewer!

An interesting aside at one time Stephen Amell (who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow) had a semi-recurring role on Heartland - he was soooo young and sweet.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@EP -- Tony and Pepper, yes! Love them. And I totally agree, it'd be nice to see Oliver exploring his feelings for her more, even if he still doesn't think it's a good idea to act on them (yet).

@Travelover -- They have fantastic chemistry and Felicity is the only one who seems to be a match for him in every way. I love that when other people kept trying to talk Oliver out of going after Slade, for instance, she was just like--"Go. Do it. End it." She knew nothing anybody said was going to change his mind so she supported him instead.

I have not seen Heartland, but I think it's in my Netflix queue. I'll have to bump it up higher on the To Be Watched list, thanks!
4. ksb36
As of the end of Season 2, I don't see Oliver as deserving of Felicity. He has spent years schtupping anything in a skirt and as far as I can tell, hasn't learned a thing. Plus, his winky is probably diseased at this point.

I want to see some Felicity feminism, where she takes control of her own life and tells him to stuff it. Oliver needs to stew and grovel for a couple of seasons. Only then will he be worthy. And maybe not even then. We will see.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@ksb36 -- I gotta say, I was very disappointed when Oliver and Sara got back together, when I thought the show was going to demonstrate that they'd developed a strong platonic friendship (that was the vibe I'd gotten up to that point and I LOVED it). Is it so much to ask that he not get a new love interest every couple episodes? Ugh.

So yeah...they're definitely not ready for each other yet, and I would be fine with waiting a few more seasons before they get together. This worked out perfectly for Josh and Donna in The West Wing--by the time they got together, they knew without a doubt they loved each other and wanted to make a real go of it.
6. ksb36
@redline--I felt the same way. It was cool that Oliver and Sara had this brothers in arms thing going on without it being romantic. Their relationship was so much more interesting platonic. Why can't we have a lesbian character that DOESN'T want to sleep with men? Is his peen that powerful?

You can tell men run this show. Because they do not get AT ALL what the viewers see in Felicity and Digg, and what we dislike in Oliver. Oliver didn't start to become a better person until he began bouncing things off of Digg and Felicity. They keep bringing in other characters--which is okay because you do need conflict--but end up sacrificing the very dynamic that made the show so watchable.

I am sticking with it for now, but if Felicity ends up getting door matted, ignored or patronized this season, I am GONE.
7. Travelover
I think they keep bringing in other characters because there are people who want to see the various comic book characters. But I agree with you - focus on the characters that make the show and forget about adhering to any pre-conceived comic book script. I'm not "IN" to comic book characters. Frankly, I started to watch because of Stephen Amell who was playing a vigilante - and THEN when he met Felicity - and it became VERY special. I don't like the fact that they've had Oliver look like a male whore - flitting back and forth between sisters and ANY OTHER woman who walks into a room EXCEPT Felicity. Yes, he's got to get over that "I'm not worthy of her" nonsense - but the bed hopping is a turnoff because they are pushing it TOO MUCH.
Nicole Leapheart
8. BoxyFrown
Felicity deserves a super hero of her own, and damn, Brandon Routh would be formidable as a romantic rival to Ollie. I agree, Olicity has a lot of growing to do, and it's torture to watch it happen because we just want to get to the HEA and Arrow is about so much more than that.

That last episode tore me up because I knew it was a ruse, and Ollie just stares at Felicity with this EXPRESSION on his face while she babbles because he knows she wants him and he wants her and he loves every minute of her blahblahblahing. Me too. She needs a good man and Ollie needs to let her have a good man. He was seriously hating on cute little Flash!
9. EP
Argreed, sick of Oliver the man whore....time for him to keep it in his pants and do some reflecting (that sister thing is just gross) and growing up in the relationship department. I know I've heard the producers talk about that long term plan was of Oliver becoming a hero and how he evolves into a better person and man as the season progress.

And really looking forward to some jealous Oliver!!! And I have seen Felicity grow in confidence and evlove into a true and real partner of this Arrow team (personally I think she's the heart of it).

Love Diggle and her relationship too. They are so sweet together and funny. These three what Arrow is all about and hope that this season that is what they stick too. Seems like they have gotten the message and that's what they are saying season three will be the core team.

Excited and looking forward to see it all play out. I have think these producers know they have incredible combination with Oliver and Felicity as a couple, but they have said it will be a slow burn (angst). And that its a sure with with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity, those three, just love them as a team.
Heather Waters
10. HeatherWaters
@EP --

I know I've heard the producers talk about that long term plan was of Oliver becoming a hero and how he evolves into a better person and man as the season progress.

I've heard them talk about this too and it's genius! The problem as I see it is that Oliver seemed to really be maturing and developing into the Arrow in early Season 2, then regressed majorly in the middle of the season with all the Lance sister stuff. I was disappointed. But hey, you don't grow up overnight and we've probably all backslid on the road to growth ourselves, so...such is life?

@BoxyFrown -- Brandon Routh is SUCH neat casting. (Tbh, I like his Superman movie ever so much more than the newer one.)

@Travelover -- PREACH! The show is NOT the comics and I'm crossing my fingers the producers will slowly let more of the comics stuff go and let the TV characters develop organically.

@ksb36 -- I fell pretty far behind the second half of season 2 because of my issues with the show, so I confess I'll probably stop watching too if Felicity's not treated right (she really is, as someone commented, the heart of the team, and the show).
11. Shark with Lasers
I like Brandon Routh. He has those big sad eyes of woe. I like a big dude with puppy eyes. I'm curious as to how Arrow intends to use him. Last time he showed up as a competitive love interest on a network show he turned out to be the villain (and one of the best villains Chuck ever had IMNSHO).
12. EP
This is an excellent synopsis of all thing past and future; Oliver and Felicity!!

A little long but very much worth reading. Pretty much covering all bases on them as individuals and as a couple.
Hey guys did you see the brand new promo x s3?! OMG THE KISS! Unbelievable...I'm still all fangirling over it, even if I'm also a bit frightened that it'll go the same route of s2 finale (WTH moment...) y'know, a dream maybe or another fake, joke whatever...

Since as you said it seemed a bit early on to watch them ASAP together, but it could also be that it's a future scene not included in the 1st ep, right?! Here's hoping... roll on Oct. premiere!! <3 <3 <3
Heather Waters
14. HeatherWaters
@KIKKA -- Thanks for the heads-up, I'm going to go find it and watch it now!
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