Jul 15 2014 4:26pm

Arrow Season 3 Oliver/Felicity Scoop: Will They...or Won’t They?!

Note: Spoilerphobes, beware—this post contains mild SPOILERS for Arrow Season 3.

Fellow Olicity fans, our ship may be coming in sooner than expected!

In a just-released interview with TVLine, Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti reveals that, in Season 3, “Oliver believes he can finally have a private life and asks Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) out on a date.” He goes on to explain that Oliver's feelings for Felicity, whatever they may be, will be an “active part of the season this year.”

Sounds promising, right? But will it actually go in the direction we want? This show does love to play with our hearts, and we did just learn that Brandon Routh has joined the cast as a potential love interest for Felicity. Hmmm...

Can you see Oliver/Felicity as a long-term couple? This girl's just hoping against hope they aren't on-again/off-again, if they do, in fact, become a legit romantic item.

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I don't like the sound of this.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that TV writers in possession of a good coupling must be in a hurry to join them for a minute and smash them for as long as they can wring drama out of the angst and heartache!

I can't recall the last TV show that had a happily coexisting couple that didn't get wrung through the will they / won't they grinder for several seasons. Please don't do this to Olicity!
2. EP
I am pretty excited for season three!! Emily, who plays Felicity mentioned in an interview over the summer that there would be another possible love interset that will help propel Oliver and Felicity to the forfront.

Not worried but excited because I believe season three will be the realization for Oliver of his true love/feelings for Felicity. And for Felicity, I think it will be a season of growth in self confidence and the realization of her true feeling for Oliver also. I think "Ray" is a good addition and Felicity needs male attention from someone other than Oliver (plus Oliver needs a little taste of some jealousy).

Also, I have confidence in the producers and writers. They have made statements in past interviews that this will be a "slow burn" which I believe is very smart. Both characters have some growing to do and these two have incredible chemistry that can not be denied. They know what they have and are building it sure and steady, we just need to be patient.

Have faith, sit back, enjoy and get ready for some incredible sexual tention and angst.

I believe 100 percent Oliver and Felicity are end game.
3. lynseya
Very excited about this news! Yay! Although, I too hope they aren't rushing it to make us suffer angst and heartbreak as they do something to tear them apart.

LOL I can't wait to see them out on a date. :)
Rakisha Kearns-White
4. BrooklynShoeBabe
As much as I ship Felicity and Ollie, I get a wicked pleasure in seeing them not together. I like the sweet suffering. And after last season's finale trick, if they put them together only to tear them apart, my heart will break.
5. Stacey O'Neale
In the comic books, Oliver Queen's (AKA Green Arrow) long-time love interest is Dinah Laurel Lance (AKA Black Canary). In the series, Laurel's sister is the canary, but I think that will change in the later years of the show. Oliver will end up with Laurel (once she's transitioned into the Canary). Personally, I'd like to see Felicity end up with Barry (The Flash).
6. A. Thena Agron
I'm so excited for Season 3. The "Arrow" producers repeatedly have said they are not afraid to deviate from comic book canon (thank God!) and aim to put their own spin on the character of Green Arrow. That means, for me, giving him a love interest that makes him better and plays a huge part in his hero journey. I've seen Felicity Smoak be that person for Oliver Queen for two seasons and am really looking forward to seeing them explore that even more this season. Oh, there will be angst, I'm sure, but it will be delicious, I think, with Oliver struggling while Felicity is presented with a "legitimate choice" in Ray Palmer.
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